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Esri Portugal, S.A.
Ana Rita Bentes - ana.bentes@esri-portugal.pt
Phone: (+351) 217 816 640
Fax: (+351) 217 931 533

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Sponsorship Guide - EUE 2011

  1. 1. Sponsorship Guide9th Esri Portugal User ConferenceMarch 2-3, Lisbon Congress Center
  2. 2. Esri Portugal User Conference “It´s an exchange of experience. Getting to know other Municipality´s projects. Learning how Esri´s products are evolving. Having greater knowledge in order to find better solutions for people who live in our Municipalities.” Nuno Ferreira – Municipality of Tavira “To find people that share our problems, that show us solutions where we can be inspired and find clues to solve problems that we may have in our organization.” Duarte Carreira – EDIA “To gain knowledge of the technology. To exchange opinions with colleagues and to try to learn new ways to solve problems. The Geographic Information Systems world is so vast that no matter how experienced we are, it´s never enough.” António Fernandes Gonçalves – ProSistemas, S.A. “It´s mainly an experience exchange. Esri Portugal has great experience concerning Land Information Systems. It´s an opportunity to better know Esri Portugal´s experience and the users experience in Geographic Information Systems.” Jorge Lopes – NOSI, Cape Verde “The advantages are always huge. There´s always the opportunity to exchange ideas, projects. To see where information technologies are heading.” Pedro Pereira – Municipality of Oporto Click here for a quick glance of EUE 2010.
  3. 3. Esri Portugal User ConferenceGlobal Indicators 1400 Participants 1179 1200 1000 964 800 764 600 500 400 357 250 Registrations: 1249 200 150 Participants: 1179 75 Participants Rate: 94% 0 2002 2003 2004 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010
  4. 4. Esri Portugal User Conference Industry Indicators Others 15,30%Transportation, Logistics and Services 6,80% Education 23,50% Utilities 3,80% Telecommunications 1,80% Defense and Security 6,70% Local Government 24,40% Government 17,70%
  5. 5. EUE 2011 Sponsorship PLATINUM GOLD SILVER (one sponsor)Standard Benefits  Exhibition Area - 18m2 • Exhibition Area - 9m2 • Exhibition Area - 9m2 Sponsor logo in all online and 30 minutes presentation on • Private Room for meetings • 5 registrations (15% discount onoffline communication channels. Partners Session (2nd day). additional registrations) • One whole page (advertising or Documentation in participants  Private Room for meetings. contents) on the digital publication • 15 invitations for customers andfolders (max. 2). produced at the end of the event. prospects.  One whole page (advertising or contents) on the digital publication • 8 registrations (25% discount on Exhibition Area produced at the end of the event. additional registrations).(Furniture included) .  Photo and video recording. • 25 invitations for customers and Online sponsorship space forcontents on event page. prospects.  10 registrations (40% discount on additional registrations) Mention at 2011 User Conferenceopening  40 invitations for customers and prospects.Reference on the signage. Participants list (subject to privacypolicy) €15.000,00+VAT €10.000,00+VAT €7.500,00+VAT Note: Sponsorships Prices are subject to 23% Portugal VAT
  6. 6. EUE 2011 SponsorshipStandard Benefits Lunch Coffee Break Prize (one Company for each day) (two Companies for each day) Sponsor logo in all online and Drawoffline communication channels. • Advertising material (eg. Roll • Advertising material (eg. Roll • Prize Draw held during the Documentation in participants up) in Lunch area. up) in Coffee Break area. Event.folders (max. 2). • Material placement on Lunch • Material distribution (eg .gifts, • A coupon with sponsor and event Online sponsorship space for Tables (eg. flags, coasters, table brochures) during coffee break. logos will becontents on event page. markers). created. All participants in the event (except Esri Portugal 3 registrations (20% discount on employees) enter the draw if t headditional registrations). coupon is filled out and presented on time for the draw. 8 invitations for customers and Note: Sponsor is responsibleprospects. for drawing and delivering the prize(s). Participants list (subject to privacypolicy)Note: Exhibition space: 9m² (Furnitureincluded) – 750,00€ + VATDocumentation production anddelivery is sponsor’s responsibility. €5.000,00+VAT €2.500,00+VAT €2.000,00+VATNote: Sponsorship Prices are subject to 23% portuguese VAT
  7. 7. EUE 2011 Sponsorship Exhibition Net Point DocumentationStandard Benefits Area • Exhibition Area – 9m2 (Furniture • Documentation in participants • Documentation in participants Sponsor logo in all online and included) folders (max. 2) folders (max. 2)offline communication channels. • Documentation in participants • Optional: Net Point Decoration. Online sponsorship space for folders (max. 2)contents on event page. Note: Documentation Note: Documentation Note: Documentation 2 registrations (20% discount on production and delivery is production and delivery is production and delivery isadditional registrations). sponsor’s responsibility. sponsor’s responsibility. sponsor’s responsibility. 5 invitations for customers andprospects. Participants list (subject to privacypolicy).Note: Only for Net Point andDocumentation Sponsorship:Exhibition area - 9m² (Furnitureincluded) – 750,00€ + IVA €1.500,00+VAT €1.200,00+VAT €600,00+VAT Note: Sponsorships Prices are subject to 23% portuguese VAT
  8. 8. ContactsEsri Portugal, S.A.MarketingAna Rita Bentes - ana.bentes@esri-portugal.ptPhone: (+351) 217 816 640Fax: (+351) 217 931 533