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infromacion de las misiones de farmville

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Informacion de la Mision

  1. 1. The Dirt Farmer on Facebook Like 61,750 people like The Dirt Farmer. Tammy Lee Miaw C in Takaomi Barb F acebook social plugin Widget by:My Blogger Tricks The one stop destination for all information related to Zynga Farmville. Quests, Info, Humor, Databases, and lots more... All in 1 place... Home All Quests Guide DF Resources DF Originals Troubleshooting DF Sites Players Corner Sitemap About Us Riding into the Haunted Hollow Hawaiian Paradise Jade Falls Get Juiced Haunted Hollow Dirt Farmers Carnival Booth Potion Shop Sky Quest Chapter 1 Chapter 10 Quest Chapter 16 With Joe Quest Quick Guide Almanac Prizes Recipe Guide LATEST Unreleased Harmony Garden... A sneak preview SEARCH THIS BLOG Search THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 2012 TOTAL PAGEVIEWS 24308460Riding into the Sky Quest: Info and Tips 7750 0 35 11.1K 111 0 Best Farmville info straight in your Inbox Just Submit your Email ID Below. Email address... Expected duration of the quests is from 20th September 2012, to 4th October, 2012 GOOGLE TRANSLATOR Note: Quest can be carried out on all farms, are repeatable, and don’t have any request links… Requirements can change at any time without notice as and how Zynga updates them… Images Install Google Chrome A free browser that lets you do more will only show up when they are available in the game files… of what you like online! Story: Abby wants to be a Dragon Rider... She will need some training though before she becomes one... Will you help her on this adventurous journey? Quests Info FARMVILLE TIME Quest Icon In Search of Knowledge Item to Ask Reward 1. Get 6 Training Manuals 2. Harvest 50 Dandelions (8 Hrs) POPULAR LATEST COMMENTS 3. Complete the Dragon Lair GET JUICED WITH JOE QUEST: INFO AND TIPS Quest Tips: Crop Alternative: None... Training Manual Castle Tower Expected duration of the quests is from 13th September 2012, to 27th September, 2012 Note: Quest can be carried out on all farms, are r... RIDING INTO THE SKY QUEST: INFO AND TIPS Quest Icon Training Begins Item to Ask Reward Expected duration of the quests is from 20th September 2012, to 4th October, 2012 Note: Quest can be carried 1. Get 7 Dragon Shields out on all farms, are repe... 2. Harvest 75 Wheat (12 Hrs) JADE FALLS CHAPTER 16: INFO 3. Harvest Dragon Lair Twice The quests were supposed to go live on 17th September, but for some reasons has not yet converted by
  2. 2. September, but for some reasons has not yetQuest Tips: Crop Alternative: Red Wheat (3 Days)... Dragon Shield Dragon Chicken happened... Latest update by Zynga says that the... LINKS TO ALL QUEST GUIDESQuest Icon Float like a Dragon, Peck like a Chicken? Item to Ask Reward HELLO DIRT FARMERS Welcome to our QUEST PAGE Listed below are links to all the recent quests we have published ... 1. Get 8 Dragon Armors HAUNTED HOLLOW: CHAPTER 1 QUEST 2. Harvest 100 Rye (20 Hrs) 3. Harvest Dragon Chicken Twice Expected duration of the quests is from 17th September, 2012 to 24th September, 2012 Note: These quests are specific to the Hau...Quest Tips: Crop Alternative: None... Harvest the chicken in Coop or Aviary... Dragon Armor Unwither CHILI COOK-OFF! QUEST: INFO AND TIPS Expected duration of the quests is from 6th September 2012, to 20th September, 2012 Note: Quest can beQuest Icon Finding Dragons Item to Ask Reward DF ON YOUTUBE carried out on all farms, ... MORE FUN IN HAWAII QUESTS SURPRISE YouTube Videos: __UP_channel__ 1. Get 9 Dragon Bait Expected duration of the quests is from 11th June, 2012 2. Harvest 125 Jalapenos (8 Hrs) till 23rd September, 2012 Note: These quests are 3. Craft Fertilize All specific to the Hawaiia... Crop Alternative: None... Fertilize All can be crafted in CraftshopQuest Tips: Dragon Bait Baby Dragon using 2 Manure Bag, 4 Carrot & 3 Chickpea bushels…Quest Icon Lance Practice Item to Ask Reward 1. Get 9 Lances 2. Harvest 150 Cabbages (2 Days) 3. Harvest Baby Dragon Twice Gadgets powered by GoogleQuest Tips: Crop Alternative: Super Cabbage (2 Days)... Harvest the Baby Lance Dragon Armor BLOG ARCHIVE Dragon in Zoo, Dragons’ Lair, or Playpen... ▼ 2012 (537) ▼ ▼ September (71) ▼ Unreleased Seedling NurseryQuest Icon Saddle Up Item to Ask Reward Unwither Ring for the English Farm: At last... 1. Get 9 Dragon Saddles Return to England! Quest 2. Harvest 150 Peppermint (1 Day) Ghost Catcher Quest: Info and Tips 3. Master Dragon Chicken to 1-Star (5 Harvests) Security Warning For Users of Internet Explorer (... Crop Alternative: Mint Candy (1 Day)… Harvest the chicken in Coop Mystery Game Riding into the Sky Quest: Info and TipsQuest Tips: Dragon Saddle or Aviary... Dart Where did Zynga send the Send button? Spook: Photo Voting ExplainedQuest Icon Dragon Cleaning Item to Ask Reward Haunted Hollow: Chapter 2 Quest The Grateful Stable Stallions 1. Get 10 Scale Brushes New Sheep & Pig Breeding Patterns Coming Soon 2. Harvest 150 Pineapples (2 Days) 3. Craft an Arborist Haunted Hollow: What’s Different and What’s to com... Haunted Hollow: Chapter 1 Quest Crop Alternatives: Super Pineapple (2 Days), Hilo Pineapple (14 Glitch to access Haunted Hollow Dracaena DracoQuest Tips: Hrs)… Arborist can be crafted in Craftshop using 3 Peanut, 4 Scale Brush Escapade early Tree Morning Glory & 2 Orange Basket bushels… Halloween Escapade DF List of Bushels not used in Crafting Bushels and Recipes Used InQuest Icon Almost There Item to Ask Reward Check Your Farm Cash Carnival Booth Updates: 17th 1. Get 11 Dragon Wax September 2012 2. Harvest 150 Broccoli (2 Days) New Spooky Photo Contest Challenge: 3. Harvest Dracaena Draco Twice Explained Haunted Hollow - Map Your ProgressQuest Tips: Crop Alternative: None... Harvest the tree in orchards... Dragon Wax Book of XP Haunted Hollow - Neighbor Gifting Haunted Hollow - Monster Lab and Samples Haunted Hollow - Treasures andQuest Icon Blast off! Item to Ask Reward Materials Crafting Recipes: Potion Shop 1. Get 12 Dragon Treats Haunted Hollow - Decorate your house for Halloween... 2. Harvest 200 Peppers (1 Day) 3. Master Baby Dragon to 1-Star (5 Harvests) Haunted Hollow - Monster Lab Haunted Hollow - Intro Video Haunted Hollow - Haunted Mansion converted by
  3. 3. Crop Alternatives: Super Pepper (1 Day), Fire Pepper (12 Hrs), Bell Haunted Hollow - Haunted Mansion Pepper (2 Days), Jalapeno (8 Hrs), Ghost Chili (6 Hrs), Sichuan Haunted Hollow - Early Access Info Quest Tips: Dragon Treat Dragonsteed Pepper (4 Hrs)… Harvest the Baby Dragon in Zoo, Dragons’ Lair, or Fuel Refill Usage Upgraded Playpen... Get Juiced With Joe Quest: Info and Tips Haunted Hollow - TreesNote: As quest is active for all farms, make sure you plan and plant the crops for the quests Haunted Hollow - Quick Guideacross the farms for better planning... More tips and details will be added as and when they are Haunted Hollow - Animalsfound out... Stay Tuned... Haunted Hollow - Farm Music Haunted Hollow - Crafting Haunted Hollow - BuildingsIf you have any questions or suggestions (or any errors to point out), just let us know on our Haunted Hollow - CharactersFacebook Fan Page “The Dirt Farmer” , or else just join us in our discussion group “ASK the Dirt Haunted Hollow - CropsFarmer” where we have a lot of experienced players discussing a lot of stuff related to Farmville Haunted Hollow - Decorationsand also helping out other fellow farmers who are having any queries… Happy Farming! Haunted Hollow - All New LevelsTechnorati Tags: Haunted Hollow - A First Look At TheQuest,Info,Tips,duration,September,October,Note,Requirements,Zynga,Images,Story,Abby,Dragon,Rider,Quests,Icon,Search,Knowled New Farmge,Item,Reward,Manuals,Harvest,Dandelions,Complete,Lair,Crop,Alternative,Manual,Castle,Tower,Begins,Shields,Wheat,Twice,Shield,Chi Haunted Hollow - Vehicles to Farm thecken,Float,Peck,Armors,Coop,Aviary,Armor,Unwither,Dragons,Bait,Jalapenos,Craft,Fertilize,Craftshop,Manure,Carrot,Chickpea,bushels,B Darknessaby,Lance,Practice,Lances,Cabbages,Super,Cabbage,Playpen,Saddle,Saddles,Peppermint,Master,Star,Harvests,Mint,Candy,Mystery,Ga Its Time to Beat Jade Fallsme,Dart,Scale,Brushes,Pineapples,Arborist,Pineapple,Hilo,Peanut,Glory,Orange,Basket,Brush,Dracaena,Draco,Tree,Almost,Broccoli,orcha Jade Falls Chapter 16: Infords,Book,Blast,Treats,Peppers,Pepper,Fire,Bell,Jalapeno,Ghost,Chili,Sichuan,Treat,Stay,suggestions,errors,Facebook,Page,Dirt,Farmer,discussion,players,Farmville,farmers Stamp Collection Countdown BEAT JADE FALLS EVENT Glade® Sense & Spray™ Gem Mine Escapade: Info Release a Burst of Fragrance in the Room with Glade® Sense & Spray™ Now Unreleased Gem Mine Escapade Unreleased Gem Tower Farmville 2 Promo Underway Leaderboards: Upcoming Tasks Posted by Prashanth Sarda at 9:00 PM Dragons’ Lair: Crafting the Dragons Recommend this on Google Jade Falls: Chapter 15 Quest Labels: Farmville Quests Dirt Farmer’s Tree Guide Unreleased Dragons’ Lair 10 comments Carnival Booth Updates: 10th September 2012 Jeannie Milhous · Top Commenter · Garfield Heights, Ohio Chili Cook-Off! Quest: Info and Tips Hello: If anyone is looking for friends. Please send me a friends request. I am a daily player. I am level 464. Reply · 5 · Like · September 15 at 12:51am Sheep Breeding to get a new life soon? Sporty Doghouse Coming Soon Alicia Cureton Arborists Center sent friend request Reply · Like · Tuesday at 9:21am Unreleased Farmhand Center Unreleased Floating Castle Tracy Ganga REAL California MILK Promo sent a request :) Reply · 1 · Like · 18 hours ago TURTLE PEN GLITCH Work-A-Round Animal Pen Mastery Totem Guide Debbie Lewis Royse · Works at FarmVille Turtle Pen and Breeding Guide sent friend request... Reply · Like · 18 hours ago Carnival Booth Updates: 3rd September 2012 Corinne Kashan · Top Commenter · Executive Director - Special Events at DEBORAH HEART AND LUNG CENTER/DEBORAH HOSPITAL FOUNDATION Century Club Perks I HAD NO CLUE THIS WASY COMING! Chicken Coop Limit Changes Reply · 1 · Like · 13 hours ago ► August (73) ► Gordon Whitford · Top Commenter · Glendale High School, Glendale AZ ► July (79) ► OUCH! lots of long term crop required in this one. the zip thru 9 stages in 2 hours people wont like this one. Reply · 1 · Like · September 14 at 2:09pm ► June (62) ► ► May (76) ► Jeremy Stockwell · Top Commenter ► April (35) ► By having the info now, all crops can be pre-planted and ready for harvest by the time it starts. Anyone who wants to fly through it will have no problems at all. Reply · 2 · Like · September 15 at 10:50am ► March (55) ► ► February (49) ► Gordon Whitford · Top Commenter · Glendale High School, Glendale AZ ► January (37) ► When is the dragons lair going to be offered? Reply · 1 · Like · September 14 at 2:02pm ► 2011 (115) ► LABELS Lee Meyer Marsh · Rockport, Maine You can purchase one from the market..... Informative Farmville Quests Reply · Like · 20 hours ago Jade Falls Unreleased Info Carnival Erika McHardy Booth Games Dirt Farmers Almanac so as not to freak anyone out, have sent friend requests to the last few posters, if anyone else needs neighbours, please add me. Farmville News Haunted Hollow Hawaii Reply · Like · 12 hours ago Charts FV Buildings Troubleshooting Leaderboard NaKeD Dirt Farmer DF Sherri DiCicco · Top Commenter Investigations Deal of the Day let me guess, I planted ahead and this mission will come out next thursday? Reply · Like · 18 hours ago Sherri DiCicco · Top Commenter mission started , hooray Reply · Like · 18 hours ago converted by
  4. 4. Janet Berryhill · Indian River Community Collage No way in heck I will finish dragons lair so this quest is a total loss for me. Reply · Like · 15 hours ago Kerri Petersen · Top Commenter Yea! All we need is fertilizer & arborists! Thanks for the info.... soooo helpful to preplant. If only I could get more clicks on the requested items... Reply · Like · September 15 at 10:06pm Cheri Armstrong · Top Commenter · UHK (University of Hard Knocks) You Rock, as always! Reply · Like · Wednesday at 12:45pm Valerie Murphy · Wright City High Hope the crafting process works ok on this quest, unlike the previous Juice quest. Reply · Like · September 14 at 1:28pm F acebook social plugin GET FREE EMAIL UPDATES DAILY! FOLLOW US! Do You Like This Post? Like 3k Send Enter your email... Submit3 comments: Anonymous September 18, 2012 1:42 PM Thanks for the info - I love that you share this stuff! Would it be possible for you to put the total bushels for crafts at the bottom of the table, like you do for the other quests? So many different bushels are needed these days and I never know what to safely trash!! Reply Anonymous September 21, 2012 12:04 AM Quest is not giving credit for existing dragon lairs. Hopefully this gets fixed quickly. Reply Anonymous September 21, 2012 12:07 AM Update - Once you open the quest on a farm that has a dragons lair it gives credit. Reply Add commentEnter your comment...Comment as: Select profile... Publish PreviewLinks to this post Create a Link Newer Home Older Post PostSubscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) RECENT COMMENTS FOLLOWERS FACEBOOK FAN PAGE converted by
  5. 5. Heidrun Beck wrote... The Dirt Farmer on Facebookthats is not god was zyanga make she gave thats childrens from the players from zyanga to post the animals trees and others !!Zyanga must go and look to the older from the personbevor there can... LikeContinue >>Anonymous wrote... 61,750 people like The Dirt Farmer.Animals and trees do not need apostrophes to be plural !!! (just saying)Brenda wrote...If it makes less clicks and popups for watering seedlings, I just might have to give it a try. Takaomi Tammy A nnamarie Tany a Barb SusanAnonymous wrote...WHO HAS AN ENGLISH PUB NOW F acebook social plugin Powered by Blogger. converted by