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English project frank livoy
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English project frank livoy


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. English Project
    Mr. Montague
  • 2. Part I/Week 1
    Power Point Presentation
  • 3. Writing Letters To The Editor
    In teams of two, students will research the history of gas lines in residential areas.
    Each student will be responsible for 50% of their presentation on a residential area that has been affected by urbanization
    Presentation must include a power point with a minimum of 5 slides
    The class will score the presentation
  • 4. Power Point Requirements
    Show must be a minimum of 5 slides
    Slide show must include text and pictures
    One students is responsible for speaking
    One is responsible manipulating technology including the power point and any other effects
  • 5. Part II/Week 2
    Letter To The Editor Collage
  • 6. Collage Requirements
    In teams of two students will create a collage of letters to the editor.
    Collage must include a minimum of 5 newspapers and 10 letters
    1 newspaper must be local. 1 from NYC. 1 from the Midwest. 1 From the West Coast 1 from the South
    The class will score the collage
  • 7. Part III/ Week 3
    Writing Our Letter
  • 8. Writing Our Letter
    Students will combine to form groups of 4
    Groups will elect a team leader, speaker, secretary and technical advisor
    Each group will be responsible for combining the best aspects of their individual projects to produce an outline for their letter.
    Groups will present the premise of the letter either supporting or apposing the proposed gas line to the class.
    The class will score the premise/thesis
  • 9. Part IV/Week 4
    Collaborative Writing
    Combining The Teams
  • 10. Collaborative Writing
    Each team will work together to produce their letter.
    Letter must demonstrate a firm understanding of the issue.
    Letter must demonstrate an ability to discuss regional differences, i.e. how similar projects have been received around the area and the country.
    Team spokesperson will read the letter to the class and the class will score it.
  • 11. IT’S NOT OVER/WEEK 5
    An Overall Winner
  • 12. So You Think You’ve Won?
    The winning letter from each class will then be scored by the entire school versus the other class.
    The overall winner will be given to each class. Each class will be responsible for collecting as many signatures as possible in their community in support of the letter.
    The winning letter along with all signatures will be presented to The Star Ledger Editorial Board by the class that collects the most signatures