Top 10 Mobile Apps Questions And Answers


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Find out why are the Top ten most commun questions about Mobile apps the Business Owners ask the most. And the best parts. Know the answers.

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Top 10 Mobile Apps Questions And Answers

  1. 1. Top 10 Mobile Apps QA By: Hector Jayat +52 656 6832995 Page 1
  2. 2. Top 10 Mobile Apps QA Many companies are jumping into the world of digital mobile applications in an effort to build their brands, attract more customers, and build stronger relationships with their existing customers. Why? The main reason is the massive influx of mobile users over the past few years; not only that, but mobile application usage has grown tremendously as well. In fact, some studies show that, on average, consumers download approximately two apps per month. Mobile applications, or mobile apps as they are more commonly called, are a special type of software that can be used on mobile devices, such as smartphones and computer tablets. Mobile apps serve a variety of purposes such as playing games, banking, shopping, productivity, and much more. There are hundreds of thousands of mobile apps available today; resulting in billions of downloads. Even more astounding is that they are expected to more than triple within the next couple of years due to their popularity. Generally speaking, mobile apps typically have to be acquired through some form of distribution platform, such as the Apple App Store. However, it all depends on the type of device the user has, such as an iPhone, Blackberry or an Android phone. Most smartphones have the ability to download and operate mobile apps. With the admiration of mobile apps increasing, they are bound to become a part of everyone’s life whether personal or strictly for business. The first mobile apps were originally developed for convenience, productivity, and quick references such as ones that displayed calendars, weather conditions, and maps. Page 2
  3. 3. Top 10 Mobile Apps QA Currently, many mobile users find it easier and more convenient to use a mobile app to conduct business with a company rather than face-toface or even through a website. This is where your business comes into play… Are there certain app features that your customers would like to have? Is there anything you can provide in an app to make doing business with your company fast and easy? If so, a mobile app could be a great investment for you. By using the powerful “push notification” feature that is programmed into apps, you can literally reach out and touch your customers whenever you want. Companies today, both large and small, should not rule out developing a mobile app for their business in order to increase sales and revenue. If you are like most small businesses, you probably have questions about using mobile apps for marketing/revenue purposes. Here are 10 of the most common questions business owners have in regards to mobile apps. 1. How Will a Mobile App Help My Business? As mentioned previously, many people have a smartphone or other device that allows for the downloading of apps. Since these devices are small, typically pocket-sized, most people have them on hand at all times, meaning they use or look at their device several times a day. If your business has an app that people can download, they always see your app on their mobile screen – which represents a direct connection to your business. This, in itself, is constant advertisement and a reminder of your business when they are in need of your type of product or service. Repeated exposure to consumers is one of the keys to its success for any business. Mobile apps also have the ability to provide onscreen alerts meaning people can be alerted when you update your app, offer a new product, or start a new promotion. Page 3
  4. 4. Top 10 Mobile Apps QA A mobile app also allows consumers to do business without actually visiting or phoning your establishment. An app does not have to be manned and, therefore, it’s available 24hours per day 7 days per week. 2. My Business Has a Mobile Website, Why Do I Need an App as Well? The main difference between a mobile website and an app is that apps are more portable and easier to use. It is true that apps can contain much of the same information as a website, but an app has less information through which a consumer has to filter. Sometimes it is difficult to view websites on a mobile device. However, mobile apps do not require an internet connection and the viewing capability and functionality are automatically optimized for the best viewing results. 3. Is Developing and Marketing a Mobile App Difficult and is it Expensive? The best approach for developing a mobile app for your business is to work with an experienced app designer/developer or app development firm. Once you have an idea of what you want, you can sit with the developer and they will pitch a design to you that will fit your business’s needs. As for the expense, this all depends on what type of mobile app you intend to have. You may opt for a simple mobile app that just gives information about your business. Generally, this kind of app will cost a couple of thousand dollars to develop. A step up from the simple mobile app is one that has information organized into different sections or a full functioning app. This type of app generally contains pictures and other graphics. As far as the cost… This will depend on how detailed and extensive your app is. It could cost anywhere from several thousand to over 50 thousand dollars depending, on how much information is present. If you want your Page 4
  5. 5. Top 10 Mobile Apps QA customers to be able to make purchases through your app then be prepared to add an additional couple of thousand dollars to the development price. Once your app has been designed and developed, you will need to make it available through the various app purchasing platforms previously mentioned so that your customers can purchase it. This will pose another fee. To avoid any surprises, simply ask your app developer for a quote before they start the process. They should be able to give you a ballpark figure for the cost of your app, as well as help you determine which features will most benefit your business. However, the costs associated with building and marketing mobile apps are well-worth the price and should help your business generate more sales over time. 4. Will My App be Available on Multiple Mobile Devices? Most app developers can ensure that your app is able to function on multiple mobile devices, such as iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. However, be sure to talk to them about the various options available before they begin the development process. First, figure out which platform your target audience uses the most, and then decide if you will launch your app across multiple platforms or just one to begin with. You can always expand your app to additional platforms later if there is a demand for it and if your app is successful. 5. What Type Of Mobile App Should I Develop: Simple or Full Functioning? This all depends on your needs and the needs of your business. Every company’s app will have a different look and feel. Keep in mind that you cannot include every feature of your website due to the fact that mobile devices have smaller screens and processing power. Page 5
  6. 6. Top 10 Mobile Apps QA What type of information does your target audience want from your business? This should be your focus. For instance, most consumers with restaurant apps want to know about special offers, as well as specific menu items; so an app is the perfect place for this information. Dentists, and other industries that utilize appointments, usually benefit by having appointment scheduling capabilities within their apps. This means their app users don’t even have to call them to set or change appointments. Perhaps your business is one that sells an actual, tangible product and your customers will benefit from being able to purchase such products virtually; a full functioning mobile app will work best in this case. For instance, retail businesses can give consumers the ability to purchase their products using their apps, as well as easily alert them about upcoming sales and special deals. Depending on the focus and direction of your business, mobile apps can be used in many different ways – the options are endless. Just be sure to create an app that your prospects and customers will find value in and put it out there. So, should you go with a simple app or a more robust, fullyfunctioning app? If you want an app that just lets people know what your business has to offer – along with a little additional information such as pricing, a simple mobile app will accomplish this. However, if you want advanced features and functionality, a fullyfunctioning app may be the better option. Another idea is to begin with a simple mobile app, and then as your business grows, convert to one that offers more elaborate features later. Not only will this be beneficial to your app users, but it will also help your business grow by building your brand. Page 6
  7. 7. Top 10 Mobile Apps QA 6. Once I Develop the App, How Can I Promote it? Promoting any product, including an app, is mostly about advertising. If you also have a website for your business you should definitely advertise on there that you have a mobile app. It is a good idea to also include links on your website that take your customers directly to the page where your app can be downloaded. If your business has a brick and mortar establishment that has customer traffic, you could advertise there as well. If your budget allows, there are even companies you can pay to advertise your app online. If your business has a social media page (e.g. Facebook or Twitter), this is another way to promote your mobile app. If they’re following you on these social platforms, chances are that they’d love to have your app. In fact, you should tell the world about your app any way you can, so include the fact that you have one on all of your marketing materials and methods; be sure to include a call-to-action telling consumers to download it. Since your mobile app is geared toward gaining advertisement and/or revenue for your business, it should most likely be free for consumers to download. 7. Does My Mobile App Have to be Updated? If so, How Often is this Performed? Theoretically, most information on your mobile app will remain the same. If anything about your business changes (e.g. location, contact information, services offered, pricing information, etc.) then definitely make updates to your app. Perhaps your business is running a special promotion or you have a special announcement you want your consumers to know; this also is a great time to update your app. Page 7
  8. 8. Top 10 Mobile Apps QA In fact, it is a good idea to make changes to your mobile app every now and then to give your audience a reason to keep using it. If your app contained the exact same information every time a person used it for a year straight, there would be no practical reason for them to keep it installed on their devices. There are instances when updates will be inevitable, such as if a mobile carrier updates their operating system or adds a different type of mobile device. If you do not keep up with these updates, your app could become inoperable to some of your customers. 8. Will Maintaining a Mobile App be Time-Consuming? Most of the time businesses spend on mobile apps is during the design and development stages. Any other time spent on your app will be devoted to performing updates, which can be handled by your chosen app development firm (if you have chosen that route for creating your app). Otherwise, once it’s built, the maintenance is pretty much very minimal. 9. Who Will Own the Mobile App Once it is Created? Most businesses that pay for their apps will own them. Just be sure to verify this with your developer by coming up with a copyright agreement that says they created it, but you are the owner of the content, design, and code. 10. How Many Mobile Apps Should I Develop? One mobile app will suffice for most business needs. For instance, if your business has several different target audiences, you may want to develop different apps for each audience in order to boost effectiveness. Page 8
  9. 9. Top 10 Mobile Apps QA As mentioned before, if you begin with one simple mobile app and then decide you want one that is fully-functioning, you can develop an upgraded one at a later time. Companies today are always looking for new and improved ways to gain more customers and cater to their needs. Developing the right mobile app will prove to be very beneficial to your business by increasing your advertising reach, as well as increasing overall growth and revenue. If you have any other questions about how you can tap into this powerful, digital marketing tool, contact me today at for a free, no-obligation consultation about I can help you get started. Contact Hector Jayat +52 656 6832995 Page 9