The Beatles 6


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The Beatles 6

  1. 1. Liverpool, a city that saw the birth of the Beatles, is composed of apopulation of diverse origins, life on it is rough and difficult. Despite thedifficulties, its population is open to the influences of other cultures. Itis as well that arrive at Liverpool discs of rhythm and blues and Countrybrought by the seafarers, which establishes a connection with themusic of the other side of the ocean.In this group were their friends in the neighborhood Pete Shotton, NigelWalley and Ivan Vaughan, along with other classmates that werecoming in and out. They played at dances and parish celebrations. Inone of these celebrations parish, on 6 July 1957, Ivan Vaughan invited acolleague named Paul McCartney. By that time Paul was just 14 yearsold and in fact had not gone because you want the quarrymen, butbecause it was a good place to conquer girls.
  2. 2. Although only composed together during the early years, that first year composed over 100 songs. These songs were lost when years later, Jane Asher, girlfriend of Paul, the drawbar in a cleaning in the home of Paul inLondon. As soon as Paul became a member of the quarrymen, had much to sayabout his music. As was typical of him, began to indicate to the other members of the band how to play and when. This made little by little they were going theold members of the group. George Harrison travo friendship with Paul not long after his family moved to the same neighborhood where they lived the McCartney. Each morning they used in the bus stop and take the bus that tookus to the Liverpool Institute, where they were studying. Although George was ayear ago of Paul in the school, the two boys were a lot to talk about on the bus: skiffle, rock and roll and guitars. When George was found with John Lennon was not yet a good guitarist. With time, without anyone realizing it, became a member of the group. After John and the Moondogs came to be called LongJohn and the Silver Beatles, to then be only in Silver Beatles. The word Beatlesarose after Stu Sutcliffe had suggested "beetles" (beetles) as name, in response to another group that was called the Crickets (Crickets). John, always skillful for the play on words, suggested "beatles", as a reference to the beat music.The Beatles knew Pete for years; George Harrison had once again presented toPaul and John, but only recently had been done drummer. Van toward Hamburg and act in clubs of Chinatown. They have to contend with a public Rudo and alcoholic, long hours of music for dancing. It is here where they take the habit of taking amphetamines in order to withstand the long nights playing in these clubs.
  3. 3. They were impressed, not because the playso well, but because they knew tune aguitar, a quality that, until then, none ofthem had been able to dominate. Whileplaying the theme Twenty flight rock notedthat a drunk is supported in the, when heturned around and looked, someone said:"This is John". A few days later PeteShotton tells Paul: "They say that theywould like very much keep you in theband, if you want to join in it." Paul andJohn established a closecamaraderie, unusual for boys of that age.This was due to their common interestsand similarities, although in appearancethe two young men could not be moredifferent. Paul, with its player isBabyface, was good, conscientious andrespectful of their elders.
  4. 4. John Winston Ono Lennon (birth onlyJohn Winston Lennon), MBE(Liverpool, United Kingdom, October9, 1940 - New York, USA, 8 December1980), was a multi-instrumentalistmusician and composer who rose tofame as one of the founding members ofthe Beatles, a British rock band activeduring the 1960s, and recognized as themost commercially successful andcritically acclaimed in the history ofpopular music.
  5. 5. Sir James Paul McCartney, KBE(Liverpool, England, United Kingdom; Thursday, 18June 1942) is a musician multiinstrumentalist, entrepreneur, singer, composer, music producer, painter and activist pro-animalrights. Former member of the quarrymen (1957 -1959), The Beatles (1960 - 1970) and Wings (1971 -1981), McCartney is the composer of greatercommercial success in the history of popularmusic, in accordance with Guinness Book ofsetting performance.
  6. 6. George Harrison, MBE(Liverpool, UnitedKingdom, February 25 1943 - LosAngeles, USA, 29 November 2001)was amusician, composer, singer, musicproducer and British filmproducer, a member of thelegendary rock band The Beatles.
  7. 7. Richard Henry Parkin StarkeyJr, MBE (Liverpool, 7 July1940), better known as RingoStarr, is a musician (singer andcomposer) and Britishactor, recognized for having beenthe drummer for The Beatles. Of thefour members of the group, was thelast to join the final formation. It iscalled so because always usesrings, although in an interview, hesaid: "I chose it because it is nameof dog and the dogs i like".