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eSoftHead Service Introduction



eSoftHead is the Vietnam Software Outsourcing Company, which locates in Ho Chi Minh city. eSoftHead focuses in delivering web, mobile and desktop application for enterprises, small companies and ...

eSoftHead is the Vietnam Software Outsourcing Company, which locates in Ho Chi Minh city. eSoftHead focuses in delivering web, mobile and desktop application for enterprises, small companies and personal uses.

eSoftHead expertises vary from Java, PHP, RoR and Mobile (iOS, Android). We did hundreds of projects includes CMSes, CRMs, Real time conference tools, marketing social data or VOIP solutions.

eSoftHead offers a very competitive rate to make it the right choice versus cost and quality we are able to offer to your business. If you have any inquiry, please send an email to



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eSoftHead Service Introduction Document Transcript

  • 1. eSoftHead Introduction We can build software for your business! ! Hai Nguyen - April 2, 2014! ! ! 1WE LOVE TO BUILD TRUST FRIENDSHIP TO OUR CUSTOMERS
  • 2. Introduction! Founded in 2008 by an 10 years experienced technical guy, who has experience in developing enterprise software for US companies in eLearning, Healthcare and software products. eSoftHead is the software company offers cheap and high quality outsourcing service company to US, Japan, Europe and Australia markets.! ! We are the company of developers, and work for start-up, mid-size companies and enterprises also. We focus in software development, technical consultant, and software maintenance service.! ! Competences! Methodology! eSoftHead favors to use Agile process for development team. We used Scrum best practices daily for our job. Some of them are burndown chart, daily meeting, unit test and continuous integration build. We are fine to follow the customer software process if our customer prefer to use.! ! Our project manager and team leader will communicate to clients daily on project management, bug tracking management tool and via voice/chat tool such as Skype. Our goal is keeping you update all latest news of project include project status, its quality, any risk and problem could be impacted to the project factors as cost, schedule and quality.! Technology! 2WE LOVE TO BUILD TRUST FRIENDSHIP TO OUR CUSTOMERS
  • 3. eSoftHead is the young team with dedicated developers in various technical skills. We are willing to learn new technology and capture the high skill in short time. Our core skills include Java, PHP, Mobile (iOS and Android), .NET, Flex/Flash. In case you need different skills outside our core list, we are able to seek qualified candidate and fill our gap in very short time and ready to be in your account within one month period.! ! Knowing language and writing code is not the criteria our customers choose us, but the real reason is we are able to deliver the high quality source code thats follow the best practice of object oriented principles, design patterns are what we proud of to give our works to you. ! ! Java! We are able to develop and maintain any scale of Java project from small to large size projects. We have delivered Java projects successfully to our customers and our own products over years and gain experience from our works in major Java tools in the market.! ! Frameworks: Spring and its sub projects, Guice, GWT, Vaadin, JSF, Wicket! ! Libraries: Apache Commons, BoneCP, Hiraki, Google APIs, Log4J, Velocity, StringTemplate! ! Persistence API: Hibernate, JPA, MyBatis! ! Reporting tools: Jasper Reports, DynamicReports! ! Application and Web Servers: Tomcat, Jetty, JBoss, WebLogic! ! Web Service and REST: Resteasy, Jersey, JAXB! ! Others: Apache Camel, Apache Jackrabbit, Apache Lucene! ! Build tools: Nexus, Maven, Ant! ! Unit Test: JUnit, TestNG, Mock tools. DbUnit! PHP/HTML 5/Java Script/CSS! 3WE LOVE TO BUILD TRUST FRIENDSHIP TO OUR CUSTOMERS
  • 4. We delivered websites and web games to enterprise or entertainment industry with special effects, intuitive mobile UI and website compliant on various IE browsers from 7 to 11, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.! ! CMS: Wordpress, Drupal! ! eCommerce Platform: Magento, CS-Cart! ! PHP: Symphony, Yii, CodeIgnitor, Smarty! ! CSS: Sass, Less, CSS 3! ! Javascript: JQuery, TweenMax, Sound Manager 2, JPreLoader, BackboneJS! ! iOS/Android! Mobile is one of the hottest nowadays and eSoftHead tried to be software company deliver the world-class mobile outsourcing service company to our customers. ! ! Tools: Corona Labs, XCode, Eclipse, PhoneGap! ! Libraries: Gson, Appsly, Google Analytics API, Joda Time, ActionBarSherlock! ! ! Flex/Flash! We started program the first Flex application 5 years ago and until now we still receive maintenance the legacy Flex/Java integration project or develop desktop/mobile application by using Flex/AIR. ! ! Tools: Flash Builder, Adobe CS6! ! Frameworks: Robotlegs, PureMVC, Cairgorm! ! Libraries: BlazeDS, Red5, Flash Media Server, Wowza! ! Hosting! We supported customers maintain their live servers run in shared host, dedicated servers or VPS. We have Linux experts who can keep our server safe from attackers. We can:! ! * Set up and configure firewall! ! * Set up caching server to speed up your site! 4WE LOVE TO BUILD TRUST FRIENDSHIP TO OUR CUSTOMERS
  • 5. ! * Set up SSL certificate for secure ! ! * Setup Apache, Nginx server.! ! * Deploy your application sites on the most popular cloud hosting providers such as Amazon, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace, OpenShift etc! ! Our team! “… namely the Android version of Cloud Softphone which is one of the key products in our portfolio now. And I know that in you, I always had a reliable person who I can trust.” - Jiri Kral - CEO of Acrobits, the leading VOIP soft phone company.! ! Trust and friendship relationship is what we build with our customers. Personally, each of us loved to work with people who we can trust, and we think our customers want us the same criteria. However, just be a nice man does not add much value to our customer business, we try to sharpen our technical skills, working in exciting and challenge projects and consult our customers what the best technical or business solutions to their context.! 5WE LOVE TO BUILD TRUST FRIENDSHIP TO OUR CUSTOMERS
  • 6. ! ! eSoftHead customers will work with our project managers, developers, QA directly. They are visible in your account, and if they work as the dedicated resources for your business, they are not shared invisible to any other customers. All eSoftHead associates will report their time, tasks they work to you daily, keep you up-to-date project status, risk, problem every day.! Each eSoftHead customers can send email, make the phone call to eSoftHead CEO in case you need an attention from upper management team about the team performance, notice about the critical build for your business, inquiry to extend your team size or any request you want to let us know. We stay here and serve all requests from you.! Portfolio! Java! MyCollab (! 6WE LOVE TO BUILD TRUST FRIENDSHIP TO OUR CUSTOMERS
  • 7. ! MyCollab is one of the most powerful office cloud tool in the online software market. It is the software as service platform includes modules such as customer management, project management, bug tracking system and document management platform. MyCollab has total over 80 years development effort in total per development team, and it is developed for nearly 2 years with latest Java technologies.! ! Detail Technology: ! ! ! * UI Layer: Vaadin, our custom MVP (Model - View - Presenter) framework! ! ! * Persistence API: MyBatis, Velocity! ! ! * Caching and Clustering: Infinispan! ! ! * Template engine: Velocity! ! ! * Reporting tools: Dynamic Reports! ! ! * Others: Apache Jackrabbit, Apache Camel, Apache Commons, ! ! ! * Web Server: Jetty, Ngix as the reverse proxy! ! ! * Hosting: Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon RDS! PHP! Divergent (! ! 7WE LOVE TO BUILD TRUST FRIENDSHIP TO OUR CUSTOMERS
  • 8. Divergent is the entertainment website for a movie of Sony Entertainment Picture company. It is the intuitive website with a lot of nice effects to introduce users to the journey of movie.! ! ! Detail Technology: Tumblr, JQuery, ! ! Frescore (! ! Frescore is the Japanese website introduce interior products. This project is developed for one Japanese market within 2 months.! ! ! Detail Technology: Wordpress, JQuery, TweenMax, Responsive Design! ! Heaven for Real (! ! ! 8WE LOVE TO BUILD TRUST FRIENDSHIP TO OUR CUSTOMERS
  • 9. ! Another wonderful movie site of Sony picture. We develop a website for movie marketing campaign of Sony. It is a very nice site with special affects keep attractive to end users.! ! Detail Technology: PHP, JQuery, TweenMax, FancyBox, JPreload, Responsive Design! ! Midnight Mission (! 9WE LOVE TO BUILD TRUST FRIENDSHIP TO OUR CUSTOMERS
  • 10. ! Detail Technology: Wordpress, TweenMax, JPreload, Responsive Design (In progress)! Android! VOIP Softphone (! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! We are the team to develop the world-class VOIP product for Android include implement the core UI features, branding theme or localization. We also have responsible to maintain and fix various bugs due to the device incompatible APIs among Samsung, Sony, HTC etc.! ! Detail Technology: Android (all SDK versions), NDK! ! Jeep Owner (! ! ! ! ! 10WE LOVE TO BUILD TRUST FRIENDSHIP TO OUR CUSTOMERS
  • 11. ! Jeep is the mobile application for the owner of Jeep car in Australia market. We are responsible to develop the Android native application besides the team develop iOS application. Besides the Jeep label application, we also brand it into other brand names such as Fiat, BMW etc! ! iOS! Kids game! ! ! ! ! ! 11WE LOVE TO BUILD TRUST FRIENDSHIP TO OUR CUSTOMERS
  • 12. A beautifully designed and intuitive app educates kids through fun and safe games. Moreover, parents or educator can monitors can access the learning progress reports as well. ! Detail Technology: Game framework Corona, OCR technique. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 12WE LOVE TO BUILD TRUST FRIENDSHIP TO OUR CUSTOMERS
  • 13. ! Challenge game! ! ! It is an application which allows friends to challenge each other for a prize.! Detail Technology: XCode 5, Ruby on Rails, Facebook and Twitter integration ! Flex/Flash! 13WE LOVE TO BUILD TRUST FRIENDSHIP TO OUR CUSTOMERS
  • 14. ContextTV! ContexTV is the online marketing video editor, which help editor can edit which part the video can display advertisement such as close, shoe of artist or player in video. We also develop an interactive video player for end user which display advertisement information.! ! Detail Technology: PHP, Zend AMF, Flex, Cairgorm, Zend framework and its libraries (Caching, Logging etc)! ! NetConference! 14WE LOVE TO BUILD TRUST FRIENDSHIP TO OUR CUSTOMERS
  • 15. ! We are responsible for developing high scale and great performance compare with the top video conference solution on market. We developed our own screen sharing protocol and an extension of streaming server module to archive the great performance on display desktop screen at client side compete with top conference provider like Gotomeeting, WebEx, recording video live stream and save bandwidth exchange between subscribers, publisher and streaming server.! ! Detail Technology: Java (Applet, and sever side), Python and Django, Flex, Flash, Adobe Flash Media Server. ! Contact Us! eSoftHead Address:! Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam:! Dai Nguyen Building, 385A Cong Hoa, 15th ward, ! Tan Binh district, Ho Chi Minh! Tel : +84 918734068! ! Email:!! 15WE LOVE TO BUILD TRUST FRIENDSHIP TO OUR CUSTOMERS