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  1. 1. • It is known for the quality of its cider and abundance in pumaraes (thename is known in Asturias as apple groves).• In the Middle Ages was called Maliayo. It is in "Villaviciosa” which means"fertile village".
  2. 2. • Tazones was a whaling important port in the past. It was supposedlywhere King Charles I stepped ashore from his boat for the first time in1517, a fact which is commemorated each year for the local festival ofSan Roque, held in mid-August, with a representation of the landing.
  3. 3. Location• Tazones is on the shore of Villaviciosa.Villaviciosa is in Asturias.• The county borders to the north by the Cantabrian Sea, on the south bythe municipalities of Sariego, Nava, Cabranes and Piloña in the west withGijon and Siero and east by Colunga.• It is at the end of a river with the same name.• It is 11km from the capital.
  4. 4. • According Xosé Lluis García Arias, in his book "Asturian Villages: thereason of their names," the origin of the name would be in the LatinSTATIONEM (port).
  5. 5. • The districts of San Miguel and San Roque have been declared "Historical"since June 17, 1991.
  6. 6. The church• Tazones parish church is located in the district of San Miguel.• The sacramental celebration is the 16th of August in San Roque.
  7. 7. House of the seashells• La Casa de las Conchas, in the San Roque neighborhood is a house with thefacade completely covered with shells of different shapes, sizes and colors.
  8. 8. • Tazones beach is located in the heart of the famous fishing port ofTazones, 10 km from Villaviciosa, in the Principality of Asturias.• There are many restaurants where you can eat varied seafood cuisine.
  9. 9. Dinosaur Footprints• In the quarry of the beach, there are several bipedal dinosaur footprintskittiwakes, some of the which form a trace.• 480 meters further in the same direction, appears another dinosaurfootprint.
  10. 10. • Starting from the left side of the road to the lighthouse, there are moredinosaur footprints.
  11. 11. The lighthouse• It has been in operation since 1864 and has used electricity since 1928.It is one of the best preserved lighthouses on the Asturian coast.• It is located in the Punta del Olivo or the Ariceras, at an altitude of 127meters above sea level and the lighthouse is 11 metres high.
  12. 12. • Tazones consists of two districts, divided by the road which connects thevillage with Villaviciosa, city council: San Roque and San Miguel.• Tazones also has other villages.
  13. 13. • 56 habitants
  14. 14. • 5 habitants
  15. 15. • 126 habitants
  16. 16. • 69 habitants
  17. 17. • 44 habitants