Who wants to be a millionaire?


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Who wants to be a millionaire?

  1. 1. Where is the most famous basilica ofAsturias?Avilés CovadongaLlanes Cangas del Narcea
  2. 2. In whose honour are Oviedos parties celebrated?Saint Mateo Saint JuanSaint Fermín Saint Pedro
  3. 3. What is Asturias typical drink?Win Orange juiceBeer Cider
  4. 4. What is Asturias typical food?Paella FabadaTortilla Cocido
  5. 5. When is Asturias Day?8 of September 26 of June12 of March 30 of December
  6. 6. What is Asturias main instrument?Spanish Guitar TrumpetGaita Piano
  7. 7. Who is an Asturian football player?Iniesta MessiFalcao Villa
  8. 8. What is the image of the Asturiasflag?Victorys cross Luckys crossRomans cross Truths cross
  9. 9. Who was an Asturian hero in theMiddle Age?Isabel I PelayoChristopher Columbus Joaquin
  10. 10. Which of these creatures is not of the Asturianmythology?Unicorn TrasguXana Nuberu
  11. 11. Where is Asturias airport?Oviedo GijónLlanes Avilés
  12. 12. Which of these rivers is not from Asturias?Miño RiverNalon RiverNavia River Narcea River
  13. 13. In what council is celebrated the famousdownload?SomiedoCangas de Onís Cangas del NarceaSalas
  14. 14. How many councils are there in Asturias?78 5270 65
  15. 15. How many people live in Asturias?1.100.0001.000.0001.500.0001.300.000
  16. 16. What was the highest temperature in Asturias?36,4ºC35,8ºC37,1ºC 37,3ºC
  17. 17. What is the pet that the Asturian people buy the most?DogsCats BirdsHorses
  18. 18. What is the main tree in Asturian forests?Oak PineChestnut Almond tree
  19. 19. Where is there a saltwater swimming pool?San Esteban de PraviaGijónQuirósRibadesella
  20. 20. Which is the Asturias climate?Mediterranean TropicalAtlanticHigh mountain
  21. 21. Which channel do Asturian people watch themost?TPATVEAntena 3 Telecinco
  22. 22. Which is an Asturian village?ColombresHogazasTriguera Toro
  23. 23. What construction is typical of Asturias?Hórreo DovecoteMill Country house
  24. 24. Which of these singers is Asturian?Paulina Rubio MelendiAlex Ubago Miguel Bosé
  25. 25. Which of these racing drivers is asturian?Michael SchumacherFernando AlonsoVettelMassa
  26. 26. Which of desserts is typical from Asturias?Muffins Milk puddingYoghurt Chocolate cake
  27. 27. Which of these places have beach?Oviedo GijónPola de Siero Pravia
  28. 28. Which city is the capital of Asturias?OviedoRibadesella MieresPola de Lena
  29. 29. Which of these celebrities is Asturian?Leticia Ortiz Belén EstebanPenélope Cruz Aída Nízar
  30. 30. Which of these hotels is in Asturias?ReconquistaFelipe IIIFernando IINáutico ebeso
  31. 31. Which of these animals is typical in Asturias forests?Elephant SnakeParrot Bear
  32. 32. Which is the typical Asturian fruit?PearAppleBananaOrange
  33. 33. Where is Asturias?South EastNorth West
  34. 34. e coWhere is the Victorys cross?CathedralMuseumTheatre Town Hall
  35. 35. What is the capital of Teverga?San Martín VigidelLa Plaza Berrueño
  36. 36. Where is the famous football player of the Atlético deMadrid, Adrián López,from?Ribadesella OviedoTeverga Llanes
  37. 37. How is the hymn of Asturias called?Asturias de mis amores Asturias, patria queridaAsturias, mi vida Viva Asturias
  38. 38. How is called Oviedos Congress Palace?ModooCalatrava La ColegiataLa Laboral
  39. 39. Which of these athletes is not Asturian?Alberto EntrerríosMiguel IndurainRubén GarabayaAdrián López
  40. 40. What is the most populated city?Oviedo GijónAvilés Mieres
  41. 41. What is the gentilic?AsturienseAsturianesAsturAsturiano
  42. 42. TomatinaCiders FestivalDay of AmericaWhich of these festivals is not Asturian?Sellas fall
  43. 43. Which is the most important river in Asturias?NalónMiñoNoraNarcea
  44. 44. What are the colours of the flag?Blue and yellowBlue and whiteWhite and redRed and purple
  45. 45. What are the letters that appear in the Asturian flag?A and W O and ZA and S B and R
  46. 46. Whats the name of Oviedos mayor?Agustín IglesiasLuis RieraGerardo Berjano Lorenzo López
  47. 47. Where is the museum of mining in Asturias?San Martin del Rey Aurelio AblanedaGrandamuelle Pandiello
  48. 48. Where is Sella river born?Urbión PeaksEurope PeaksToledo hillsGalicia hills
  49. 49. What is the minimum age in Asturias for consuming alcohol?16171814
  50. 50. Which is Asturias bus brand?ALSAFIATSEATMERCEDES
  51. 51. Made by:María Cuadrado Aníbarro nº5Andrea Díaz nº6Laura Hernández Arias nº19Pilar Noriega nº27Cristina Sánchez nº31