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per.3_History and Flow_Gomez
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per.3_History and Flow_Gomez


per.3_History and Flow_Gomez

per.3_History and Flow_Gomez

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  • 1. History and Flow By Matthew Gomez Per. 3 10-10-07
  • 2. Input
    • Input is how information gets into the PC.
    • Input is stuff such as mousses and keyboards.
    • After the data gets into the computer it gets processed.
  • 3. Processing
    • This is where the data that gets into the computer is processed.
    • Fetch gets the data, decode sees what function is necessary, and execute does the math really fast.
  • 4. Fetch, Decode, Execute
    • This all takes place within the microprocessor.
    • Fetch gets the data and gives it to decode.
    • Decode sees what function is necessary and gives it to execute.
    • Execute gets the data from decode and does the math extremely fast.
  • 5. Memory
    • This is where the data is stored after being processed.
    • There are two types of memory; RAM and ROM.
    • ROM is read off memory. This is typically discs or CD’s.
    • RMA is random access memory. This is only stored for a temporary amount of time.
  • 6. Output
    • Output is where the user receives data that he or she wants to.
    • Output is things such as printers.
  • 7. PC HISTORY 1982-1983
  • 8. SUN/JAVA
    • SUN Microsystems is founded.
    • The company was founded on February 24, 1982.
    • Sun turned into Java which lets our computers show more detailed images and videos.
  • 9. Outrageous Rules
    • Drexel University in Philadelphia announces it will require all students to own a personal computer.
    • This is the first college to make a rule like this and now more colleges are making this rule.
  • 10. The New LISA by Apple
    • Apple unveils the new LISA computer.
    • It was the first computer with a GUI ( graphical user interface).
  • 11. Microsoft Windows
    • Microsoft officially announces Microsoft Windows.
    • They say it will come out in April 1984.
    • We use much more up to date forms of Windows such as Windows Vista.
  • 12. Electronic Arts
    • Dan Silva and others leave Xerox and form Electronic Arts.
    • Today, Electronic Arts make other things such as sports video games.
  • 13. THE END