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computer history and flow 1990-1991 10/12/07
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computer history and flow 1990-1991 10/12/07


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Published in: Technology

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  • Transcript

    • 1. History and flow:1990-1991 By: Anthony Magdaleno Period 5
    • 2. Computer’s in 1990
      • 1990-Microsoft introduces windows 3.0
      • 1990-releases its first product for the Russian market Russian DOS 4.01.
      • 1990The world’s first search engine was introduced
    • 3. Computer’s in 1990
      • 1990-Norton sells his software business to Symantec.
      • Gopher is developed . This program is a search-and retrieval tool and helps people find information.
    • 4.
      • 1991Intel releases the 80386SL processor which uses low power and found in many portable computers.
      • 1991-The computer Monkey Virus is first discovered in Canada.
    • 5. Computer’s in the1991
      • 1991-Mircosoft computer make 1 billion dollars
      • 1991-President Bill Clinton puts the United States White House online with a World Wide Web page and E-mail address for the President, Vice President and first lady
    • 6. Computer’s in 1991
      • 1991Apple releases PowerBook notebook and Quadra Macintosh PCs
      • 1991 Microsoft announced software specifications for multimedia platforms.
    • 7.
      • 1991-The World, the first commercial Internet provider comes online.
      • 1991-Apple releases the system 7.0 system for Macintosh
    • 8. Microprocessor
      • The microprocessor uses three steps:Fetch, decode, execute.
      • Fetch- Fetches info
      • Decode-Decodes info and decides where to put it
      • Execute-Does the math
    • 9. INPUT
      • Input- Is to input the info in to the computer system.
      • You can input things by the internet or a CD.
    • 10. PROCESSOR
      • Processor is when the info changes according to the software.
      • There is different types of processor’s:
      • Microprocessor, central processor, and information processor
    • 11. Memory
      • Memory is where the information is saved
      • It stays there until it is produced.
      • There is different types of memory are: a CD-ROM’s, hard drive’s, and a floppy disc
    • 12. Output
      • Output is the last step of the computer system
      • You can now see the information or it is now printed
      • Some examples are: a printer,screen, and a CD-ROM
    • 13. THE END That is how a microprocessor is used