7 Tips To Turn Prospects Into A Duplicating Downline
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7 Tips To Turn Prospects Into A Duplicating Downline



Get my 8 underground lead generation secrets! http://art.attraction-marketing-success.com ...

Get my 8 underground lead generation secrets! http://art.attraction-marketing-success.com

Check out my blog for more tips: http://who-is-erin-smith.com/7-tips-turn-network-marketing-prospects-duplicating-downline



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7 Tips To Turn Prospects Into A Duplicating Downline 7 Tips To Turn Prospects Into A Duplicating Downline Presentation Transcript

  • 7 Tips To Turn Network Marketing Prospects Into A Duplicating Downline
    By Erin Smith
  • Without Prospects You’re Going To Fail Without Duplication You’re Going To Struggle
    It’s the truth that many network marketers struggle in their business
    It seems that everyone around you is making money but you
    (That’s not true, you just hear more about the rich people)
    You can build a solid foundation for your business by simply generating 3 leads a day!
    It really is not that hard!
    Follow these 7 simple strategies and your conversions will skyrocket!
  • Tip Number 1: Call Your Leads!
    I know, I know the phone can weigh 500 pounds sometimes! I’ve definitely been there!
    And I know that some people brag about how they have never had to call a single soul
    Guess what? I only know 1 person like that
    When I started calling my leads I had a HUGE increase in profit
    Here are some tips
    Practice makes perfect. If you screw up, there are a million other people in the world to talk to
    Listen more than talk! Find out what they were looking for when they opted in and provide a solution
    Find out about them!
  • Tip Number 2: Connect On Facebook
    Some of you might be thinking, UGH not Facebook! (My dad HATED Facebook until he realized he could make money with it)
    But the thing is people go on Facebook to connect with people. Why not use that to your advantage?
    When you log in go over to the “account” section and find where it says “invite friends”. Now copy and paste your leads’ email addresses. Facebook will send them a friend request or an invite to their email.
    Make sure you send a personal message telling them where you got their info and why you want to be friends.
    Now the people who really do want to connect with you will send you a message back. Now connect with them and find out what it was they were looking for when they opted in.
  • Tip Number 3: Connect Even More!
    Okay since you’ve found them on Facebook you should find them everywhere else as well.
    The more you connect with someone, the more they will get to know you.
    They’ll chat on Skype with you, watch videos on Youtube, see your tweets, and read some more blog posts
    You will stick out in their mind when they decide to join a business, especially if YOUR business is the one they’re looking at.
    Think about Coca-Cola. Why do they advertise? Everyone knows who they are already.
    They want to make sure you don’t forget about them!
  • Tip Number 4: Third Party Contact
    Let’s face it, building a relationship on the internet can be hard sometimes.
    You never know how successful someone is or how helpful they will be once you join their business
    Trusting a total stranger is kind of scary!
    This is one of the biggest reasons why people can’t sponsor anyone
    This is one reason why you get someone else to validate yourself and your business for you
    The best way to do this is to get your prospect who’s interested on a 3 way with you and someone else in the company.
    It really doesn’t matter who it is either because it’s just the fact that a third party person is telling them they should join.
    Plus they’ll see you have a support system in place.
  • Tip Number 5: Invite To A Presentation
    I think this is a underutilized tool when it comes to network marketers trying to recruit people.
    YOU shouldn’t have to sell your opportunity. Let some big hitter in your company do the dirty work.
    Then get on the phone with your prospect after they watch the presentation and simply ask, “what did you like about the presentation?” And let them do the talking
    Most people will know whether they want to join or not by this point
    Then ask for the sale!
  • Tip Number 6: Invite To Watch A Webinar
    This is a lot like inviting interested prospects to watch a presentation
    The main difference is that webinars have a “here and now” feeling to them and the presenter can have more leverage over the audience with limited time bonuses for example.
    Your prospects can get questions answered
    Great for getting people excited about your business. MANY people make decisions based on emotion.
    Plus they’ll be able to take a sneak peek at the leadership you have in your company.
  • Tip Number 7: Consistent Email Blasts
    I’m talking about using your autoresponder to send out consistent emails to your list. If you don’t have an autoresponder . . . GET ONE!
    Some people won’t ever let you use these other tactics on them so all you have to work with is your emails.
    DO NOT spam your list with pitches every week because that WILL NOT work at all!
    You need to make your emails consistent and full of awesome pure value. Share some training with them, something new you learned, some sort of strategy that you found useful.
    Make your readers feel like they owe you something because of all the value you send them.
    When you do this they are much more willing to listen to the occasional pitch
    I’ve had leads join my stuff MONTHS after they are on my list. Some people just need to have a little more time to see what you’re all about
  • In Conclusion . . .
    You NEED to connect with your prospects.
    BE consistent with your prospects. Don‘t let them forget who you are.
    I would even use the strategy of making a list of everything you need to do that day to keep you on track
    Get to know them and find out what their struggles are and provide a solution for them.
    Don’t spread yourself too thin. Take just one step at a time and your success will come
    Use tools that your company has given you.
    Don’t give up!
  • Thanks For Watching This Presentation!
    For more tips and strategies check out my blog!
    Or just click the link in the description.
    Have a great rest of your day!