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Adjectives Adjectives Presentation Transcript

  • An adjective modifies a noun or pronoun. It describe , identify or quantify a noun or pronoun. Examples: green grass red dress cold weather
  • Look at the example below: Carol is smart.-In this sentence, smart is an adjective that modifies the proper noun Carol. You are simply irresistible.-In this sentence, the adjective irresistible modifies the proper noun you.
  • Where in a sentence do we usually find the adjectives? •Adjectives nearly always appear immediately before the noun they modify. Danielle is a charming baby. Example: adjective noun
  • Your books are expensive. •Adjectives are also found after the verb be, become, seem stay Example: Verb be adjective
  • •Plagiarism among students is now rampant. •Watching TV all day seems boring. •The opposition stays calm despite political pressure during election. •Charles becomes disciplined because of his military training in Korea.
  • •Adjectives are also found immediately after the word THE Example: The rich man shares his money with the poor. •An adjective also follows the words feel, taste , smell, sound, and look. Example: Chamomile oil smells good. Castor oil tastes bad.
  • Order of adjectives placed before a noun: I think my book is newest. It was just published this month. It contains more detailed and more updated information on Human Anatomy. Read the conversation below: I’d be happier to lend the book to you, my best friend. Hey, guess what! I’ve found a new book in Biology. I’d be happy if you lend it to me ..
  • What have you noticed about the adjectives used in the conversation? They appear in the different forms, right? Those forms pertain to the DEGREE OF ADJECTIVES
  • DETERMINER OBSERVATION PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION (SIZE/ AGE/ SHAPE/COLOR) ORIGIN MATERIAL QUALIFIER NOUN A beautiful red Italian leather belt bag This soft round Japanese cake Several expensive tiny Chinese figurin es Those crispy red apples So what are three DEGRESS OF ADJECTIVES?
  • 1.POSITIVE 2. COMPARATIVE 3.SUPERLATIVE happy happier happiest new new newest dark darker darkest smart smarter smartest lucky luckier luckiest busy busier busiest thin thinner thinnest far farther farthest
  • COMPARATIVE is used when comparing two things or items. On the other hand, SUPERLATIVE is used when comparing more than two things or items. Some adjectives need the word MORE to form comparative and the word MOST to form the superlative degrees. Examples: Difficult terrible more difficult more terrible most difficult most terrible honest reliable more honest more reliable most honest most reliable