Ruth's (u)OWBC, Chapter 23


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Ruth's (u)OWBC, Chapter 23

  1. 1. Hello! Welcome back to Ruth’s (un)Officially Wacky BoolpropChallenge!A lot has happened since I wrote the last update, most notably myold computer dying, getting a new computer and having to reinstalleverything. Fortunately, I back up frequently and lost no gameplayfor this house.Unfortunately, I did lose a couple of pieces of custom content that Ihad made myself and which were not stored in my Downloadsfolder like everything else. That meant they didn’t get backed up.
  2. 2. It also meant that when I loaded the game, Old Adam looked likethis.
  3. 3. Fortunately, I had uploaded his real facial hair to my box.netaccount, so I downloaded it and all is right with the world again.
  4. 4. I had not uploaded Glen’s very special stargazing outfit, and whileI could restore from a disc, I decided against it. The aliens don’tseem very interested in Glen no matter what I do.Damme, but these are cheap aliens!My apologies. I feel rather strongly on this topic.
  5. 5. Another casualty of the move to a new computer was my HappyHoliday Stuff pack, which appears to be incompatible with thisversion of my OS. Normally, this wouldn’t make much differenceto the (u)OWBC household (expect for the happy circumstance ofno more dang holiday rompers on the Toddlers!), but it appears thatI was wrong when I described Glen’s full-face makeup as“sunburn.” It appears to have been “jolly rosy Santa Claus” full-face makeup instead, and is no longer in the game.However, I did download some contacts recently, which count asfull-face makeup, so I gave Glen green contacts. (SP or no SP, Lisastill has a thing for men in full-face makeup.)
  6. 6. If you’re thinking “But wait, esmeiolanthe -- didn’t Glen have greeneyes already?” -- yes. Yes, he did. But all the other full-face makeupoptions don’t fit the “modern glam” theme I have going for Lisa andGlen, and suddenly giving him blue eyes would be awfully jarring,don’t you think?Here is proof that Glen was able to poach the Journalism careerreward. You will not see it again, since it’s a passive mood boosterand therefore verboten.
  7. 7. Lisa was lucky enough to snag a good job in Showbiz, and sheearned the career rewards before her first day of work. I do have abit of a problem, though, in that there are two rewards left to earnand only Lisa left to earn them. She will need to do some job-hopping, which would not normally be a problem -- but I want herin the Showbiz career!I suppose I’ll just have to hope that it comes up on the computeragain…
  8. 8. And speaking of Lisa, on the way to taking the trash out, she defiedgenerations of EAxian coding and went into labor on the sidewalk.LISA: Owwwwwwooooooo!
  9. 9. GLEN: Lisa? Are you okay?MYRNA: Esme! What’s going on?LISA: It’s okay -- just a baby.MYRNA: A baby?! On the sidewalk?! What is this world comingto?
  10. 10. This bouncing baby girl is named Pitti-Sing, after a character fromThe Mikado. Pitti-Sing has considerably more characterization andflair than Olga, although there are certain stage props that havemore characterization and flair than Olga, so that’s not really a faircomparison. The original Pitti-Sing is a bit of a flirt, and quitecomfortable with joking references to woohoo; only time will tell ifthis little beauty follows in her namesake’s footsteps.
  11. 11. Lisa is pleased and proud of both her girls, and can spend hoursjust watching them sleep.
  12. 12. Her parents don’t have that luxury. While Lisa and Glen get theireight hours every night, Adam and Myrna are up and about,performing various and sundry childcare tasks until they areliterally asleep on their feet.Well, turnabout is fair play: Ruth and Ryan* were run raggedcaring for Lisa and her sisters.*Old Adam’s parents. But you knew that.
  13. 13. Adam had been particularly helpful with the Toddler skills thing.Olga has learned to Talk and Go Potty so far, and she’s well on herway to getting the hang of the whole “walking” thing.Here you can see that I have decided to go with “gloves” as Olga’sinitial theme. Further character development will be forthcoming,but as many outfits as are feasible will have gloves or mittens. (Ianticipate this being difficult at the Child stage.)
  14. 14. Myrna does more with Pitti-Sing than Adam, although that’s asmuch a matter of chance as anything.Pitti-Sing will be generically “Far Eastern,” since there isn’tenough EAxis content to be completely and authentically Japanese.Besides, Gilbert & Sullivan weren’t the world’s most accuratecultural-representation-managers -- if they were, there wouldn’t bea line that kinda-sorta-maybe translates to “Demon! So surprised,we hiccup!” Or a character named “Pitti-Sing,” come to that.
  15. 15. Myrna continues to work on any and all needed paintings…
  16. 16. …and to effect all necessary repairs.She doesn’t get dressed very often.
  17. 17. Adam also keeps the Tacky Flamingo open every day, as required.Of course, since the business is at Level 10, not much work isrequired.
  18. 18. It keeps earning stars, though, which I didn’t know was possible.Oh well. I suppose they’ll be helpful later, in case one of theplayable customers dies.
  19. 19. And speaking of playable customers, here is photographic proofthat Rose is her father’s daughter.
  20. 20. “But where is Lisa during all this?” (I hear you cry.) “Isn’t she theheir? What has she been doing?”Trying to keep her meters at a reasonable level, mostly. I tendforget that viewing art will raise the Fun meter pretty quickly, butit’s really quite useful that way.
  21. 21. LISA: Doesn’t anybody else want a sandwich? They’re jam andpickle!EVERYBODY ELSE: We just ate, thanks.LISA: Okay, then. Your loss. I’m going to eat yours.Pickle and jam sandwiches are part of the “Pregnancy Foods” set bybienchen88 at Mod The Sims.
  22. 22. Obviously Baby C likes pickle-and-jam sandwiches, though.Or should that be “Babies C and C”? Given my luck, probably thelatter, since that would make the house too full for alien baybeez.Either way, we’ll find out next time.But before we call it a chapter, let’s check in with the rest of thefamily.
  23. 23. Skye Shankel has grown up into a lovely young lady. How couldshe not, with her genetics?She’s a Pleasure Sim who likes people with a bit extra, especially ifthey’re in swimsuits and aren’t all that good with their hands.Penelope has also grown up, as you can see. So far, she seems to becombining the best elements of her parents. Still, the family ingeneral tends to go ’splodey-face in college, so we’ll have towithhold a final judgment until then.
  24. 24. Rose got her fancy wedding, which was a Roof Raiser just likethose of her two sisters.It’s a good thing that the family has deep pockets now… paying forthe weddings of four daughters is no small thing.Dmitri Sanders is now Dmitri Shankel, by the way.
  25. 25. And since both Rose and Dmitri are Family Sims, this should comeas a surprise to exactly nobody.There will be a picture of the sproglet next time; don’t worry.
  26. 26. Actually, I think there must be something in the water…Until next time, Happy Simming!
  27. 27. Notes, disclaimers, and other triviaThis chapter’s title comes from Princess Ida, and I thought it wasappropriate for a chapter that involves a pastime not working theway it used to.There will be an heir poll next time, and then there should be somemore interesting stuff going on -- but I can’t get any Plot starteduntil I know who the heir is. I hope this little lull is not too boringfor you.Until next time, Happy Simming!