Ruth's (un)Officially Wacky Boolprop Challenge: Farewell, My Own!


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Ruth's (un)Officially Wacky Boolprop Challenge: Farewell, My Own!

  1. 1. Hello, and welcome back to Ruth’s (un)Officially WackyBoolprop Challenge! Last time, Baby P was born, Baby R wasconceived, and Adam was abducted. But since the house wasfull, there was no lullaby, which led to much cussing.Full and fair disclosure: between last chapter and this one, Idownloaded the Director’s Cut from MATY and installed aquarter of the hacks. Most of them are invisible fixes. The“college clock” is not challenge-legal, and I will remove itwhen this crew is ready for Uni. And autoyak is of murkylegality; I intend to use only the features that automatically dothings I currently do by hand, so I think it falls under theheading of “saving clicks.” If there are authorities out there whodisagree, please let me know.And now, on with the show story!
  2. 2. The bulk of the unpleasant work involved with raising the kidsfalls to Ryan and Ruth. I suppose that this is fair in the Karmicsense, since Valerie and Aren did most of the scut workinvolved with rearing their children, but it’s still hard.
  3. 3. The constant catering to the needs of others takes its toll,sometimes in painful and potentially embarrassing ways.
  4. 4. But never let it be said that I am not a benevolent player. A fewtemporary home modifications, and Ryan was back to his oldself.
  5. 5. “Now hold on just a darn minute!” (I hear you cry.) “Wasn’tMyrna already heavily pregnant at the end of the last chapter?”Well, yes, she was.
  6. 6. Not that it slowed her down any.Myrna got her Gold Robotics Badge ages ago, but somebodywhose initials are e.i. stupidly managed to miss the doodadagain, so poor Myrna had to build a Servo to prove she got it.
  7. 7. And while Myrna did not do the honors for Phoebe’s agetransition…
  8. 8. She did manage Potty Training. (And unlike Ruth, she did mostof the work on this skill.)
  9. 9. Leila and Lisa Grew Up also, and moved into their own room.I’m not sure about the décor, but it’s frilly and Victorian-ish.For now, that’s good enough.After all, we have a Fairy and a Soubrette to work with – whatdécor could they possibly agree on?
  10. 10. And here is a closer look. Yes, Leila is wearing the samefacepaint that Ruth wore as a little girl. In Ruth’s case, it waschosen randomly. For Leila the choice was deliberate: after all,if Fairy Queen Titania Summerdream wears it, it must be thelook for fashionable fairies, right?Lisa looks as though she is heavily made up, but really all she’swearing is a touch of bright red lipstick. It’s hard to figure howto portray a soubrette at this age, as soubrette roles call fordouble entendres and an implied easy familiarity with woohoo.On the other hand, Lisa is six. So for right now, I’m going withthe lipstick and leaving it at that.
  11. 11. Don’t worry, I didn’t forget how I got here. Myrna was heavilypregnant.
  12. 12. At least until Rose was born.LISA: Yay, it’s a baby!Rose is named for Rose Maybud from Ruddigore, whose strictadherence to the rules set forth in her book of etiquette firstkeeps her from getting engaged at all and then results in fourengagements in rapid succession (to three different men).
  13. 13. Now, I’m sure that I’ll get comments about how Rose is not aWacky name. This is quite true. “Rose” is not even a little bitWacky. On the other hand, here is a complete list of the femaleR names Gilbert used in all 14 of his operas.1. Ruth2. Rose…And I already used “Ruth.”On a different note, I’ve never seen a Sim as excited about anew baby as Lisa.LISA: It’s a sister! I have a little sister! Hooray! Hooray!
  14. 14. But with the birth of Rose, Ryan seems to have decided to makea statement about his feelings regarding being used as anunpaid, permanently-on-duty nanny.
  15. 15. Never let it be said that Adam can’t take a hint.
  16. 16. Myrna can too.And that’s all the Toddler skills taken care of until Rosetransitions.
  17. 17. Which of course frees up Myrna and Adam to help with moreadvanced skilling. Ryan is of the opinion – and I think rightly –that since he helped children learn to study seven times already,he’s met his quota. Especially since he only has three children.The rebuild, remember?
  18. 18. Bedtime stories are the provenance of Adam, published poet.OLD ADAM:Gentle Jane was as good as gold,She always did as she was told;She never spoke when her mouth was full,Or caught bluebottles their legs to pull,Or spilt plum jam on her nice new frock,Or put white mice in the eight-day clock,Or vivisected her last new doll,Or fostered a passion for alcohol.And when she grew up she was given in marriageTo a first-class earl who keeps his carriage!**W. S. Gilbert, Patience, act 2, scene 12. Available from; accessed 7 August 2011.
  19. 19. The girls like his poems, at any rate.LISA: Another one, Poppa!*LEILA: Pleeeeeeease, Poppa? Just one more?OLD ADAM: No, my loves, I am sorry. It is time for bed now.I shall read you another tomorrow at the same hour.LISA and LEILA: Yay!*Technically, the terms for Myrna and Adam should be spelled “Mama”and “Papa.” However, Adam uses the British pronunciations “muh-MAH”and “puh-PAH.” His daughters use the American pronunciations “MOM-ah” and “POP-ah.” I have therefore spelled their dialog differently to makethings easier for you, my reader. All part of the service.
  20. 20. Adam also has special father-daughter outings with his girls.Admittedly, at the moment they’re largely to the TackyFlamingo, but that’s a pretty kid-friendly place: it’s got bowlingand flamingos and snack food – even hot tubs if Poppa isn’t toobusy to lifeguard.
  21. 21. The Tacky Flamingo dropped back to Level 5 thanks to apoorly-timed lightning strike. It really was only one star away,and unfortunately that’s not a position that I like to be in.Oh well. According to my own personal schedule, as long asAdam gets the business to Level 7 before the next generationtakes over, everything’s copacetic.**copacetic, adjective: Very satisfactory. First known use: 1919, accordingto Merriam-Webster.
  22. 22. And anyway, we got back up to Level 6 in that same playsession, courtesy of Adam’s cousin Edgar Miller.
  23. 23. I would have been willing to try to get the business a bit moresolidly at that level, but the girls were getting pretty tired, and Ineeded to get them home.
  24. 24. The next day, Adam had to go to work, so Myrna went in to runthe business instead. This was purely to obey the rules – Myrnahas no Sales badges, no Business Perks, and no particularlyoutstanding skills. I figured she’d go in, keep the place open foran hour or two, and head back home.After opening the business, Myrna rolled the Want to go soakin the hot tub, and I decided to let her. That usually attractscustomers to the hot tub, which is a good way to earn stars.Plus, the more aspiration points Myrna has, the better thechance for her to be able to use the Energizer.
  25. 25. I was struck dumb by this. Myrna doesn’t finger-gun or pull aFonzie when she enters a room. She’s never peed on a bush,talked to one of the flamingos, or forgotten to get dressed. She’snot the designated neighborhood telescope slapper, and I’venever noticed that her Social meter drops particularly quickly.But this is undeniably a naked Sim, and when I checked, shedoes indeed have 10 Outgoing points.I’m sure it’s just her natural warmth and interest in people thatput the business firmly enough at Level 6 that another tree fireis no threat.Yeah, that’s it. Heh…
  26. 26. Adam is a Clam Wrangler, which has nothing to do with hisLTW, and won’t bring in a career reward until he gets promotedat least once more, but there are no jobs available that he canjust nab a reward in, so there it is.Apparently, being a Clam Wrangler does not require anyspecial clothing.
  27. 27. Checking in with the rest of the family, Jo and Cecil are doingvery well in school.
  28. 28. Oakapple and Oliver did color-code the girls. Nevertheless,they persisted in using the wrong names most of the time.Sally made good on her promise to come babysit.
  29. 29. Not that a sitter was needed for very long. The girls Grew UpWell in a flurry of leaves, and will go shopping just as soon asthey can afford it. How are you supposed to tell one from theother when they’re both dressed in vegetation?
  30. 30. And what has Ruth been doing all this time?This, mostly. Painting a custom painting takes quite a while.Bonus: Can you recognize the Gilbert & Sullivan opera forwhich this is a poster?
  31. 31. Although she also has a tendency to revert to her childhoodhabits in her old age.
  32. 32. And in this case, it appears to be like grandmother, likegranddaughter. Or granddaughters.
  33. 33. Of late, there’s been a fair amount of this kind of thing as well.
  34. 34. Because, unfortunately, this is what was coming up.
  35. 35. RUTH: You mean I’ll finally get to play Mad Margaret?GRIM REAPER: .f, .rs. Sha….. .ey’v. .esco… th. .art ju...or .ou.RUTH: Cool!
  36. 36. Ruth Shankel, 70 years old. Ruth started out as a very dull Sim,but quickly became one of my favorites after she found herniche in life. Ruth was a professional contralto, and made aliving portraying one “elderly, ugly lady” or another. Herfavorite song to sing professionally was “Ye torrents roar, yetempests howl,” which is technically part of the Act I finale ofThe Mikado and not a separate aria. Her favorite Gilbert &Sullivan song overall was “In enterprise of martial kind” fromThe Gondoliers.Goodbye, Ruth. Wherever you’re going, I hope you get many,many curtain calls.
  37. 37. Notes, disclaimers, and other triviaThe title of this chapter is taken from HMS Pinafore, where it issung by a sailor who is about to be imprisoned for daring tolove the captain’s daughter. The song as a whole is an octet (asong written for eight singers), and is the first popular song everto mention a telephone.Ruth’s painting is a poster for The Sorcerer. You can tell partlyby the writing (assuming you can read Symbol; it has a fairnumber of cognates) and partly by the flames in thebackground. All the posters painted by anyone in thishousehold will be of operas that you have already encounteredin one form or another. (For example, The Mikado was a specialfeature, but The Sorcerer was folded into the Plot.)
  38. 38. The Grim Reaper said:Of course, Mrs. Shankel. They’ve rescored the part just for you.Don’t forget to vote in the heir poll, available now on aSimming forum near you, and I’ll meet you back here in a littlebit to give you the results. Until then, Happy Simming!