Everybody Loves Bertie, Chapter 13


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Everybody Loves Bertie, Chapter 13

  1. 1. To recap: This is my attempt at a Polyamory Project Challenge,created by princedeej28. The point of the challenge is toromance more than one Sim and earn enough points to makeHugh Hefner jealous.Last time, I let my Sims run pretty much autonomously andmuch to my embarrassment, they racked up more points than Ihad the rotation before. We also had our first death – ProfessorArianna Miguel – which means that the end is nigh, althoughnot in this episode.Now that you’re all caught up, on with the story!
  2. 2. This time around, I decided to try a modified Obey Your Simshandicap. With Obey Your Sims, you try to fulfill a minimumof one Want per day. I locked the highest-scoring achievableWant each morning and tried to fulfill it by the end of they day.So Corey’s Want to Have Ten Best Friends Within The NextTwenty-Four Hours Even Though I Currently Only Have SevenFriends Total was not fulfilled, but Buy A Car was.This car will not be used for woohoo purposes.
  3. 3. Vanessa’s Want for Woohoo was more readily achieved.Please note that it did not involve a car.
  4. 4. I couldn’t resist taking the opportunity to rack up a few morepoints while I was at it.
  5. 5. And in fact, it was that sequence of events that got Bertie andVanessa back in love with each other.(rolls eyes) Romance Sims.
  6. 6. What with one thing and another, Bertie’s Want to MeetSomeone New didn’t get filled on the first day. It remained thehighest-scoring achievable Want the second day, since Bertiehas the sense to keep his hands off people who are alreadyspoken for. Fortunately, hiring a maid helped.BERTIE: So how do you wike youw job? I bet you get a wot ofbig tips.DON PLATZ, THE MAID: See, the thing about Man MaidLust? It’s fiction. I just clean inanimate objects.BERTIE (flustered): Oh no, I think you misundewstood me…!DON PLATZ, THE MAID: I don’t. If you’ll excuse me, sir? Ihave three more rooms to do on this side of the hallway.
  7. 7. Corey’s Social meter tanked overnight – I’m sure there wassome perfectly valid reason, but I forget what it was. When theSocial Bunny showed up, I figured that was a good chance toclear up the Social meter and take care of Corey’s high-scoringMeet Someone New.Somehow, Social Bunnies don’t count.
  8. 8. They do, however, inspire other people to express concern forthe affected Sim.BERTIE: Cowey, awe you okay? You’we tawking to thin aiw.COREY: No, I’m not. I’m talking to my friend Harvey.BERTIE: Hawvey? Cowey, how’s youw Sociaw metew?COREY: Really pretty, actually. I’ve never seen it red before.BERTIE: (hugs Corey) I’m so sowwy! I shouwd have noticed –I showdn’t have wet it get so bad!
  9. 9. BERTIE: Wet’s see if we can’t make that nasty owd wabbit goaway, shaww we?
  10. 10. And whaddaya know? It worked!
  11. 11. It worked quite well, actually. Look, more points!
  12. 12. While the Social Bunny didn’t count as Meet Someone New,possible-mayor Abhijeet St. Julien, who came home from workwith Corey did.Theoretically, Corey is an architect, but since I don’t have FreeTime, he’s actually in the Politics career track. He topped itsome time ago, which means that everyone he brings home isdressed like a mayor, even if they aren’t one. I didn’t ask Mr.St. Julien what his actual rank was.On day three of the rotation, Corey’s high-scoring reasonablewant was to become Best Friends with Mr. St. Julien, but Iwasn’t able to manage that for him.
  13. 13. On the other hand, relations with Albert and Buttercup haveimproved again, to the point where the youngsters will invitethemselves over for a visit.VANESSA: Albert! Oh, it’s so good to see you! It’s been toolong! How are you?ALBERT: I am well, thank you, Mother. It looks like you arewell too, judging by your outfit. What are you doing now?VANESSA: I can’t tell you. It’s T-O-P S-E-C-R-E-T.ALBERT: I have a college degree, Mother. I know how tospell.VANESSA: Oh. Whoops.
  14. 14. All in all, with the Obey Your Sims handicap in place, Vanessawas the one who made out best benefited the most.VANESSA: Hi, Zenon. What are you up to?ZENON: Oh, nothing. (sighs) Time was, when I couldn’t quietmy thoughts down and sleep Arianna would get up and talk tome. She was good at quieting things down. I miss her so much.
  15. 15. VANESSA: Well, you know, Zenon, there are other ways toturn off those pesky thoughts of yours.ZENON: There are?VANESSA: Uh-huh. And you know, I’ve always thought youwere kind of cute?ZENON: Really?
  16. 16. And bam! Two Loves At Once, completed!Not that Vanessa has any intention of following through, andZenon isn’t particularly interested in specific people either.Which is fine by me, since I get no points for interactions thatdon’t involve Bertie.Speaking of whom…
  17. 17. Vanessa and Bertie woke up early on day three, and I decidedto get Vanessa’s generic Woohoo Want out of the way nice andearly to leave the day free for other things.And also get Bertie’s Flirt Want out of the way while I was atit. I’m lazy, which means that I’m quite efficient.
  18. 18. Big mistake.
  19. 19. COREY (impatiently): Bertie? Vanessa? How often do I haveto remind you about being quiet?VANESSA: Sorry, Corey.COREY: Really, Bertie, you make millions of dollars. Howhard would it be to have someone soundproof this room?BERTIE: Sowwy, Cowey.COREY: I already get up to pee twice a night. I really don’tthink that asking for silence during the few hours I’m actuallyable to sleep is asking too much.VANESSA: Sorry, Corey.BERTIE: Sowwy, Corey.I was not able to get the picture of Corey attempting to slapBertie, but believe me, he did his best.
  20. 20. And in the evening, the number of Sims in the householddecreased by one.GRIM REAPER: .r. .and..s, s.r? Co… .ou .ig. .y ..urgl…? I.. a.ug. fa..**“Mr. Sanders, sir? Could you sign my hourglass? I’m a huge fan.”
  21. 21. Gerard Sanders, age unknown due to a glitchy lifebar thatreflected the information for whatever Sim I’d looked atpreviously. Although Gerard was something of a wheeler-dealer in his youth, he calmed down and became a steady,reliable, and largely ignored member of the household. As abass player, this is not exactly out of character: bass playersdon’t get enough recognition either. Gerard and Beverlydecided to forgo children, opting instead for a one-seventhshare each in Little Bertie.Rest in peace, Gerard.
  22. 22. And that is all for this time around. I’ll see you next time.Score for this roundAssorted romantic interactions x 6: 30Woohoo x 1: 30Got caught at woohoo x 1: -40TOTAL: 20Score as of last round: 550GRAND TOTAL: 570Relationship standings (Daily/Lifetime)Bertie > Corey: 98/98. Married.Bertie > Vanessa: 98/98. Best friends. Love.Corey > Bertie: -72/-59. Married. Portrait is 15/16 red.Corey > Vanessa: -6/11. Portrait is 7/8 red.Vanessa > Bertie: 98/98. Best friends. Love.Vanessa > Corey: 76/76.Vanessa > Zenon: 96/96. Best Friends. Love. Two bolts.