Everybody Loves Bertie, Chapter 10: Experiments


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Everybody Loves Bertie, Chapter 10: Experiments

  1. 1. To recap: This is my attempt at a Polyamory Project Challenge, created byprincedeej28. The point of the challenge is to romance more than one Simand earn enough points to make Hugh Hefner jealous.Last time, I somehow managed to accumulate points despite the fact thatthere were precisely zero romantic interactions, autonomous or otherwise.Am I going to have to take a hand here? Let’s see how things are goingwithout me…
  2. 2. Everyone eats breakfast.BERTIE: Morning, Corey. Is that the last of the milk?COREY: No, there’s still some 2% in the fridge.BERTIE: Oh good.
  3. 3. Corey is working on his piano lessons.ZENON: F sharp! F sharp! What are you, deaf?COREY: Oh, can it, Zenon! We’re not all as gifted as you!
  4. 4. And fires no longer cause any remark.BEVERLY: Gerarrrrd! Did you set the stove on fire again?GERARD: Nope.BEVERLY: I wanted to use it!GERARD: Well, it’s a good thing I didn’t set it on fire, then. Say, is it hotin here?…Yeah, I’m going to have to step in. Let’s run some experiments.
  5. 5. Experiment #1: How long does it take Corey and Bertie to reach a DreamDate?The experiment begins at 3:27 pm with a Pillow Fight.
  6. 6. It concludes at 5:41 pm with Woohoo.Answer: Two hours and fourteen minutes.
  7. 7. Although the experiment could have concluded at 5:25 pm if Beverlyhadn’t been in the way.Experiment #2: Sims become jealous when their partner is on a date withsomeone else. Can they tell that their partner is on a date if they are not inthe same room?
  8. 8. Answer: Nope. (Walls Down and plumbbobs are deliberate for illustrativepurposes.)Experiment #3: How about if they are in the same room?
  9. 9. Answer: Heck yeah.
  10. 10. Experiment #4: Does a slapfest reduce attraction?Please note: I already deducted the points for this on the last picture.
  11. 11. Answer: Nope.Experiment #5: Does a slapfest tank a date?
  12. 12. Answer: Not even a little bit.
  13. 13. I took a little break from the experiments for a bit. In the break, Zenon gotold.
  14. 14. Bertie got Fit.
  15. 15. And Little Bertie got married.Experiment #6: Can everyone get along for the wedding?
  16. 16. Answer: No. Vanessa didn’t even show up.Although, um, I may accidentally have held the wedding at a time when she was at work,because I am completely stupid.The lucky lady is Buttercup Shankel, originally from my OWBC, and theparty was initially supposed to consist of parents only. But the WelcomeWagon showed up just as the festivities were starting, so we ended up withextra guests.Since I can’t decide which story Albert and Buttercup Shankel should beincluded in, they’re both moving to Already in Progress, and you can readabout them there if you are so inclined. [/shameless self-promotion]
  17. 17. After the wedding, Bertie earned a Gold Gardening badge, and with it theability to talk to plants. Now there’s a guarantee of functional strawberryjuice, assuming these plants ever produce any dang strawberries.In the meantime…Experiment #7: Even though they’re Furious at each other, will Vanessaget in the hot tub with Bertie?
  18. 18. Answer: Yes, but that doesn’t ensure a good conversation, and Splashingdoesn’t go over well.Experiment #8: Will everyone sit at the table and be civil to each other?
  19. 19. Answer: Inconclusive. Nobody actually attacked anyone else, or stood upand walked away, but…VANESSA: Gerard, please be so good as to tell Nimrod and Numskullover there that I am no longer speaking to them.I am now out of experiments, and it looks like everything is falling apart.
  20. 20. These little guys might be my only hope. Until next time, happy Simming!Score for this roundAssorted romantic interactions x 4: 20Woohoo x 1: 30Got caught, non-woohoo x 1: -10TOTAL: 40Score as of last round: 460GRAND TOTAL: 500Relationship standings (Daily/Lifetime)Bertie > Corey: 98/98. Best friends. Married.Bertie > Vanessa: -14/-4. Love. Portrait is 3/4 red.Corey > Bertie: 98/98. Best friends. Married.Corey > Vanessa: 94/94.Vanessa > Bertie: -31/-4. Portrait is 5/8 red.Vanessa > Corey: 28/63. Portrait is 3/8 red.