Cecil's CCL, Chapter 1


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Cecil's CCL, Chapter 1

  1. 1. Hello, and welcome to Cecil’s CCL!This is a Crazy Cat Lover challenge, created by yours truly, andthis is something of a playtest. Please note that this means that therules may change partway through if I come across something thatjust plain doesn’t work.I don’t think the challenge really lends itself to plottiness, but weshall see.
  2. 2. A little background is in order before we begin, I think.Cecil (say “SEE-sill”) and his twin sister Jo were named forjoandsarah77, who has saved my game more than once. When Iasked for permission to name the kids after her, joandsarah77 gaveit readily, but asked how a boy would like being named “Crazy CatLady.”Crazy Cat Lady > CCL > CeCiLYou can see that Cecil was destined for this challenge from birth.
  3. 3. As a Teen, Cecil had a girlfriend… until he caught her on a datewith another guy. He had a girlfriend in college, too… until hecame back from a study abroad trip and found that she been withmultiple guys in his absence. That pretty well soured him onwomen. And it only took one date with a guy for him to give up onthat idea.
  4. 4. So, after his sister’s wedding, Cecil moved out of the family homeand into his own little place.
  5. 5. And the very first thing he did was go to the animal shelter andadopt two cats.Rule #1: Cats must always outnumber Sims by at least two-to-one. … You can have a higher cat-to-Sim ratio, but it cant golower.
  6. 6. On the left, we have Cher (a female Russian Blue) and on the rightis Louis (a male Blue Siamese). Say “Louis” as “loo-EE.” I madeup his breed.I am forfeiting some points here:+10 Each cat that has special content unlocked over the course ofyour challenge (for example, Neon Pink Fur)I desperately needed a purple-and-yellow cat for a differentchallenge, and I installed a hack that unlocks all the specialcontent. I will get no points in this category, ever.
  7. 7. When they got home, Cecil spent time out in a hailstorm pettingthe Louis. I’m sure that most people would have preferred to goinside instead of being hit with small pieces of frozen water, butsince Louis asked to be petted, that’s against the rules.Rule #3: …If a cat wants to interact with a Sim, the Sim muststop what they’re doing to enable the action.Rule #3a: …Never cancel an interaction involving a cat.
  8. 8. I am, however, considering modifying that rule. Cecil decided onhis own to play cat teaser with Louis, and continued to play catteaser until he was within moments of wetting himself. I am notsure if it is acceptable to cancel Sim-initiated-on-free-will actionsinvolving cats or not.The cat is obviously agreeable to the interaction, but might wellnot have initiated it at that point in time. I will have to ponder this.
  9. 9. Here is a further demonstration of the rules in action. Cher is busybeing petted, but Louis wants to pounce Cecil.Rule #3a: If multiple cats have interactions lined up, its firstcome, first served. Never cancel an interaction involving a cat.Fortunately, this is not a problem.Rule #3b: If the interaction in question is "Pounce," you do nothave to cancel what your Sim is doing -- the cat will completethat interaction regardless.
  10. 10. Here you can see that Louis and Cher joined the household beforethe Welcome Wagon arrived.Rule #2: You must have your two cats before the WelcomeWagon arrives on the day you move into the house.Once again, I forfeited some points by visiting the animal shelter:+50 If both starting cats are strays adopted before the WelcomeWagon arrivesNo points for that, either. I bet nobody could get those.
  11. 11. Hopefully, though, Cecil will be able to get at least some of thepoints associated with strays. Here you see him greeting Lucky, thestray cat that seems to walk by my Sims’ houses the mostfrequently. I could just be making that up, though, if the other straycats aren’t as distinctive looking.If Cecil can befriend Lucky enough to adopt him, that will be tenpoints:+10 Each stray adopted
  12. 12. Cecil spent quite a bit of time with the Welcome Wagon, whichconsisted of Adam Littledragon (a playable and Cecil’s neighboracross the street) and Jeffina Twain (a resident at the local asylum,and not one of the ones with a day pass, either). Since the catsdidn’t have any particular desire to interact with him just at themoment, that was completely kosher.Rule #8. …Phone calls, internet chat, and inviting people overare all just fine, as long as Rule #3 is followed.
  13. 13. The problem with inviting people over, of course, is that then theymess up your source of income.Rule #4. Your Sim can never have a job, but the cats can haveas many jobs as you would like.Rule #4a. Any form of at-home income -- novels, digging fortreasure, painting, stock tips, etc. -- is allowed, as long as theSim stops what theyre doing when a cat wants to interact withthem.
  14. 14. You may have noticed that there was visible sky in the last twopictures. There are no ceiling tiles in this house, because Cecilcan’t afford them. Like any responsible cat lover, he wants nothingbut the best for his kitties, and that’s where most of the moneywent.Louis and Cher are currently sharing a scratching post and alitterbox, but they each have their own food bowl and pet pillow tosleep on. Not that either of them are actually sleeping on theirpillow, but it’s the thought that counts.Cecil can be perfectly happy in the recliner, as long as the kittiesare okay. Also in the dark, apparently. I mean, cats can see in thedark, so who needs light bulbs?
  15. 15. At quarter to four in the morning on the first day after move-in,Rule 3 got its first real test. As you can see, Cecil has lots ofimportant tasks lined up, including feeding the cats and himself.But right at the end of his queue, you can see that Louis hasdecided he wants a hug.(My apologies for the Walls Down; with the walls up you couldn’tsee anything.)
  16. 16. Louis got his hug, of course. I’m not going to break the rule lessthan a day into the challenge.
  17. 17. Once the paper was delivered, Cecil started checking the “HelpWanted” section.Not for himself, of course, because he’s not allowed to have a job.But he’d like Louis and Cher to get jobs in Security, and they coulduse the money. I mean, he can’t even afford catnip toys yet!
  18. 18. Naturally, both cats got jobs in the Security field. Who wouldn’twant to hire two such clever, wonderful, perfect cats?See? My point exactly!
  19. 19. Cecil got to eat when the cats were at work. That’s also when hegot to clean, bathe, and harvest the money trees.
  20. 20. All in all, it was a good, successful first couple of days.The lone problem, as far as Cecil is concerned, is that he only hastwo cats. Something must be done about that.But that will have to wait for next time, because this was the lastday of the rotation.
  21. 21. I was planning to use this last slide to add up my points for thisround, but I don’t seem to have any. (sadface)Instead, I will just let you know that I intend to update thischallenge every other rotation, instead of every rotation, to preventboredom on your part. That means you will get six days of kitty catgoodness each chapter, and you just can’t beat that, now can you?Cecil certainly doesn’t think so.Until next time, Happy Simming!