Auspicious It Ain't, Chapter 8


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Auspicious It Ain't, Chapter 8

  1. 1. Hello, and welcome back to Auspicious It Ain’t, a Nickel & Dimed challenge. This challenge is pass/fail, and so far, I am passing. The challenge runs until the children are adults, which means that the end is now in sight. By my calculations, there will be no more than three chapters after this one, unless I decide to do an epilogue. Ygraine is the mother, and her children are Genevive and Beaudelaire. Genevive is the older. Now that you’re all caught up, let’s get started.
  2. 2. The family is pretty well-off now -- they can actually afford a sink, which I’m maybe 70% sure they didn’t have before the rebuild either. Although it seems odd that I would have bought cabinets in preference to a sink, so perhaps I just messed up the rebuild.
  3. 3. Genevive and Beaudelaire help out with the garden before school. It pays off in more ways than one: it improves the plants, raises their Fun meters…
  4. 4. …and results in cucumbers.
  5. 5. Cucumbers were followed by strawberries.
  6. 6. And strawberries were followed by tomatoes. All Bland or Tasty only, but any food you don’t have to pay for is good food, right?
  7. 7. Were you wondering about Ygraine’s nice work outfit in the last two pictures? That’s because she got promoted higher than she should otherwise have been by a chance card. This is kosher according to the rules, and the extra income will come in handy. At least until Ygraine becomes an Elder and has to quit her job for an Elder job instead.
  8. 8. Ygraine has maxed out her Logic skill now. (She is only allowed one skill point in all skills except Cooking and Cleaning.) Ah well… The crossword was fun while it was an option.
  9. 9. The kids can (and do) earn more skills and do more to advance. Genevive made the spaghetti herself, and Beaudelaire is a straight A student.
  10. 10. Ygraine’s cooking skills… leave something to be desired.
  11. 11. Genevive wants very badly to be like other girls at school, and was very pleased to find a boy who seemed to like her. GENEVIVE’S GUY: You know, Genevive, you have the loveliest eyes. BEAUDELAIRE: (snorts derisively)
  12. 12. GENEVIVE: Shut up, Beaudelaire! BEAUDELAIRE: How are you gonna make me? GENEVIVE: I know where you keep those magazines you don’t want Mom to know about. GENEVIVE’S GUY: Mmmmaybe I should just head home now… GENEVIVE: Oh, don’t leave! I’m sure my mother won’t mind!
  13. 13. And maybe Ygraine wouldn’t mind if Genevive acquired a boyfriend. Certainly Ygraine’s gentleman friend calls regularly, even if arranging a time to get together is a bit difficult. And certainly Ygraine enjoys their conversations.
  14. 14. But somehow I think Ygraine would be angry if things progressed beyond an innocent kiss. Good thing I don’t have those hacks, yes? And that’s all I have for you today. Until next time, Happy Simming!