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Already in Progress, Chapter 53 Already in Progress, Chapter 53 Presentation Transcript

  • Hi! Are you ready for another installment of Already in Progress?Boy, I hope so! If you were hoping for an episode of DesperateHousewives of Veronaville, you came to completely the wrongplace…Our usual observational, episodic, and occasionally even humorousstory will resume after this brief message.
  • Today’s episode of Goldberg & Silent Lady is brought to you byTheraven’s Chest Bandages for Toddler, Teen, and Adult. Withblood!(in one of those rapid undertones used for the “small print” in allthe best commercials) Bandages are classified as shirts. Bandageswill not cause your Sims to actually bleed. Available from thewebsite www.moonlightdragon.com. Theraven is in no way awareof this endorsement.And now, let’s rejoin our story: Already in Progress…
  • When I loaded up Buttercup and Albert’s house, I was surprised tofind this going on. I thought everyone in the household got along!What did I do wrong?
  • Nothing, as it turns out. Apparently, it’s entirely possible for twostrays to not get along and to have a fight on the porch. What arelief!
  • First thing in the morning, Skye got a very minor makeover: herblue eyeshadow was switched out for different blue eyeshadow,and I gave her a more Maxis-matchy version of her hairstyle.(Since I prefer a Maxis-match look now that I’ve allowed cc intomy game.) The original hair is by Nouk; the recolor is bySuperFrog and can be found on her LiveJournal.
  • Skye is a Pleasure Sim, and she’s cheerfully ready to spend freelyon dates. (Her LTW is Fifty First Dates.) The family is loaded, so Ilet her spend top simoleon on them. Her “perfect matches” so far:1. Pong Grundstorm (negative bolts)2. Ratna Miguel (one bolt, but she quickly rolled Wants forAnything In The World But Ratna)3. Alon the paperboy (no bolts, and he spent the whole datewatching TV and ignoring her)Skye is completely satisfied and looking forward to reaching FiveFirst Dates.
  • Buttercup and Albert are as three-bolty as ever, despite 1) havingtheir youngest daughter now a Teen and 2) technically only havingtwo bolts.
  • And for those of you who might be wondering, the magic hasn’tgone out of Jo and Phoenix’s relationship. In fact, it’s better thanever. Both Jo and Phoenix roll Wants for each other when they getup in the morning, and then get to work fulfilling many of thoseWants autonomously.
  • Actually, Phoenix is an asset to the household in more ways thanone.PHOENIX: Hi, Mr. Oakapple. Good to see you.OAKAPPLE: Finally! Someone… with manners!PHOENIX: Yes, sir. My momma raised me right. I waswondering… Could you maybe stop stealing our paper, please?OAKAPPLE: Sure. No… problem.
  • I was as surprised as anyone when we got a popup about Pennyfailing in school. Apparently, she’s been hiding her homework, andnot a word to anyone.PHOENIX (V.O.): Honey, you need to do your homework.PENELOPE (V.O.): I don’t want to, Daddy. It’s too hard.
  • PHOENIX: It’s important. I’ll help you.PENELOPE: But why? I don’t have to work ever, and it’s boring.And anyway, Mom says that you only got through college by theskin of your teeth.PHOENIX: Well, yeah, but I won’t have any problems with yourhomework.PENELOPE: How do you know? It’s hard.PHOENIX: Tell you what: you get your grades up, and we’ll redoyour bedroom in any theme you want.
  • PENELOPE (V.O.): Any theme I want?PHOENIX (V.O.): Yup.PENELOPE (V.O.): Can I have a bench? For building models onand stuff?PHOENIX (V.O.): Sure.PENELOPE (V.O.) (eagerly): And a bike?PHOENIX (V.O.): Let’s see what those grades are like first.So Penny Learned to Study.
  • And Phoenix kept his promise.This guy is really growing on me.
  • GOLDBERG Yeah, stakeout has got to be the most boring job ever.Something darts through the shadows. GOLDBERG Gottagobye.
  • Hi Sally! What’s new and exciting?SALLY: Nothing in particular.No?SALLY: Nope. Very straightforward right now.
  • How’s Troy?SALLY (V.O.): Doing fine. He’s within half a Body point ofmaking his Life Time Want, I think.He wants to become a hall of famer?SALLY (V.O.): Uh-huh. And after he retires, we’ve been talkingabout maybe opening a gym. Troy figures that if it’s got a hall offamer’s name on it, it’ll do well.Well, best of luck to you!SALLY (V.O.): Thanks.
  • How’s Tamara?SALLY (V.O.): Also doing fine, except for the zits.She has a lot of them?SALLY (V.O.): Very few, actually. But she sure makes a big dealabout the ones she does get. “No boys will ever be interested inme!” she says. I tell her that’s not true, but she doesn’t believe me.Of course it’s not true!
  • SALLY (V.O.): They follow her home like puppies, actually. Shejust doesn’t seem to get it. (sigh) Well, she’ll figure it out incollege, I’m sure.Golly, is it getting to be that time already?SALLY (V.O.): Yup. There’s a lot to do with the whole process ofgetting her accepted and shipped out and so on. (theatrically) Ohmy goodness! Is that the time?Okay, I get the hint. I’ll stop by next time, okay?SALLY (V.O.): Sure. It’s always good to talk to you. But sometimes are more good than others, you know?
  • GOLDBERG and EMILIANO fight. GOLDBERG takes a hit to the stomach and crumples as EMILIANO flees.
  • Isaac’s delivery arrived promptly at 10 am on Day One of therotation.FREDERIC (V.O.): Please tell me you didn’t adopt a kid.ISAAC (V.O.): I want one. And you are not going to be nasty toHelen. She’s only a little baby and she didn’t do anything wrong,so whatever your problem is, you better get over it NOW.FREDERIC (V.O.): A baby?ISAAC (V.O.): Named Helen.
  • FREDERIC: Well, why didn’t you say so? I like babies. (to Helen)Hello, gorgeous! Are you ready to come play a video game withDaddy? Of course you are!ISAAC: I wanted to be called Daddy.FREDERIC: Oh, okay. (to Helen, as they head for the TV) Comeon, sweetie, Awesome Daddy is going to teach you the KonamiCode: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A.ISAAC: (following them) Wait a minute -- maybe I want to beAwesome Daddy instead of just Daddy. And you can’t just give herthat code -- she has to prove herself worthy!
  • Eddie and Celeste are every bit as cute as ever. Eddie is workingon the skills needed for his last promotion before Permaplat, andCeleste is always ready to help him out.CELESTE: Ha! Tremble before my devious master plan!EDDIE: Wow, that must be some plan. It looks to me like I’mgoing to get checkmate in three moves.CELESTE: I haven’t taken my hand off the piece -- I’m taking thatmove back!
  • Eddie has a new hobby now. It’s somewhat unconventional, but heenjoys it. He likes making things for his granddaughter and iscurrently working on a quilt for her.The best part? Since this sewing machine is cloned off of a piano,it not only builds Creativity (helpful for a professional mediator)but it also satisfies that annoying “Play Piano” Want (helpful forPleasure Sims like Frederic).
  • Celeste was demoted at work -- see the limo instead of thehelicopter? -- but since she’s already Permaplat, I didn’t worryabout it too much.Incidentally, the co-worker with the funky hairdo is obsessivelyintrusive. If she comes home with any of your Sims, say goodbye atthe earliest possible opportunity. Otherwise she will not leave.Ever. And she will call and call and call… worse than MarshaBruenig, I’m telling you!
  • I seem to have missed out on taking pictures of Helen as a baby,but rest assured that this picture is quite typical: Both daddies doteon her, and one or the other was always carrying here around.
  • Helen is now old enough to get around under her own steam, andwhile she doesn’t have the manual dexterity to handle a gamecontroller, it’s only a matter of time. Her fathers are developing arigorous training program for when that day comes.ISSAC: That’s right, sweetheart. Turn the square peg to fit in thesquare hole. And the square button does what?HELEN: Dame as why bu’on.FREDERIC: That’s my girl!I have no Toddler hairstyles that make use of hair gel, but knowingHelen’s fathers, that’s only a matter of time as well.
  • GOLDBERG Here you live?SILENT LADY nods, tying off the bandage. GOLDBERG’S gaze wanders the tiny apartment, eyes unfocused. GOLDBERG But why? I pay you better than this.SILENT LADY snaps her fingers in front of his face imperiously. When he focuses on her, she puts her finger to her lips for silence and frowns at the sickly glow coming off his wound.
  • Amy’s house is often used as a testing ground for new hacks andcustom content. (I think I may have mentioned this before?) It isalso currently temporary home to one Abhijeet Fuchs. Readers ofThe Jack Point Home for Pedestrian Playables will recognize himas the playable’s boyfriend. Since he is a brujo, I thought it wouldprobably be a good idea for him to have some skill at spells andsuch. Having him as a playable in this house lets him build up hisskills and lets me test out my cc magic system and such magic-typecc objects as an essential oil burner.
  • Fortunately, having a temporary boarder sleeping on the couch(when he sleeps at all) hasn’t disrupted life too much. Bryan is stillable to have his friends over.His best friends are both female. I’m not sure what that says abouthim…
  • Amy aged up after work one day, into a completely not-Amy look.She also lost her piercings for some reason; I had to restore hernose stud and earrings.
  • This is a more Amy-ish look, although I’m not convinced that it’sright.BRYAN: Mom, is it okay if I go out to Tropicana Too with Tamaraand Skye?AMY: Are you planning to use a fake ID to buy drinks?BRAYN: Er, no. I don’t have one of those.AMY: Hmph. (calls) Adam, are you wearing your glasses in yourID photo?ADAM: No, they said the glare was too bright. Why?AMY: Give Bryan your ID so he can buy drinks tonight, will you?
  • Amy has a somewhat unconventional approach to parenting.
  • It was a fun evening, though, and definitely the highlight of therotation.
  • For Bryan, anyway. I don’t think Skye would quite agree with thatassessment.
  • GOLDBERG Enough already! You apologized for the curséd daggerand you gave me the antidote and God willing, I’ll be fine. What I want to know is why the system crash you’re sneaking around. Do you know the warehouseassociation hired me to find out what you were up to?
  • Dmitri is being a very supportive husband and father-to-be in everyway he possibly can: cleaning the catbox, loaning his pregnantwife one of his mother’s precious snapdragons,* or, mostimportantly in Rose’s opinion…ROSE: You made schnitzel with ice cream for me? You darling!*By “mother,” of course, I mean Tirtha. You may recall that Dmitri’s mother-by-blood Trixie had no talent with flowers.
  • All that hard work paid off in spades in the wee small hours of DayTwo of the rotation.ROSE: Dmitri? It’s time!DMITRI (muzzily): Okay. I’ll go get the bathroom ready.ROSE: I don’t think I’m going to make it to the bathroooooom…!
  • And indeed, Rose did not make it as far as the bathroom. This littlefellow is Alexander Shankel -- just Alexander, as neither Rose norDmitri could figure out what the correct patronymic for “Dmitri”is. After getting the nooboo dressed, both Rose and Dmitri rolledthe Want to Build a Nursery.
  • Okay, so they only rolled the Wants to Buy A Bunch Of SpecificBaby Stuff. I consider that equivalent to Build A Nursery, so I did.The crib, by HugeLunatic on MTS, seems to conflict with the babyclothes hack. I was never able to put Alexander to bed in it --clicking on the crib would only offer me the option to “DressAlexander In…” (A particularly pointless option, as he only hasone option: Everyday.) The regular crib works just fine, though, sothat’s what he has now.
  • Of course, this story is called Already in Progress, not All Babies,All the Time, and you’re probably curious about the business. It’sdoing pretty well, actually. Although it isn’t a stylist’s lot, Dmitrifollows my policy of “Make over dormies whenever and whereverpossible.”This fellow is named Wren Chun. If you understand why I find thatfunny, you win 3,000 imaginary cookies.
  • The business is actually doing quite well, and is making a modestamount of money. Even Mrs. Crumplebottom can’t find anythingto complain about.MRS. CRUMPLEBOTTOM: The name of this store is “Flowers2”? How stupid! There wasn’t ever a “Flowers 1” or even a“Flowers” that I can remember, and I’ve been around sinceinstallation!Er, yeah… the name of the lot could use some work. I’m thinkingmaybe “Roses by Rose” or “Rose’s Roses,” but I’m open tosuggestions…
  • But in spite of what Mrs. C says, the business is really tickingalong nicely. Dmitri has even learned what each key on the registerdoes! Next lesson: Making Accurate Change.And seeing Chant there reminds me…
  • GOLDBERG Why wouldn’t you trust me with this? Did I or did Inot buy that girl we found last year a plane ticket? SILENT LADY half-nods, half-shrugs and turns herright hand to GOLDBERG, palm up, conceding the point. GOLDBERG So why didn’t you just ask me? I can set you uplegitimately as a 124(p) import/export business. You can rent a warehouse, trucks coming and going any time, and you’re not subject to customs inspections more than twice a year.
  • Oliver and Oakapple are finally old enough to fulfill my vision ofthem.OAKAPPLE: Hey, you… kids! Get… off my lawn!OLIVER: I’ll turn the hose on you -- you see if I don’t!Combined, they have one Nice point. Of course they’re going to sitin matching chairs on the porch and yell at children!
  • The cold weather doesn’t stop a Plantsim from gardening, or aPlantsim’s crops from getting the full dark-green-super-enthusiastic-smiley-face treatment. It means that Fantine andSaigon don’t go inside much, but they really only need to go insidefor the occasional bath. (A bath quite efficiently fills both thewarmth and water meters.)Saigon had the Want to Make A Wish, so I let her wish for money.None actually showed up, but she got aspiration points, and shedidn’t get beaned, so it’s all good.
  • Phoebe was alarmingly large for an alarmingly long time. She alsolost her usual hairdo when she was actually dressed. Oddly enough,it still worked when she was in her pajamas…
  • But the most alarming part of the whole pregnancy was whenPhoebe promptly set the baby on the ground after giving birth.
  • Fortunately, she only wanted to make the bed! I suppose thatcarrying large is a family trait: Phoebe’s mother looked like shewas going to have twins every pregnancy, but she only managed itonce.**See Ruth’s (un)Officially Wacky Boolprop Challenge.
  • Here we see baby Nicholas -- Er…FANTINE: Chant, where’s the baby?CHANT: He’s not here yet? But I put him down fifteen minutesago and said to meet me upstairs!FANTINE: He’s a baby, Chant, not a Plantsim like us. He can’teven turn over yet. Where’s Phoebe?CHANT: In the bath. Why?FANTINE: Because you better be taking care of Nicholas beforeshe gets out of the bath if you want to stay married.
  • (clears throat) Right. So.Here we see baby Nicholas being given a bottle by his lovingfather. Nicholas has black hair and dark blue eyes. Exactly like hiscousins Olga and Pitti-Sing. And not-related Helen. And almostexactly like his cousin Alexander.(grumbles) Stupid dominant genetics. Phoebe has a blonde (or evenred) gene, for Pete’s sake!
  • Despite her genetic failings, Phoebe is a loving mother, and doteson Nicholas. He doesn’t spend much time in the swing, although Ifind it very handy when babies are awake but nobody can holdthem just at the moment.
  • Although the animations you get after an adult takes the kid out ofthe swing are pretty weird. (Putting the baby down and pickingthem up again fixes it.)For any readers without Apartment Life, the swing is by Rebecah at MTS. It’salso available at AffinitySims.
  • Chant rolled the Want to Earn a Silver Restocking Badge, and I didtry to accommodate him. Fantine sold produce like there was notomorrow, and Saigon did her bit as well. Chant restocked andrestocked, but no badge. He has to be close, though!And as you can see, the farm stand is doing very well indeed…
  • Both Fantine and Saigon aged up at the very end of the rotation.You should be able to tell them apart now, but just in case: Fantineis the one in the leaves, with the giant ears, who is cross with mebecause I wouldn’t let her Get Married Right Now, Dammit!I will buy them new outfits next time around.
  • GOLDBERGCongratulations, Mr. Agonites. You are now the CEO of Quiet Holdings, Limited. I’ll have your warehouse rental completed by the end of the week. EMILIANO Thank you, Mr. Goldberg. (to SILENT LADY) I’ll see you later, then, yes?SILENT LADY nods, and they do the European air-kiss- cheek thing as GOLDBERG watches closely.
  • Change is in the air over at the lone apartment building in town.PROFESSOR DOUGLAS: I’ve been thinking of those poorperpetual townie children a lot lately.CATHRYNNE: Like Abhijeet, who doesn’t understand why hisfriends don’t want to come over and play anymore?PROFESSOR DOUGLAS: Exactly! They have no real parents,either -- no one to care for them, or teach them anything. I wasthinking that since we have money and room, perhaps we couldtake some of them in.CATHRYNNE: Of course we can! And we can teach them usefultrades, too!
  • So I tried a little experiment. I had Tamara call up her friendDongsool, a townie Child who is also friends with several Adults-verging-on-Elders. I first used the SimBlender to add him to thefamily…
  • …and then to add him to the adoption pool.Nobody received any “Moved In” or “Dongsool Was TakenAway!” memories, so that was promising.
  • Professor Douglas called the adoption agency…
  • …And promptly at ten a.m. the next day, Dongsool showed up inthe blue van.
  • Although the timing of that phone call could probably have beenbetter, now that I think about it…
  • I learned something interesting about adopted townie kids thisrotation. Dongsool rolled the Want to Gain A Skill Point, so I toldhim to watch the Yummy Channel. (Which he is patently not doinghere, but never mind.) He watched and watched and gained nary askill point. In fact, his skill bar barely advanced. I thought mygame might be broken.
  • Actually, the kid’s just a prodigy. See all those skill points he hasalready?Obviously there are some behavioral issues at school…
  • As for Dante, Samantha, and Charlotte -- they’re all doing well.They all want to be friends with Dongsool, and Don and Sam stillroll plenty of Wants for each other.I wish I could give you more details, but they were really quite dullthis rotation.
  • And that’s all there is for this time around! Until next time, HappySimming!
  • The Goldberg and Silent Lady sections used a lot of customcontent and poseboxes. All custom content is from Mod The Simsunless otherwise indicated. In addition to the bandages advertisedat the beginning, I used:“Timeless Office” set by jgwoodsLong drapes and recolors by KiaraRawks“Hacked Coat Hook” by Mary-Lou and Numenor“Custom Modeling Poses Hack V2 w/Facial Overlays” bydecorgal21572SimBlender by TwoJeffs, from Simbology