Already in Progress, Chapter 36: Syncing in 3... 2... 1...


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Already in Progress, Chapter 36: Syncing in 3... 2... 1...

  1. 1. Hello again! Golly, it’s been ages since I last updated this story, hasn’t it?I know, I know. But you see, I have this Officially Wacky BoolpropChallenge going on, and the next chapter for that story will involve Simsfrom this one, and the only problem with that Cunning Plan is that thetimelines aren’t quite in sync. This update should correct that. (I hope.)If you’d like to get a feel for my OWBC before the not-really-a-crossovercomes out, it’s in the “Officially Wacky Boolprop Challenges” forum overon Boolprop. [/shameless self-promotion]But this story is not an OWBC. This story is Already in Progress…
  2. 2. To begin with, Trixie got fired.TRIXIE: I don’t want to talk about it.What went wrong, Trixie?TRIXIE: What part of “I don’t want to talk about it” do you notunderstand?
  3. 3. TIRTHA: See, isn’t this better? Doesn’t this cheer you up?TRIXIE: Tirtha, we can’t afford to keep eating out if I’m out of work. Youdon’t have a job and now I don’t either.TIRTHA: Sure, but we’ll regroup and economize tomorrow.TRIXIE: I don’t know…TIRTHA: No, no, it’ll be fine. Just cheer up tonight, and then we’ll seeabout tomorrow tomorrow, ‘kay?TRIXIE: Okay…TIRTHA: Great! I gotta go – do you need to?TRIXIE: No. I think I’ll wander over to the bar.TIRTHA: Careful what you order – most of their drinks are wayoverpriced.
  4. 4. TRIXIE: So, Mr. Bartender, I’ve got a question for you.Trixie, Tirtha’s on her way back from the bathroom.TRIXIE: I’ll make this fast. (to bartender) Have you had any redheadeddead guys in capes come in here recently?BARTENDER: Sorry, lady. I work the day shift.TIRTHA: Trixie! Are you pestering people about Kacper again?TRIXIE:I’m not pestering anybody!TIRTHA: Yes you are. Come on, let’s go to the park.
  5. 5. ABHIJEET: Hey. You’re with the alien girl, right? In the long white coat.TIRTHA: We’re friends, if that’s what you mean. (suspiciously) Why?ABHIJEET: Your friend’s looking for a redheaded dead guy in a cape,right?TIRTHA: Oh, don’t you encourage this stupid fixation of hers, now!Waiiiit a minute… You’re not that crazy guy who’s into other people’spast lives, are you?ABHIJEET: No, just my own. But you might want to direct your friend’sattention over there. (discretely indicates a point behind and to Tirtha’sleft)
  6. 6. TIRTHA: Well, I’ll be!TIRTHA: Psssst! Trixie! Look over there, quickquickquick.
  7. 7. TRIXIE: Ihay! Ellohay! Oday ouyay owknay away ampirevay amednayAcperkay?REDHEADED DEAD GUY WHO ISN’T KACPER: Whoa – what’swrong with you, lady? Speak Simlish, because I don’t speak Crazy.TRIXIE: I – But – You don’t speak Alien?REDHEADED DEAD GUY WHO ISN’T KACPER: That either. Wasthere a point to this?TRIXIE: …Do you know a redheaded d – uh, vampire named Kacper?REDHEADED DEAD GUY WHO ISN’T KACPER: Nope.TRIXIE: Oh. Well here, let me give you my card in case you run acrosshim, okay? I’d really like to talk to him.
  8. 8. The Mr. and Mr. Littledragon household doesn’t have big dramas goingon – just the ordinary everyday things that mark a life. Some good…AMY: Ha ha! I got an A+! I rock. Hey Da and Ba! I got an A+! You haveto take me out for ice cream now.
  9. 9. …some bad.HARKON: Nirel! I thought we agreed that you weren’t going to try andreheat anything until after we got the knobs with the raised numbers forthe stove!NIREL: But I was hungry!
  10. 10. And some a bit of both.AMETHYST: Bye, sweetie. (kisses Harkon) I’ll miss you.HARKON: I’m going to miss you too, Mom. (sniffles and hugs Amethysttightly)AMETHYST: (scoffs) Your Da and I are gonna be sitting on a celestialbeach somewhere, having banana daiquiris without the hangover. Don’t bein too much of a hurry to join us, or I’ll tell the celestial bartender to leavethe triple sec and the sugar out of yours. Love you, kiddo.HARKON: Love you too, Mom.
  11. 11. AMETHYST: Well, Nirel, I may not have been too happy about the agegap or how you two met –NIREL: You weren’t.AMETHYST: I know that! Didn’t I just say that? I may not have beenhappy in the beginning, but now I can see that the two of you are justperfect for each other. You take care of my baby, now.NIREL: Or you’ll tell the celestial bartender to leave out the sugar andtriple sec?AMETHYST: No. I’ll tell him to leave out the rum.
  12. 12. AMY (plaintively): Can’t I come with you, Grandma?AMETHYST: No, honey. You can’t come until you’re an old, old woman.AMY: Can I have a banana daiquiri, then?AMETHYST: No, but I bet if you asked Ba, he’d make you a bananamilkshake. (kisses Amy) Be good, Me The Younger, and (slightly chokedup) always remember that I love you so, so much!AMY: …Grandma? Can you go back to being mean, please? I don’t knowwhat to do when you’re nice.
  13. 13. And so Amy Littledragon The Elder passed out of this life and into thenext.AMETHYST: Where’s my daiquiri?GRIM REAPER (peevishly): .iv. .e a .eco.., .il. .ou? .ee..!
  14. 14. Amethyst Littledragon, age messed up because of the rebuild. I would bewilling to swear that as a child, Amy cheated at chess, but as an adult, sheproved to have seven Nice points. Perhaps something changed during thefirst rebuild… Amy was very happily married to Perry, a friend of herbrothers, and they had one child. Perry would have been perfectly happywith twelve, or even with ten, but Amy only ever rolled the Want for one.For all her sour faces, Amy had a heart of gold, and I’ll miss her.Goodbye, Amy.
  15. 15. And speaking of Littledragons and the rebuild, Jasmine has moved on tothe great Criminal Underworld in the sky. Or wherever. She waspermaplat for years, so the hula zombies should come as no surprise.
  16. 16. Jasmine (Scott) Littledragon, age really really old. (Her records were,ahem, “misplaced” during the rebuild.) Jasmine became a CriminalMastermind and was the true driving force behind such notorious eventsas the diversion of an asteroid towards the planet, the mysteriousdisappearance of forty-seven dollars and twenty-three cents from each andevery bank account in the entire world, and the inexplicable popularity ofThe Gloaming by Sophie Mayer. She was also the one who finally gotPerry to tell Amy that he liked her – no small feat when dealing with aman who has a grand total of zero Outgoing points. She was, I believe, theonly Sim left who had survived the previous rebuild. (She survivedAmethyst by a matter of hours.) It’s the end of an era, folks. Let’s have amoment of silence for someone who will be truly missed.
  17. 17. Although perhaps none of us will miss Jasmine quite as much as Lucy.THE SHRINK: Bertrachten Sie mich, bitte.LUCY: Argle blargle smiff narple glah…THE SHRINK: Hmmm. Und wie bildet das Sie Gefühl?
  18. 18. Sally Grew Up Badly – understandably, seeing as her grandmother wentand died during her transition – and newly Teenified Oliver worried abouthis little sister. He may have only one Nice point, but that doesn’t meanthat he doesn’t care.OLIVER: So, Sally, let’s go paint the town red. You and me.SALLY: Really? You want me to go out and do stuff with you? And I canwalk with you instead of behind you? And you’ll tell everybody I’m yoursister, and everything?OLIVER (grits his teeth): Yeah, I’ll even tell people you’re my sister.SALLY (eagerly): Can I hold your hand?OLIVER: Don’t push your luck.
  19. 19. Operation Cheer Up Sally worked well.SALLY: Ha ha! I did it! I did it! I got to Level 3! What level are you at,Ollie?OLIVER: Um… Five?VIDEO GAME: Level! Level! Level! Level! Fifteen! Fifteen! Fifteen! Fifteen!OLIVER: Er –SALLY: It’s okay, Ollie. You don’t need to try to make me feel goodabout myself. Can I have some more quarters? I want to try to make LevelFour.OLIVER: Sure, okay.
  20. 20. OLIVER (in pained tones): Sally, must you eat like that?SALLY: Uh-huh.OLIVER: The food’s not going anywhere. You can use one hand and takesmall bites, like normal people.SALLY: Uh-huh. snarf It tastes better like this.OLIVER: It does not.SALLY: How do you know? Have you tried?OLIVER: Of course not.SALLY: But I’ve tried it your way. (with her mouth full) This way tastesbetter.Oliver has ten Neat points. Sally has one.
  21. 21. Of course, when you are a teenaged boy, taking your little sister out on thetown gets you teased mercilessly.OAKAPPLE SHANKEL, YOUNGEST CHILD FROM MY OWBC: Soyou took your sister out, huh? What’s the matter – couldn’t get anyonebetter? Well, with the way you dress, I’m not surprised.OLIVER: What’s wrong with how I dress?OAKAPPLE: Are you kidding? One of those rhinestone cowboys from theSeventies wouldn’t be caught dead in what you’ve got on.OLIVER: I bet they wouldn’t do this, either! (noogies Oakapplemercilessly)OAKAPPLE: Hey, ow! Stop! I’m sorry, I’m sorry!Oakapple and Oliver are best friends. (shakes head) Teenage boys!
  22. 22. Now, there was a slight problem at Mifune’s house. The turkey went greenand buzzy. Mifune’s reaction was to attempt to eat a generous serving.I cancelled the action, of course. And told him to clean up the healthhazard.
  23. 23. You can see how well he did at that.Mifune had succumbed to a glitch that mostly affects married Sim malesin my game: he became constitutionally unable to Clean Up any dishes, nomatter where they were placed or who ate off them last or what theycontained, had contained, or didn’t contain.
  24. 24. Eileen did the cleaning up, because I don’t like roaches, even virtualpixlated ones. But I don’t think it’s fair that husbands sometimes get out ofchores like that.
  25. 25. Fortunately, Venus the dog has still not been housebroken. That leftMifune plenty of other opportunities for cleaning up unpleasant messes.Venus has a sneaky nasty habit of peeing when everyone is a) asleep, b)on the complete other side of the lot, or c) both. By the time anyone getsover to Scold her, she’s forgotten what they’re upset about.
  26. 26. Over at the Brotherhood, there was a change in leadership. It wasn’tentirely unexpected, I suppose, but nobody was properly prepared.BARTHOLOMEW: Oh snap! Is it that time already?GRIM REAPER: .e..BARTHOLOMEW: Can I just go change out of my pajamas?GRIM REAPER: .o.I have no obituary for Bartholomew, since he was never intended to bemore than an extra who showed up in the background. Whoops.You deserved better, Bartholomew. I hope you get it wherever you’regoing.
  27. 27. CALVIN, THE NEW GUY IN CHARGE (V.O.): The place was in aquite a state when I got here, Matthias. Is everything okay?MATTHIAS (V.O.): Sure, it’s fine. Why do you ask?CALVIN (V.O.): Well, there were the weeds. And the holes. And theshelves are completely empty. Have you had the store open in that state?MATTHIAS (V.O.): No, not exactly open…CALVIN (V.O.): And there aren’t any new members, either.MATTHIAS (V.O.): Well, we don’t proselytize…CALVIN (V.O.): No, we don’t. But have you even had the Thursday nightinformationals?MATTHIAS (V.O.): Not since Ty died…
  28. 28. CALVIN (sympathetically): Oh. I’m sorry. Ty was your old me?MATTHIAS: No, he was my hus – I mean, no, he was an ordinarybrother. He died right after Hobbes gave me my skin back. I thought it wasa miracle, but I didn’t realize it came with a price tag. I’d give anything toreturn it.CALVIN: Return what?MATTHIAS: My skin. (confidingly) I had threeps.CALVIN: But you’re green. Threeps is irreversible.MATTHIAS (testily): I know. I said it was a miracle, didn’t I? I dideverything I thought Hobbes wanted, and he gave me my skin back, butthen he took Tyrone away. You know, I’m really glad you’re here – I’vebeen starting to question my faith. Will you have time to talk after dinner?CALVIN (dazed): Um, sure.
  29. 29. Both Amethyst and Jasmine were good friends of Sarah Jane, andnaturally their loss affected her deeply. It’s a sad thing when you startlosing friends.
  30. 30. Fortunately, Sarah Jane has the knack of acquiring new ones.
  31. 31. Descartes moved back home after college, and immediately got a job as aDread Pirate, because he is awesome like that.
  32. 32. And Tim decided that he wanted to have an anniversary party. Everyonewas invited: his brother, in-laws, nieces and nephews, and old friends.TIMOTHY: Bertie! Good to see you!BERTRAM: Hey, Tim! Congratulations on lasting it out! (laughs) Justthink, if things had gone a little bit differently, it could have been me atthis party.TIMOTHY: No it couldn’t.BERTRAM: Oh, not with you necessarily – I know you don’t swing thatway. But it could have been with Sarah Jane…TIMOTHY: No it couldn’t. Come have a juice.
  33. 33. And before the evening devolved into mahjongg and early bedtimes, therewere some new friends introduced.DESCARTES: Dad, I’d like you to meet my friend Abbey.ABBEY: It’s very nice to meet you, Mr. Miller.TIMOTHY: So, Abbey, you get along with my son okay, do you? Hedoesn’t get on your nerves or anything?ABBEY: Oh no, Mr. Miller! (smiles at Descartes) I can’t imagine himgetting on anybody’s nerves.TIMOTHY: Ahuh. Remind me to tell you my stories about potty traininghim sometime.
  34. 34. And the sentient couch means that it’s time to wrap this chapter up! Untilnext time, Happy Simming!***********The Shrink’s lines, in order (translation by Yahoo! Babel Fish, so if there’s a mistake Iwouldn’t know):Look at me, please.And how does that make you feel?The Grim Reaper’s lines, in order:Give me a second, will you? Yeesh!Yes.No.