100 Days of Awesome, Season 1, Episode 8


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100 Days of Awesome, Season 1, Episode 8

  1. 1. Previously, on 100 Days of Awesome: ANASTASIA: You know what the worst part is? The worst part is that before the date was over, I thought what a good husband Georgy’s dad would make. (wails) I barely even know him!
  2. 2. Hi! Despite numerous delays, all of which were my fault, 100 Days of Awesome is finally back! I have discovered a new and better way to take pictures which very rarely results in your being able to see a Sim’s queue in the upperleft-hand corner. And since I need to do a rebuild, I thought I’d delay taking a new cover picture until the family was successfully recreated in the new ’hood. I hope that’s not too much of a problem. The 100 Days Challenge was created by Callista over at the old Boolprop, and the only change I’ve made is to decide that it’s okay for Sims to go to work or school.
  3. 3. PONG: Things are going a lot better now, I think. REBECCA: They’re going okay. PONG: Lots better. You laugh at my jokes again. REBECCA: Not very often. They’re not very funny. PONG: They’re as funny as they ever were. REBECCA: Which is not very. PONG: And see, we’re arguing about it now. In person. You talking to me, in the same room. Lots better. PONG: I rest my case.
  4. 4. ANASTASIA: So who wants to take on the community lot task today? ALLYN: What is it? ANASTASIA: “Make five best friends.” PONG (ignoring them): And here’s a kiss for my sweetie. ANASTASIA: Win, be a pal and make your parents stop being all mushy before I’ve had a stiff drink, okay? (mutters) Or maybe three.
  5. 5. ALLYN: Can I try it? ANASTASIA: You really want to go out and make five best friends? ALLYN: Sure. It shouldn’t be that hard, should it? I mean, I’m almost best friends with Olga already. And I like meeting people. ANASTASIA: You’re not Pop, are you? ALLYN: No, but there’s nothing wrong with having friends. (cheerfully) And maybe some of my new friends will be boys. Or if they’re girls, they might have brothers. Or male cousins. It’ll be fun. But what about the home lot task?
  6. 6. ANASTASIA (V.O.): Don’t you worry about the home lot task. I have that under control. ANASTASIA: Esme, it’s good to see you again! ABHIJEET MCCLELLAN, THE FIREFIGHTER: Yeah, you too. You’re always so… enthusiastic.
  7. 7. ANASTASIA: What? I’m always glad to see you. ABHIJEET THE FIREFIGHTER: I know. I just can’t help wondering why. ANASTASIA: What do you mean, “why”? Because you are one smexy, smexy man. ABHIJEET THE FIREFIGHTER: So I’ve been told. And that’s pretty well all I am, isn’t it? ANASTASIA: What are you talking about?
  8. 8. ABHIJEET THE FIREFIGHTER (V.O.): I’m talking about talking. We never talk. We never do anything except go into the sauna. It’s like I’m just another notch on the bedpost, right? Or like I’m some sort of -- of trophy, that you get points for. ANASTASIA (V.O.): What, you want to be part of the family or something? Because… Georgy… wouldn’t mind having you around more often… ABHIJEET THE FIREFIGHTER (V.O.): Well, I hate to disappoint the kid, but I’m not going to be. ANASTASIA (V.O.): Is it because of the sauna thing? Because I -ABHIJEET THE FIREFIGHTER (V.O.): No. Look, I -- I have another girlfriend. And she got a great job in Strangetown, so I’m going to move there with her.
  9. 9. ANASTASIA (V.O.): You what? ABHIJEET THE FIREFIGHTER (V.O.): Well, it’s an awesome career opportunity for her. And a firefighter can get work just about anywhere. So this is going to be the last time in the sauna. ANASTASIA (V.O.): You son of a bleep! I’m almost tempted to tell you no sauna now. ABHIJEET THE FIREFIGHTER (V.O.): But you won’t. ANASTASIA (V.O.): (sniffs haughtily) No. I need the points.
  10. 10. ANASTASIA: I can’t believe that son of a bleep!How can he just up and decide he’s going to move away like that? The nerve of some people! ANASTASIA: No, it’s not the other girlfriend. I don’t have a problem with him having another girlfriend. Why would I have a problem with him having another girlfriend? I’m Romance, in case you haven’t noticed. I just don’t see where he gets off thinking that she’s better than me. ANASTASIA: (mutters) Bastard. (aloud) Don’t you have something better to do?
  11. 11. ALLYN: Aunt Rebecca and I are off to the community center! We’re supposed to make five best friends.* *Note from esmeiolanthe: I don’t know if sending two members of the household to a community lot is strictly legal, but I don’t see anything about it in the rules. If you think it is verboten, please let me know.
  12. 12. ALLYN (V.O.): I met my friend Olga there, and we were practically best friends already, so really becoming best friends was easy.
  13. 13. ALLYN (V.O.): And Aunt Rebecca and I were almost best friends too, so that made two pretty quickly.
  14. 14. ALLYN (V.O.): But then we had to split up to try and get the other three. And I got kind of distracted because Tamara was there, only we’re already best friends, so that didn’t count.
  15. 15. ALLYN (V.O.): So I met a bunch of cool people, but I didn’t make best friends with any of them. (sighs dejectedly)
  16. 16. REBECCA (V.O.): It’s a lot harder to make friends than Allyn thinks it is. I wouldn’t have used the shotgun approach she did, but hey -- I wasn’t in charge of the expedition.
  17. 17. ABBEY (V.O.): I decided to help Georgiana with her homework today. We’d been putting it off, because I know that one of the things we might be asked to do is to teach a child to study. But it wasn’t today’s task, and Georgiana’s going to become a teenager tonight. She wants to learn how to study properly, and I want to teach her, so I don’t see the harm.
  18. 18. ABBEY (V.O.): She’s growing up so fast -- well, they all are. And Georgiana looks so much like her mother! (sigh) I do hope she’s happier than her mother, though. I’m not sure why Anastasia is so angry all the time…
  19. 19. GEORGIANA: What kind of guys do I like? I don’t know. I mean, I like aliens. They’re just so -- so -- I just like them. That doesn’t make me a racist or anything does it? Only I don’t like it so much if they’re bodybuilders or something. You know how bodybuilders oil themselves up and use spray tan and stuff to make their muscles stand out more? I don’t like that. I don’t like how shiny it is. And spray tans always look funny on guys with green skin. And it doesn’t matter if he’s not like rich or anything, because what’s important is having a good time. I think I’d like a guy to stay home and take care of the house and stuff. I mean, somebody’s got to do it, and I don’t think I’d like it all that much.
  20. 20. PONG: The girls are fine. Thanks for asking.
  21. 21. PONG (V.O.): No, you can’t film them. One picture on age transition, and that’s all you get unless and until they are legally old enough to give consent to their image being used themselves. PONG (V.O.): It’s not called “overprotective.” It’s called “sensible and caring.”
  22. 22. PONG (V.O.): Anastasia can do whatever she wants with her kids. She’s not actively harming them, I suppose, no matter what I personally think about invasion of privacy. And she’s at least got the sense to not let either of them take on today’s challenge.
  23. 23. ANASTASIA: It’s “First Woohoo” -- of course I’m not going to let the girls try it. What kind of a mother do you think I am?
  24. 24. ANASTASIA (V.O.): I’m okay with them doing the community lot challenge, though. They could stand to be closer. GEORGIANA (V.O.): O.M.E., Mom is so awesome! She said Allyn and I could go to the diner and make a best friend.
  25. 25. ALLYN (V.O.): New Mom can be such a pain sometimes. Did you know that she expected me to go to a community lot to make friends with my little sister? Seriously?
  26. 26. ALLYN (V.O.): I mean, Georgy’s not bad or anything, but it would have been nice to make friends with someone male and single. (sigh) Not that it mattered, because there were these drunk college guys who started up an epic game of kicky bag and trapped us in the booth for hours. We finally had to crawl out under the table.
  27. 27. ALLYN (V.O.): We tried to make best friends, we really did. And we are friends now. But it got to be really late, and they didn’t have any coffee, and whoever heard of a diner that doesn’t have any coffee? So we went home.
  28. 28. GEORGIANA: Mom! We got today’s tasks! ANASTASIA: (groans) You couldn’t wait until morning to tell us? Or leave a note? GEORGIANA: No, because the home one is “Become a vampire” and you can’t do that during the day. ANASTASIA: We don’t know any vampires. Are you sure you got that right? GEORGIANA: Well, really it’s “Become a supernatural creature.” But vampires are the second coolest supernatural there is, and you can’t become an alien.
  29. 29. ANASTASIA: I don’t suppose “radioactive toddler counts as a supernatural, does it? REBECCA: No. ANASTASIA: So what does? (quickly) And it has to be something becomable. REBECCA: Vampires. ANASTASIA: Becomable at home. REBECCA: Zombie, plantsim, or werewolf. ANASTASIA: And two of those are luck-based. Crapnuggets!
  30. 30. ABBEY (V.O.): We decided to try for a zombie, but that requires specialized equipment, and you have to be in a certain line of work to get it. The kids were all able to find positions in the field, but they weren’t high enough to snag any of the equipment. And there simply aren’t any serious jobs for seniors. If I really wanted the job, I’d probably sue for age discrimination.
  31. 31. ANASTASIA (V.O.): We neglected the garden all day. Normally you turn your back for five minutes and you’ve got weeds and bugs everywhere. And bugs mean plant spray, and plant spray means plantsims, yeah? ANASTASIA (V.O.): How about nope? No bugs. Barely even any weeds. Pathetic!
  32. 32. PONG (V.O.): All we had come around all night -- both nights -was one of the neighbor’s dogs. Tiffany, I think her name is.
  33. 33. ALLYN: So today I’m supposed to give a townie a makeover. This should be fun! I just need to pick the right mark.
  34. 34. ALLYN (V.O.): Found him!
  35. 35. ALLYN: See? It’s perfect. It’s a superhero mask and a Superman hairstyle. Because your name’s Justus, see? And now you can just need some spandex and maybe a cape to become Justice! Defender of Liberty! JUSTUS THE DORMIE: Awesome! Uh… who’s Liberty?
  36. 36. ALLYN: I feel really proud of myself, finishing a task! I didn’t really get off to a great start earlier, but I know what I’m doing now, and I am ready!
  37. 37. Score Objectives accomplished on the home lot: 1 Objectives accomplished on a community lot: 1 Total points: 2 Total points from last time: 22 GRAND TOTAL: 24 Days played: 24 out of 100
  38. 38. Note from esmeiolanthe: Here you have proof (if any was needed) that a rebuild is probably an excellent idea. Although Melanie is clearly being held by Abbey, she thinks she’s being held by Georgiana. Next episode will be played and shot in a nice new ’hood with cloned and carefully recreated Sims. You shouldn’t notice any difference, apart from the lack of explosions.
  39. 39. Also, due to complete and total incompetence on the part of someone whose initials are e.i., Day Two and Day Three were written up in reverse order. I didn’t notice until after I had created logical transitions, and I couldn’t figure out how to rework things. The score and events remain unchanged, so I hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive me. Until next time, Happy Simming!