The value of art


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The Value Of Art

Students have the opportunity to learn the vocabulary of art and develop an appreciation of art at the same time as developing the ir English capabilities.

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  • These page plays for 36 seconds and then automatically moves to the next slide. The music and questions are an attempt to engage the students
  • On this page I let my learners speak their L1 – I walk around class to hear some English words they use and put them on the board
  • Brainstorm - Put the questions up on the screen and ask learners to discuss in small groups… I give groups of 3 two minutes to write down as many words (nouns) that they know associated with art and painting Reveal the words on the screen
  • Ask the learners to define the words… if they struggle click on the word to go to the definition page… use the palette to return to this page
  • Example: use the palette to return to Slide 6
  • The main question – have the students brainstorm - put the best ideas on the board
  • Develop the learners’ ideas with these adjectives about art
  • This page is twelve minutes long… allowing the learners to talk for 3 minutes on one picture, that picture then slides to the side and is replaced by another picture. There are 5 pictures in total. Mona Lisa, Lily Pond (Monet), Scream, Haywain, Sisteenth Chapel
  • Develop the questions as you see fit
  • Arouse the students’ interest
  • Does art become art just because someone pays money for it? Ask students what the bricks make them feel – provoke their ideas… and maybe tell them that that is what art is… thought provoking
  • Group or whole class discussion
  • The final 3 slides are open for interpretation and opinions Banksy Pollock
  • Hirst Warhol
  • Banksy Lichtenstein
  • The value of art

    1. 2. What does this painting make you think about? How does it make you feel? What place does it remind you of? Is it ART?
    2. 3. The Value of Art Conversation Club
    3. 4. Your opinion matters in art Do you like art? Which artists do you know? Which paintings do you like? Why do you like them? Are you good at art? Tell your neighbour
    4. 5. Talk about art How do we talk about art? What words do we use? Abstract art Background Complementary colours Composition Contemporary art Focal point Foreground Hue Impressionistic art Medium Middle ground Movement Perspective Primary colours Proportion Style Texture Vanishing point Warm colours Geometric shape Cool colours
    5. 6. Talk about art Abstract art Background Complementary colours Composition Contemporary art Focal point Foreground Hue Impressionistic art Medium Middle ground Movement Perspective Primary colours Proportion Style Texture Vanishing point Warm colours Geometric shape Cool colours Which do you know? Which can you guess?
    6. 7. Background The part of a composition that appears to be farthest from the viewer HERE RETURN
    7. 8. Cool Colours Colours that suggest coolness (e.g., blue, green, purple) RETURN
    8. 9. Focal Point The element or object in a work of art on which the viewer's attention is focused HERE? RETURN
    9. 10. Vanishing Point In perspective drawing, the point on the horizon line where the converging parallel lines appear to meet. RETURN
    10. 11. Movement Movement is the way in which the elements of design are organized so that the viewer's eye is led through the work of art in a systematic way RETURN
    11. 12. Perspective A technique for creating the illusion of depth on a two-dimensional surface RETURN
    12. 13. Complimentary Colours Colours that are directly opposite each other on the colour wheel (e.g., red and green, blue and orange, yellow and purple) RETURN
    13. 14. Texture Texture is the feel or appearance of an object or material RETURN
    14. 15. Medium Any material used by an artist to produce a work of art RETURN
    15. 16. Proportion Proportion may be described as the relationship between objects with respect to size, number, etc RETURN
    16. 17. Impressionistic Art Art in the Impressionist style, a characteristic of which is the depiction of the effect of light on objects RETURN
    17. 18. Composition The organization of the elements of design in an art work, following certain principles of design RETURN
    18. 19. Abstract Art A style of art that achieves its effect by simplifying or altering the visual elements (e.g., line, shape, colour), rather than by representing recognizable things or people RETURN
    19. 20. Hue The common name of a colour (e.g., red) RETURN
    20. 21. Primary Colours Colours that cannot be created by mixing other colours, but that can be mixed to produce all the other colours (red, yellow, and blue) RETURN
    21. 22. Middle Ground Area in the picture between the foreground and the background HERE RETURN
    22. 23. Style The artist's way of representing something. The choice and use of materials, methods of work, subject matter, etc., reflect the style of an individual, a culture, or a historical period RETURN
    23. 24. Geometric Shape A shape that is based on geometric figures (e.g., square, circle, triangle) RETURN
    24. 25. Foreground The area of a picture that appears closest to the viewer. It is often at the bottom of the picture plane RETURN
    25. 26. Warm Colours Colours that suggest warmth (e.g., red, yellow, orange) RETURN
    26. 27. Contemporary Art Art created in the present day RETURN
    27. 28. What is art? Tell your neighbour what you think
    28. 29. What is art? I hope you said art is... imagination creative  experience  inspirational  emotional  stimulating  thought-provoking political romantic functional subjective
    29. 30. Classic Works of Art Talk about these classic works of art... give your opinion using your new vocabulary
    30. 31. What is art? Everybody must have seen this classic painting Who is it by? (who painted it?) How much did it sell for at auction? But why did it cost so much? $39.5 million
    31. 32. What is art? Which of these is worth $250,000
    32. 33. What is art? $250,000 Is this worth the money? Do you think it’s art?
    33. 34. What is art? Art? Or Toilet? What do you see?
    34. 35. What is art? Work of art... or badly drawn?
    35. 36. What is art? <ul><li>Ask and answer these questions </li></ul><ul><li>Who decides what is art? </li></ul><ul><li>Who decides the price of art? </li></ul>
    36. 37. Talk about...
    37. 38. Talk about...
    38. 39. Talk about...
    39. 40. Be creative... Thanks for coming