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VMware vCenter Infrastructure Navigator is an application awareness plug-in to vCenter Server, and provides continuous dependency mapping of applications. Infrastructure Navigator offers application context to the virtual infrastructure administrators to monitor and manage the virtual infrastructure inventory objects and actions. Administrators can use Infrastructure Navigator to understand the impact of change on the virtual environment in their application infrastructure. Infrastructure Navigator helps virtual infrastructure administrators perform the following tasks:

Make accurate first-level triage to help either eliminate the problem or associate the problem with the virtual infrastructure when business service users report problems.
Assess change impact. Manage and communicate virtual infrastructure issues for critical applications.
Understand the application and business impact of changes to the virtual infrastructure on applications.

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vCenter Infrastructure Navigator 1.1 - What's New

  1. 1. vCenter Infrastructure NavigatorvCenter Operations Management SuiteApril 2012 © 2012 VMware Inc. All rights reserved
  2. 2. Application Issues in Virtualized & Cloud Infrastructure When VM environments get large and complex, “VM by VM” management is not feasible Managing with the business service / application view is critical Manual & static methods of application APP tracking will not scale in large dynamic virtual & cloud environments APP Automated application mapping is needed to APP be effective & efficient APP2
  3. 3. Application and Infrastructure Dependency Mapping Overview  Automated Discovery and Visualize application dependencies Visualization of Application and and DR-protection status Infrastructure Dependencies  Pre-built knowledge base for easy and accurate labeling of application names and version numbers  Integrated with Site Recovery Mgr for more complete DR protection Automated discovery of application Benefits services, relationships and infrastructure dependencies  Application-aware operations management ensures proactive delivery of service levels3
  4. 4. Easy & Automated Application Mapping  Automatically map application services and inter-dependencies  Application services on VMs, hosts, clusters, datastores, vNetwork, etc  Inter-dependencies between VMs  Search and visualization of apps, app services within VC for daily operations  Seamlessly integrated into vCenter  Complements vCenter Operations  Dependency maps, tabular presentations with overlays: SRM, vApp, etc  Value in triage, backup & recovery, HA planning, change impact, vApp definition4
  5. 5. vCenter Infrastructure Navigator Capabilities Speedy and accurate discovery and dependency mapping of application services across virtual infrastructure & adjoining physical servers one hop away Automated discovery and dependency mapping Rapid updates that keep mapping information up-to-date5
  6. 6. vCenter Infrastructure Navigator Capabilities Out of the Box Knowledge Base Identifies Application Workloads Application Discovery Custom Applications identified and user defined6
  7. 7. vCenter Infrastructure Navigator Capabilities Out of the Box Knowledge Base Identifies Application Workloads Seamlessly present dependency Maps, summaries in vCenter UI Integrates Applicationdependencies Search / Filter VMs based onin day to day application components operational interface Overlay relevant VC solution info (SRM, Datastore, Host, vApp ) for making decisions7
  8. 8. App services related to VMs, Hosts /Clusters, Datastore, vNetwork, etc Application Services info added as port-let to VC interface8
  9. 9. Complete dependency views of related application components Map and Tabular views Visualize App dependencies With VC related information (SRM, vApp, etc)9
  10. 10. Expand Dependencies for Thorough Analysis Expand outgoing Dependencies from vApp Selected VM Expand incoming Dependencies to vApp10
  11. 11. Expand Dependencies “One Hop” from Virtual Center External “Physical” Server11
  12. 12. Define Custom Apps or Undefined Services Unknown Service Defined Service12
  13. 13. Set accurate priorities & dependencies for start up sequence Automated mapping of application services to underlying VMs enables setting up judicious configuration of priorities and dependencies for correct start up sequence Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Group 5 App Server 1 Desktop Apache Apache Master Database Database Database Desktop Apache App Server Desktop 2 Desktop Exchange Mail Sync13
  14. 14. Enable Business Continuity and full DR recovery  Create SRM protection groups & recovery plans with accurate app visibility  Build HA clusters, set affinity Are all dependencies factored in /anti-affinity rules with creating an App protection group ? workload dependency maps across VI hosts and clusters Is the App service / VM part of a protection group, & recovery plan ? 141
  15. 15. Define vApps based on all current application dependenciesValidate which VMs / app components belong to  Provide the complete which vApps through updated overlays Application context as basis for defining vApps • Factor all dependencies across all tiers including centralized services (AD/LDAP, DNS ) • View dependency drifts to keep Visualize all components and vApp membership up to date dependencies of an App  Visualize vApp membership of App components to avoid missing dependencies vApp Web APP DB OS OS OS 15
  16. 16. Navigator – Value Proposition Summary vCenter Operations Site Recovery Manager HA / DRS vApps Create & updateCommon language and Use app context to protection groups/planscontext with App owners build HA clusters, based on app visibility Provide thefor problem resolution affinity rules & Planning: Use the app placement constraints ApplicationApp context needed for dependency context context to protect thetriage, change impact, Know what app right VMs, know external as basis for creatingproactive resource components/VMs of a dependencies. and defining vAppsplanning specific app are more Change: Look for important to prioritizeTriage for actual & changes in app topologypotential issues for Identify Apps (with that requireapplications and services versions) and ensure removing/adding VMs to all components of appProactive planning to protection plans. reside on sameavoid VM starvation as Test: Use up-to-date app clusters to set up HAcause of application dependency info whenissues Set DRS rules to keep running DR tests & certain appManage application / remediating plans components of appchange impact of Visualize protection together or apart onplanned and unplanned readiness with different hostsVI changes application / VM overlays 16
  17. 17. vCenter Operations Management Suite Packaging Automated Operations Management Small and Mid-size Enterprise Standard Advanced Enterprise Enterprise Edition Edition Edition Plus EditionvCenter Operations Manager 1vCenter Configuration Manager 2vCenter Infrastructure NavigatorvCenter Chargeback Manager Extensible to Adapters for 3rd 3rd party party tools data sources. included. 1… Performance only Detailed feature comparison: 2… Change Mgmt for vSphere hosts 17