Mill Shell Lining


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Mill Shell Lining

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Mill Shell Lining

  1. 1. Mill shell lining Headquarters/Germany Foundry/Austria Christian Pfeiffer Christian Pfeiffer Maschinenfabrik GmbH Maschinenfabrik GmbH Sudhoferweg 110-112 Werkstraße 5 59269 Beckum 8940 Liezen Germany Austria Tel. +49 (0) 25 21/8 49-00 Tel. +43 (0)3612/270-0 Fax +49 (0) 25 21/8 49-123 Fax +43 (0)3612/270-589 Italy South America Christian Pfeiffer Christian Pfeiffer Mezzomerico SpA Latinoamericana S.A. Via Marano Ticino 7 Parque Industrial Liviano 28040 Mezzomerico (NO) Av. Brasil Calle # 1 Italy Santa Cruz, Bolivia Tel. +39 (03 21) 92 3010 Tel. +591 (3) 34 81768 Fax +39 (03 21) 92 3141 Fax +591 (3) 34 92 597 USA Konzept und Gestaltung Kulms & Halbur/CPR Lippstadt · D-Vo. / 2,1-00-engl. / 2.04 American Pfeiffer Corporation 3407 West Chester Pike Newtown Square, PA 19073-4227 USA Tel. +1 (610) 35 66 995 Fax +1 (610) 35 68 987
  2. 2. principle Principle of the mill High energy input for the comminution process Cement, which is used as The grinding process a basis for numerous con- usually takes place in ball struction activities, is an or tube mills which, due attractive raw material to their simple principle, that can be manufac- are widespread through- tured almost uniformly out the world and require through-out the world. only low maintenance efforts. Although the extraction of raw materials – lime- The rotary movement of stone, clay and aggrega- the mill shell causes the tes – is still relatively grinding media (cast steel simple and inexpensive, balls) to rise, fall or roll the various stages of pro- onto the material to be duction in the cement ground with high impact works require a high- or pressure energy and energy input. Particularly thus performs the com- in the various grinding minution. processes – the genera- tion of raw meal prior to the burning process and grinding of the cement clinker - requires around 20 million kWh power consumption per year for a medium-sized pro- duction line. This amounts to around 60 % of the energy input of a pro- duction line. Mill
  3. 3. Safe and simple: Ball mills Conventional design Every year around 1.4 Mill shell lining billion tons of cement clinker are ground, 90 % Lining systems of which is ground in ball for tube mills mills. This size reduction Direction of rotation process requires approx. Tube or ball mills are Wave profile 8 % of the entire world’s horizontal shells in which energy requirement. charged balls of varying sizes “smash“ the material The principle of the ball passing through by im- Modified shape mill is simple; reliability pact energy. improves the effi- and availability of the ciency of the mill systems guarantee high The mill shell is fitted operating reliability. Ball with an inner lining to Christian Pfeiffer is not Progressive mills have proven their lifter protect the mill cylinder: only the manufacturer of worth in nearly all cement A lining consisting of the lining systems, but production lines of the highly wear resistant sec- also applies to the pro- world. tional plates serves as cedural flows in the grind- protection against wear. ing unit. Our know-how Lifting effect and puts us in a position to slippage of the ball charge Besides the protection of positively influence the the mill diaphragm, the grinding process due to lining also has the task of the modified shape of the Consistent grinding efficiency improving the lifting and segments and thus im- throughout the operation flow of the balls due to prove the efficiency of a the particular shape of grinding system while In comprehensive test material to be ground. the individual plates. minimising wear. series, CPB has optimised The shape of the lifter is the shaping of the pro- retained through-out its Different heights and the gressive lifter to such service life; therefore the layout of the individual an extent that the ball grinding efficiency wear plates ensure the charge ensures optimum remains consistent during correct distribution of the comminution of the the entire service life. trail of balls and reduce the relative movement between the balls and the lining. CPB-Design: Constant height of lifter through-out the entire service life Conventional design: Decreasing hub height from the first operating hour onwards Mill shell lining
  4. 4. Fastening systems Compact Lining plates for all mill systems The lining of the mill cylinder is subject to a high level of abrasion under the harsh condi- tions of everyday opera- tion. As a specialist in linings for ball mills, CPB can offer any fastening system required. All li- nings are tailor made to the requirements of your mill. The fastening systems described below are stan- dard: A bolted fastening requires a drill hole in the mill cylinder for each plate. The system is easy to operate and can be installed without the Boltless fastening sys- lining plates. It enables assistance of CPB spe- tems also include the standard format plates We have developed a cialists. system developed by CPB (DIN dimension) to be number of proprietary that is known as Compact used and thus increases enhancements, in parti- Lining. The lining plates the cost-effectiveness of cular for semi-bolted With a semi-bolted are held on a guide rail the mill. fastening, as it unites the most advantages in Systems fastening option, at least that is bolted to the mill Compact lining has pro- two rows of plates are cylinder. ven its worth in practice everyday operation: bolted. Special tools are Particularly where the and is being used in an - high degree of needed for installation; in position of the drilled increasing number of installation safety, this case it is recommend- holes of the mill cylinder mills. - quick replacement of plates, ed to have CPB staff to are inconsistent, Compact - short down-time during supervise the installation Lining is an alternative overhaul. of the system. option for fastening the With the boltless option, lining plates are forced- fitted with positive locking without any bolts. Installation calls for pre- cise preparation and should only be carried out with assistance from CPB specialists.
  5. 5. Stages of production Stages of Secure data for investment decisions CPB linings are used successfully through-out the world With know-how based on many years of experience in grinding technology, our designers are con- stantly working on the Christian Pfeiffer will further development and always provide you with improvement of mill li- secure output data for nings. To date, more than your investment decisions 2000 mills throughout since we determine all the world have been fit- necessary parameters for ted with our lining sys- the successful operation tems. of your grinding system in semi-industrial tests. Precise plates thanks to a unique casting process In addition, our Rese- arch and Development At CPB, the lining of the plate, different At CPB, the plates are team applies itself to the systems are made from materials containing up cast using the shell mould new and further improve- cast steel. Depending on to 26 % chrome are used. casting procedure. This ment of machines, com- the particular application casting method is ideal ponents and procedures. through-out the world The extent of our experts’ for manufacturing wear Quality as a success in this field has resistant systems for tube requirement already often been proven mills. It allows adherence for international over the past few dec- to very small manufactur- success ades, and the results of ing tolerances and sup- their efforts have often plies precise, dimension- To meet the require- become milestones in the ally stable cast material ments of our international development of modern products. customers, our quality grinding systems. assurance system has been Qualified toolmakers certified since 1994. and mould designers pro- duce precise models from We constantly monitor steel and thus create the and log all stages of pro- basis for the mass pro- duction, from the material duction of the castings. charge through manufac- CNC processing centre for model construction ture to dispatch of the goods.
  6. 6. We have many Replacement advantages to offer in addition to our products Replacement and service One advantage is our comprehensive service. Successful start after overhaul of mill Quick availability When the new lining continually operated with The mill is then filled with Systematic evaluations in the event of a system has been installed, material. To examine the grinding media up to the and many years of prac- plate breakage the mill must be opti- grinding progress, the mill optimum operating tical experience on the Metal in the feed mate- mised. Optimisation is is subjected to an emer- charge for the normal part of our engineers rial, operation of the mill carried out step-by-step gency shutdown and operation of the mill. guarantee that every mill without material feed or in accordance with the sample of materials are can be adjusted to meet with insufficient material recommendations of our taken from along the mill For optimisation it is customer requirements. may result in plate break- specialists. axis. A grinding diagram also necessary to consider age. The mill is first charged can now be created on the influencing parame- with 80 % of the calcula- the basis of the particle ters of the entire grinding With the semi-bolted or To avoid long downtimes, ted grinding media and size distribution analysis. system. boltless fastening options, we have developed a spe- breaks may result in fail- cial repair kit. With the ure of the lining system, use of this kit, individual From individual recom- for this reason this dam- damaged plates can be mendations, detailed age must be repaired replaced without difficul- planning, up to reliable immediately. ty. installations. Even after- wards, we are there for The Christian Pfeiffer you if questions arise, or installation team or the if you require anything, company’s own mainte- and naturally for main- nance engineers can tenance and inspection. replace the plates. Specific surface Residue mass -% acc. to Blaine [cm2/g] If you would like to service have more information about our products and services. Call us. It will be a pleasure for us to assist you. Distributionparticle size by fractions fractions Distribution of of particle size by