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Make call using pc



Make call using pc

Make call using pc



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    Make call using pc Make call using pc Presentation Transcript

    • Make call from a PC Quality may not be as good as using your mobile handset especially when you are on wireless connection. May suffers from delay, echo, cracking voice and back ground noiseIt is better to make calls from mobile phones than PC
    • How to make call through PC1. Get to a place where there is wifi connectivity2. Click the eSky icon, or3. Goto www/  Scroll down the left Menu for <How to>,  move right and click <internet call> Insert headphone jack in its correct slot
    • Goto
    • Select PC Softphone
    • Download the eSky dialer1. Go to Choose eSky PC softphone and click “Download”3. Click “ Save as” and run the program.4. You will see installing eSky Dialer.5. After installation done, click eSky Dialer from your desktop6. Login your eNUM ID and ENUM PIN7. To Call : enter country code + area code + phone number
    • 4 Methods1. Dial directly from the eSky dialer dial-pad2. Choose from contacts list3. Login to your eSky personal account4. While in Facebook, use Facebook softphone
    • Method 1: Use eSky DialerFirst time login,1. Type in your eNUM ID2. Type in your ENUM PIN Repeat user, click login
    • How eSky Dialer looks like Ignore this message
    • Dial as per normal dial-pad1. Dial the destination phone number or2. Dial the destination eNUM using the call-pad Notice your eNUM is shown here
    • To make a call1. After complete entry of the destination number,2. click the <Green call button>
    • Dialing tone when connecting Notice: 1. Waiting for response from server … 2. Wait until the call is successfully connectedTo abort the call,Click <End call> to abort
    • Method 2: Quick dial from Contact list 1. Click <contact> menu 2. Click <phone icon> beside chosen destination Type search if necessary
    • Wait for response from receiverTo abort the call,Click <End call> to abort• While calling, notice message:<6591654795 is alerting>
    • Method 3: Login to eSkytel accountStep 1: go to 2: login with your ENUM and passwordStep 3: Click Login
    • Login to your eSkytel accountFirst time login,1. Type in your eNUM ID 3. Click <Login>2. Type in your ENUM PIN
    • Camera and Microphone access? Click <Allow> button
    • 3a) Use Web dialer Select <Call> to activate Webdialer
    • How to use a Web dialer Dialed number appears in accordance with your dialing sequence 9123 Run your mouse over the face and dial the destination number Click <Clear> to erase last dialed number
    • Calling …Notice your eNUMis shown hereTo abort,click <Hang up>To dial,click <Keypad>
    • Connected – can hear & speakNotice:• Connected number• Time runs in 100th second
    • Call ended Notice: 1. Call ended 2. Time stopped runningTo make another call,Click <Keypad>
    • 3b) Dial from Contact list 1. Click <contact> menu 2. Click <phone icon> beside chosen name Select <Search> icon to find people
    • Select number to dialClick options:• Mobile• Work
    • 3c) Make use of <Connect two> Click <Connect two> button
    • Connect any 2 phone numbers 1. A secretary can assist her boss to make call to another person 2. eSky deducts usage from login eNUM Callback mode is ready account
    • 3c-i) Direct Phone to phone nbr • First mobile number • Second mobile number Accept call coming from destination number and wait for the other party to pick up
    • 3c-ii) eNum to eNum - 1 • First eNUM • Second eNum Absolutely Free-of-charge
    • eNum to eNum - 2 1. Ringing 2. Click <Pick up>
    • eNum to eNum - 3 Failed to go through
    • 4) Use Facebook PC phoneThe same as Step 3a, 3b, 3c-i and 3c-ii
    • eSky is very powerful1. eSky is a world telco on your PC2. Enable you to connect calls between two or more parties who can be in anywhere or any country3. Enable you to run a call center
    • eSky is a world telco in your palm 888650000001 888910000004Run a call back service by Provide free call for any twoconnecting any two parties parties by eNUM to eNUM
    • Any where & connect anywhere1. Caller country code, area code 919004060270Phone number, exclude ‘0’ or ‘+’ 8889100000012. Caller’s eNUM My eNUM forwards call to me without the other party knowing where I am My secretary in another city or part of the world can enter both source and destination numbers
    • On-line but without local GSM cardEnter country code, area code 919004060270phone number of a local friend’s 888910000001regular or smart mobile number Call oversea party eNUM or GSM phone number1. Local friend pays local incoming rate.2. Deduct eSky rates for destination from your eNUM account
    • To enjoy making free calls• Invite your family members or friends to register for a eNUM• Always make calls from eSky dial pad• When using callback function Ensure Source & Destination numbers are eNUMIf either destination number is NOT an eNUMeSky rate for the particular country applies