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  • 1. A Crash Course on Creativity Professor Tina Seelig, Stanford University The Pioneering Spirit Presents Supporting Insightful Dreaming SIDDY BRYONY MAWDSLEY  TANIA M. PEREZ PEREZ  ESFANDIAR KHALEGHI (Leader)
  • 2. Stanford UniversityThe Pioneering SpiritPushing the BoundariesS A Crash Course on Creativity Professor Tina Seelig, Stanford University Assignment 8. Team Assignment CHALLENGE ASSUMPTIONS 3
  • 3. ONLINE PIZZA SESSIONFirst Step:Mind-Storming Session – 20 MIN – to generate as much as idea• Online (Chat)• Offline (Recording Voice) Second Step: • Writing down ideas • Choosing Top Five • Choose Top THREE Third Step: • Presenting ideas to the team • Voting and Ranking (Innovation - Feasibility) Forth Step: • Made them mature • Join them together
  • 4. Physical conditions Medication Activity patterns Stimulants Emotional problems AgeWhat causes sleep problems?• Physical disturbance (noise, discomfort) • Shift work or Jet lag• Drinking stimulating drinks such as • Taking naps in the daytime coffee, or Smoking, just before bedtime • Medication• Taking vigorous exercise just before • Depression bedtime • Anxiety• Eating a large meal close to bedtime • Breathing conditions.
  • 5. Common types of sleep disorders• Insomnia • Sleep Paralysis• Nightmares • Narcolepsy• Sleep Walking • Sleep Apnoea• Night Terrors • Restless legs syndrome (RLS)• EMOTIONAL/PSYCHOLOGICAL Issues
  • 6. Mini ISSUES EMOTIONAL/PSYCHOLOGICAL Watch/Ca3D Screen mera Mini Glasses Camera 4D Bed- Teddy Room bear Sleeping Mask Hug Anti- Blanket Nightmare System Relaxing Mobile Console App Possible solutions ….
  • 7. 3D Screen Glass 4D BedroomMini-Watch/Cam Relaxing Console Hug Blanket Conceptual Designs
  • 8. FOCUS IN CHILDREN NIGHTMARES AND SLEEPING ISSUESChosen Idea….Teddy BearMain Features Would measure: Body temperature Heart rate Movements Blood pressure Breathing pace Sleeping cycles Images in real time
  • 9. FOCUS IN CHILDREN NIGHTMARES AND SLEEPING ISSUESTeddy BearTargets Hospitals  Nurseries Home  Decifrate Sleep Patterns  Anticipate the nightmares  Emit a signal to aware doctor/nures/parents  Emit a signal to avoid them to suffer those nightmares
  • 10. FOCUS IN CHILDREN NIGHTMARES AND SLEEPING ISSUESBenefits• Could wake the sleeper up before they get distressed.• Would also allow parents to see how well their child is sleeping.• Could be attached to a transmitter directly to the parents room so that they are aware of a nightmare before the child even wakes up and can be there to comfort them.
  • 11. FOCUS IN CHILDREN NIGHTMARES AND SLEEPING ISSUESHow does it works ? Implemented Sensors would  Computer would analyse send their data to a the received data computer/mobile. and send it back Option: Implemented System inside teady Nurses/Parents awareness  It would also automatically via alarm releases SMOOTH and CHILL FRAGRANCES and PLAY the mothers voice tone to calm the baby/children.
  • 12. FOCUS IN CHILDREN NIGHTMARES AND SLEEPING ISSUESStrengths Weakness vs Give confident to children Prevent from more diseases than just lack of sleep Easy to implement Motivation to sleep Aesthetic potential- Might create dependency for babies- Might produce rejection in bigger children (they think a teddy bear is for smaller infants)- Water resistance issues- Ease of maintenance
  • 13. BrandingSIDDY Call me Mr SmithBrought to you byMr & Mrs Smith Supporting Insightful Dreaming SIDDY
  • 14. BrandingSIDDYMake your own bear … + add Supporting a name Insightful Dreaming SIDDY
  • 15. BRYONY MAWDSLEY THANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION The Pioneering Spirit Pushing the Boundaries TANIA M. PEREZ PEREZ ESFANDIAR KHALEGHI Team Leader LONDONThe used photos are commonly used from online sources and brands official websites. All copyrights belongto the website owners, blogger, photographers and brands intellectual property.