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CONNECT AND COMBINE - AUTOMOTIVE INTELLIGENCE SYSTEMS (Stanford University Ventures Program) for Mercedes Benz
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CONNECT AND COMBINE - AUTOMOTIVE INTELLIGENCE SYSTEMS (Stanford University Ventures Program) for Mercedes Benz


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Published in: Design, Automotive, Technology
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    By Esfandiar Khaleghi
    Research – Design Engineer

    For A Crash Course on Creativity (2013) by Professor Tina Seelig, Stanford University
    Assignment No.4 - Connect and Combine
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  • 1. CONNECT AND COMBINEAUTOMOTIVE INTELLIGENCE SYSTEMSA Crash Course on Creativity IIProfessor Tina Seelig, Stanford UniversityEsfandiar KhaleghiResearch – Design Engineer2013
  • 2. NEW CAR SPRAYNew Car smell  is the  odor  that comes from thecombination of materials found in new automobiles,which several people like me are mad about thissmell. So, by making it as a Spray, which spraysautomatically subsequently a period of time, you canalways carry this feeling with you whenever you seatin your car. This idea, also, can be developed as a FragranceSpray with a Button on “front console” to have yourregular fragrance smell within your car as well. So, if you are furious about Christian Dior FahrenheitEDT for instance, you can order it for your car, andyour car would automatically spray this within the carwhenever is necessary or you can do it manually. So,not only your body would keep it more, your partnerwould enjoy it more when she’s sited beside you andetc.FRAGRANCE SPRAY+
  • 3. Controlling your car status while you are driving it or whenyou leave your car.You can activate the surrounding cameras and sensors ofyour car to see what’s going on around it.You can access the route or the places which you’vevisited or add a new route from your Google account.You can listen to your DVD/CD, which is in your car panelthrough your Phone, or upload a music to your car directlyfrom your phone or iPod.Check your fuel.Add a reminder to your call to inform you whenever youreach your car.Find when you’ve parked your car and how (direction) tofind it.Open the door by the app.Open the trunk of the car by the app.Transfer the call from your phone to the car.And etc.CAR STATUS APP+
  • 4. INTERIOR LIGHT MOODY SMARTIn this system the implemented sensors in the seat check your Blood Pressureand control the interior lightening system based on your mood. (Relax,Energetic, Happy, …)This system can also combine with Auto Song Mix (Genuine Mix) or MassagingSystem.+
  • 5. SOLAR CHARGE SMART+In this system, your car would be automatically charge itself via theimplemented batteries on roof. This benefit can be a wow situation when youhave electric car in sunny countries such as Middle East. So, you can chargethe car via the solar energy and regenerate electrical energies by themovement of the wheels.
  • 7. COCKPIT SMARTGLASSBy combining Head Up Display technology and Google Smart Glass idea, wecan design several great technologies, such as following root map, changingmusic, safety hazards as well as controlling your awareness, in case you fellsleep or can not control the car properly, the sensors follow your eyesmovement and can take the action to stop the car or activate auto drive totake the car to Hard Shoulder.+++ Driver Awareness
  • 8. In this system, the surrounding sensors/cameras take a photo from you and checkwith desire seating positions, and guide youto seat properly. This system would help toreduce accidents hazards for the wrongseating as well as increasing comfort andreducing trauma caused by bad seatinggesture/position.ERGONOMIC SEATINGPOSITION+
  • 9. SMART SOCIALVia the help of this system, you can notify you yourfriends the location where you are and your route to thedestination, so incase, you have a mutual direction, he/she can send a pick-up request. You can do this througha series of supported social networks such as Facebook,Google+, Google Latitude and the Car dedicateprogram.+
  • 10. CONTROL YOURHOME+Imagine the time, which, you canturn on the microwave 10 minsbefore you arrive and make yourfood ready. Turn on the TV andchoose your desire channel/program. Make the tub ready for awarm shower. So, what you gonnado when you arrive at home. Wow,such an amazing moment.
  • 11. The illustrated photos are commonly used from online sources and brands official websites.All copyrights belong to the website owners, blogger, photographers and brands intellectual property.Course Assignment for Stanford University - Venture LabSpecial thanks to Mercedes BenzInnovative Engineers, which thesecreative ideas are inspired by theirresearches and technologies.www.esfandiar.coI’m an independent enthusiast research engineer and this work is in NOWAY related, affiliated with or endorsed by Mercedes Benz or Daimler AG.Mercedes Benz is a registered trademark of Daimler AG.