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Ese Search Intro 2

  1. 1. Efficient SelectiveExclusive<br />© ESE Search 2009. All rights reserved<br />
  2. 2. What is ESE Search?<br />ESE Search is the innovative, fast growing executive search<br />company which was founded in 2008 and which successfully<br />Overcame the difficulties of the late 2008 and whole 2009.<br />The Success is based on 3 main principles Efficiency<br />Selectiveness Exclusivity , the first letters of each word are<br />the abbreviation of the Company Name ESE Search.<br />Welcome to ESE Search<br />What is ESE Search?<br />ESE Search is Efficient Selective Exclusive Search Recruitment Company, which helps to outsource the most unique candidates<br />on the market, helps Multinational and Medium Size Enterprises to find the workforce in the most difficult locations. We are<br />proud to be the niche specialist recruiters who help candidates to obtain the new career outside of their local region. In ESE<br />Search we are not just introduce the candidate to the client but make sure that the whole process is smooth and easy.<br />© ESE Search 2009. All rights reserved<br />
  3. 3. About Us:<br />ESE Search is one of the fastest growing recruitment<br />companies, specialized in executive search of top<br />professionals around the Middle East, Emerging Europe<br />and Asia. ESE Search is covering six major industries such<br />as: Oil and Gas, Information Technologies, Finance,<br />Construction, Pharmaceuticals and Renewable Energy.<br />Always innovative<br /> Why Us:<br />ESE Search can be your key partner and the best solution<br />to resolve any hiring needs, our expertise helps to held<br />the big recruitment projects and to identify the<br />candidates for the single requirement. Our candidates<br />database consists of a large pool of professionals from<br />around the World, that is why we can fulfil any<br />requirement for any existing position.<br />Always on the right level<br />© ESE Search 2009. All rights reserved<br />
  4. 4. For Clients:<br /><ul><li> We organize recruitment days in order to introduce the most active and experienced candidates for an open position.
  5. 5. We provide comprehensive feedback at all stages of the recruitment process, making sure that we meet the time deadlines.
  6. 6. We use the most sophisticated techniques to identify the most active and experienced candidates at the same time. </li></ul>Always on top<br />For Candidates:<br /><ul><li> We are providing consulting services to all our candidates and make sure that we work on their behalf.
  7. 7. We give a career and CV advice, guide them through the hiring process, meaning that our candidates can get the most at all stages of their career.
  8. 8. We cooperate with top clients in each industry that is why we have a deep knowledge of the job market in its every aspect. </li></ul>Always on target<br />© ESE Search 2009. All rights reserved<br />
  9. 9. Candidate services:<br /><ul><li> Career advice
  10. 10. Industry expertise
  11. 11. CV tailoring
  12. 12. Relocation guidelines
  13. 13. Interview advice
  14. 14. Feedback in time
  15. 15. Offer and contract of employment negotiation</li></ul>Always look ahead<br />Client Services:<br />- Executive and selective search<br />- Candidates database<br />- Your job on our website<br />- Organize recruitment days <br />- Candidate management<br />- Candidates reference check<br />- Offer and contract of employment negotiation<br />Always work together<br />© ESE Search 2009. All rights reserved<br />
  16. 16. Our strategy for your requirement<br />Your vacancy requirement here <br />We search our database of actively looking candidates <br />We implement executive and selective search <br />We match and prepare the candidates according to your requirement<br />We identify, match and prepare new candidates who were not approached by us before<br />We select the most active and suitable candidates for the role and introduce their profiles to you<br />We are organizing recruitment days so you can choose the best candidates and then continue recruitment process to the final stage<br />We are guiding and providing you the feedback at the final stages of the interview and are managing candidates expectations<br />At the final stage we are pre closing the candidates who have the most potential and expertise for the role<br />At the offer stage we are helping you to negotiate the contract, package and remuneration, make sure that the candidate is accepting the offer of employment and agrees on the start date. <br />© ESE Search 2009. All rights reserved<br />
  17. 17. Markets of operation?<br />Markets of Operations<br />Emerging Markets<br />Asia Pacific<br />Europe<br />North America<br />Middle East<br />Latin America<br />UAE<br />Saudi Arabia<br />Lebanon<br />Qatar<br />Kuwait<br />Netherlands<br />Germany<br />Cyprus<br />France<br />Switzerland<br />Argentina<br />Brazil<br />Chile<br />Mexico<br />Venezuela<br />Australia<br />New Zealand<br />Hong Kong<br />Japan<br />India<br />Russia<br />Ukraine<br />Turkey<br />Baltic States<br />China<br />USA<br />Canada<br />© ESE Search 2009. All rights reserved<br />
  18. 18. Fields of operation?<br />Emerging Markets<br />Asia Pacific<br />Europe<br />North America<br />Middle East<br />Latin America<br />UAE<br />Saudi Arabia<br />Lebanon<br />Qatar<br />Kuwait<br />Netherlands<br />Germany<br />Cyprus<br />Norway<br />Switzerland<br />Argentina<br />Brazil<br />Chile<br />Mexico<br />Venezuela<br />Australia<br />New Zealand<br />Hong Kong<br />Japan<br />India<br />Russia<br />Ukraine<br />Turkey<br />Baltic States<br />China<br />USA<br />Canada<br />IT<br />Oil and Gas<br />Retail<br />Civil Engineering<br />Marketing and Advertising<br />Construction<br />Project Management<br />Pharmaceuticals<br />IT<br />Renewable Energy<br />Pharmaceuticals<br />Construction<br />Oil and Gas<br />Engineering<br />Financial Technologies<br />Banking <br />IT<br />Renewable Energy<br />Pharmaceuticals<br />Construction<br />Oil and Gas<br />Engineering<br />Financial Technologies<br />Banking <br />IT<br />Renewable Energy<br />Pharmaceuticals<br />Construction<br />Oil and Gas<br />Engineering<br />Financial Technologies<br />Banking <br />IT<br />Renewable Energy<br />Pharmaceuticals<br />Construction<br />Oil and Gas<br />Engineering<br />Financial Technologies<br />Banking <br />IT<br />Renewable Energy<br />Pharmaceuticals<br />Construction<br />Oil and Gas<br />Engineering<br />Financial Technologies<br />Banking <br />© ESE Search 2009. All rights reserved<br />
  19. 19. ESE Search Values, Vision and Mission?<br />Core Values ?:<br />Efficiency<br />Because we have developed and successfully implemented new recruitment platforms and strategies we deliver faster and much more comprehensive services than any other recruitment company.<br />Selectiveness<br />In ESE search we select the most unique and active candidates for the open positions. Because we are mainly implementing executive search you can trust us on the fact that we will deliver most experienced and quality professionals that are available on the job market.<br />Exclusivity<br />Our services are especially tailored according to your requirements. We will in depth look into your current hiring situation and choose the most effective ways to get the best candidates.<br />Mission and Vision?:<br />Vision<br />By 2012 ESE search wants to become the leading supplier of candidates to the top clients in each sector of business in Middle East, Northern Africa, Emerging Europe and Asia.<br />We want to become key recruitment company which is covering IT, Finance, Oil and Gas, Alternative Energy and Pharmaceuticals sectors.<br />Mission<br />Instil our ESE values: Efficient - Selective - Exclusive  in developing professional business relationship.<br />Adopt effective and efficient processes while empowering, communicating and maximizing available resources.<br />Implement developed strategies and techniques to deliver the most unique and comprehensive services to our clients and our candidates <br />© ESE Search 2009. All rights reserved<br />
  20. 20. Contact Us:<br />ESE Search <br />80-83 Long Lane <br />London<br />EC1A 9ET<br />Tel: +44 (0) 845 116 2373Fax: +44 (0) 208 853 3677Email:<br />Website:<br />Always stay in touch<br />Registered Company Address:<br />The Bristol Office<br />2 Southfield Road<br />Westbury -on-Trym<br />Bristol<br />England<br />BS9 3BH<br />Incorporated Company No. 6868422<br />Always welcome<br />© ESE Search 2009. All rights reserved<br />