The cut n’ paste generation : preventing plagiarism in UCD. Authors: Ursula Byrne, Mark Tynan


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Poster presentation at The Irish Universities Information Services Colloquium (IUISC), 5th March 2009, Galway, Ireland. 2009-03-05.

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The cut n’ paste generation : preventing plagiarism in UCD. Authors: Ursula Byrne, Mark Tynan

  1. 1. Provided by the author(s) and University College Dublin Library in accordance with publisher policies. Pleasecite the published version when available. Title The cut n’ paste generation : preventing plagiarism in UCD Author(s) Byrne, Ursula; Tynan, Mark Publication 2009-03-05 Date This items record/more information Downloaded 2012-09-20T17:52:18Z Some rights reserved. For more information, please see the item record link above.
  2. 2. The Cut n’ Paste Generation Preventing Plagiarism in UCD Ursula Byrne & Mark Tynan, UCD LibraryPlagiarism – a 21 st Online Plagiarism Being relevant andcentury scourge Quiz informedPlagiarism is an issue which is • Embedded in the VLE, The online quiz is beingof increasing concern in the Blackboard. customised to support everymodern university. Accusations discipline and students at allof plagiarism affect the • Piloted with the School of levels – be they first years,reputation of the university, and Sociology. international students or atthe degrees it confers. • 10 questions and answers fourth level • Plagiarism is defined by the devised around the basic • We use current examples, act, not the intention. components of plagiarism e.g. YouTube clips – to and how to avoid it. illustrate plagiarism in the • The responsibility for Test your knowledge music industry, in politics, avoiding it rests with the and beyond student. Which of the following is not • We keep up-to-date with common knowledge and soUCD Library and needs to be cited? new developments throughplagiarism email lists international • The events of September conferences and coursesStaff in UCD Library take an 11th, 2001 were the resultactive part in educating students of co-ordinated terroristabout plagiarism - providing attacks and led, indirectly, toadvice, giving classes and U.S military involvement indesigning web pages Afghanistan and Iraq. • JK Rowling is the author of the Harry Potter book series. • President Kennedy vowed to put man on the moon in a speech in Texas in 1962. Remember- Common knowledge varies depending on discipline, culture and generation. 1 years: st • This quiz was not compulsory as students have so much to take in, in the first few weeks of university. However students were strongly encouraged to complete the quiz before submitting their first assignment. • 86% of 520 registered students completed the quiz. 90% drop in Plagiarism 2 years: nd • This quiz was compulsory. • 98% of 120 registered students completed the quiz before submitting their first assignment. • Incidents of plagiarism dropped from 10% to 1% • Students averaged 3 attempts to get a 100% markUCD Plagiarism Quiz 2008 was devised by Ursula Byrne, Mark Tynan and Gerard Walsh