Riding the wave : capitalising on the benefits of developing a collaborative policy. Author: Jennifer Collery


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Poster presentation delivered to European Association for Health Information and Libraries (EAHIL) Workshop, 2-5 June 2009, Dublin. 2009-06-02.

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Riding the wave : capitalising on the benefits of developing a collaborative policy. Author: Jennifer Collery

  1. 1. Provided by the author(s) and University College Dublin Library in accordance with publisher policies. Pleasecite the published version when available. Riding the wave : capitalising on the benefits of developing a Title collaborative policy Author(s) Collery, Jennifer Publication 2009-06-02 Date This items record/more http://hdl.handle.net/10197/2784 information Downloaded 2012-09-21T11:43:12Z Some rights reserved. For more information, please see the item record link above.
  2. 2. Riding the wave: Capitalising on the benefits of developing a collaborative policy Jennifer Collery, UCD Library Background UCD Library’s strategic plan in 2008 identified the need to create individual Information Resources Policies for each of it’s 35 Schools. The individual policies aimed to reflect the strategic teaching, learning and research priorities of each School. The School of Medicine and Medical Sciences (SMMS) and the School of English, Drama and Film agreed to come on board as partners in a pilot to develop the first two policies. This poster details how the policy was developed with UCD School of Medicine and Medical Sciences. The object was to have a jointly created policy document accurately describing how Information Resources, both print and electronic are managed, selected and promoted. Also, how these resources support teaching, learning and research, while displaying services on offer from the Library of particular relevance to the School. The resulting policy includes a description of the relationship between the School and the Library, the user group, the scope of the collection, school research interests, resources available under IReL, library budget allocations, as well as areas for development. The Team Medical Liaison Librarian School Library Liaison Representative Facilitated SMMS input and Communicated teaching, learning and ensured that School strategy and research strategy of the School as well aims were accurately reflected in as School and user profile. policy document.Project Manager Deputy Head Science,Drove project, created Technology & Medicine (Library)collaborative framework and Advisor on Library strategic longrolled-out policy development. term plans. 5. Policy posted on website of SMMS and Library. 4. Group approved final Information Resources Policy. TWO MONTH 1. Collaborative team assembled COLLABORATIVE and project outlined. 3. Team collaborated on content PROCESS and structure of policy document. 2. Initial framework policy presented to team. Benefits: Organisational Benefits: Professional •Create collaborative relationship between •Created personal links within the School School and Library •Contemporary description of collection •Experience in joint policy development •Communicate policy to a wider audience •Chance to promote library resources •Manage library resources proactively •Developed core liaison skills by acting as •Enable processes for strategic planning a conduit between School and Library •Formulate clear picture of School requirements Future Applications •A referral document for collection development •Basic policy document to be used as template •A process framework to be mapped to other schools •Building block for further collaborative projects With thanks to the project team Valerie Kendlin, Peter Hickey, and Dr. Jason Last for their input Contact Details: Jennifer Collery, UCD Library, Dublin 4, Ireland Email: jennifer.collery@ucd.ie