Moving a library: Managing the staff, physical and system challenges. Author: Peter Hickey


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Presentation delivered at Dublin Institute of Technology Staff Day, 17 June 2008, Dublin.. 2008-06-17.

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  • 30 minute presentation at Dublin Institute of Technology Staff day 17 June 2008
  • These are the 4 areas which I wd like to cover. Interestingly, start with by looking at what we have in common between our 2 institutions Go on to look at UCD's experiences with recent moves. in particular with the staffing and collections. And the impacts on our systems, i.e. bibliographic etc. Hopefully by focusing on our experiences, you may see some parallels, or indeed contrasts with regards to your own particular needs..
  • Taking the commonalities Raw student figures, similar Go through briefly. Hope not take as long where the similarities end Very significant year for UCD.
  • All library services still in Earlsfort Terrace JJL 13,000m2
  • Make the point about the long tail. Still academics in agriculture and chemistry who lament loss of library. New electronic environment , different, no academics enter library now. Controversial at the time. UCD forced to purchase Carysfort teacher training college You can decide which are comparator for your library JJL 13,000m2, 820,000 vols. Architecture, 480msq, 25,000 vols. Blackrock, 500msq, 20,000 vols.
  • HS 72,000 vos. Xx staff Vet Etc moving xx lm of stock from JJL to new storage facility Vet 440 m2, 30,000 vols. Nursing, 130msq 5,000 vols. ET 1450 msq, 100,000 vols. 2001 T he Centre for Synthesis and Chemical Biology 2003 N ovaUCD Phillips site
  • We obviously put lots of thought into what we wanted a building to do for us and our users. Big piece of work, which then informs the design and planning process We thought about how we wanted to work, what types of spaces we wanted and of course try to anticipate future needs. But useful to realise that every space is unique and will create its own ambience and dynamic whether its through different presentation of space, design or its relationship to its external environment. New spaces will shape how you go about your work, the new work dynamic, My feeling is that it is good to be open to that, and the opportunities if offers. Be patient, it will take time and snagging to get to understand the full potential of your new space begs the question, which comes first, symbiotic relationship
  • Of course compromises also. Take our example. Our shopping list, The vet experience. Importance of architect client relationship Library was not the prime clients. Copper fasten your communication channels in advance. We could not get all these things in the available space, so service counters and office on 2 floors. We were working to change our working relationship. Small Bibliographic, Ill, circulation teams in a complement of 13 fulltimes. teams. unsustainable in new environment with 2 counters. Wanted to avoid separation between units upstairs/downstairs Our approach : Mixing the teams, + liaison libns office, Working well. Staff moving up and down with the workflows. Other crucial learning curve is for people to see the whole space as their place of work and not just their desk/office. the JJL experience LA and ALS The school of nursing IRM more aware of site needs and constraints, etc. Org structure crucial, Team based approach to functions across sites, on site greater rationalisation. Decision to centralise the irm function, less need for space for this function. Large single offices to open plan offices
  • Plus specific meeting by project planning group. Relocation meetings, who loads boxes, IT equipment, etc.
  • Getting there, parking, etc maps, plans, photos, furniture, lockers etc How job responsibilities might change Reporting/communication structures The new technologies and services, CIrculation & Information Services, Room booking, Multimedia room, PA System/CCTV/Alarm, Compact shelving, REetrieval from storage, IT Support, AV support, Access control gates, TV screens. Suggestions/recommendations/developing your role, Opportunities with the move Training for new building
  • Most useful exercise. Allowed staff to articulate concerns and look at them more objectively Being realistic and objective about the the benefits of the move the downsides
  • People Strong affinity with the building Location wonderful Transport good. Spacious offices Shopping parking
  • Great pride in levels of service These mirror the staff page. So what are the risks
  • SO the threats then So the downsides then
  • pop directly onto trolley and off again more complex when you are moving between site, with transport logistics, 3 sets of trolleys, cannot really rent Check your exit routes, ground surfaces, wear & tear on trolleys, breakages. Need truck with a tail lift
  • capacity problem, need the next set of trolleys to return before you can load. cannot build up a surplus.
  • Earlsfort to Health Sciences move 110/4 = 27.5 days 5 runs per day 110/5 = 22 days 1735 linear meteres to be moved to HSL ( Xmas 06) 68 runs 14-17 days 1074 to be moved to Newstead Book Store ( Summer 07 Move undertaken by Library Staff x 5 x Casuals Need 60 x trolleys 20 trolleys in ET with 3 staff ( 1 x HS and 2 x Casual) 20 trolleys in transit with 2 staff ( 1 x LbAtt and 1 x Casual) 20 trolleys in HS with 3 staff ( 1 x HS and 2 x Casual) Prob. For a while only had van taking 8 trolleys and no tailgate
  • More recent moves are with crates Can build up a stockpile of crates Crates less manoeuvrable when reshelving
  • Level 3 to Newstead move Compare with the trolley move. 26LM per load V 75LM 4 loads = 104LM V 75LM (At present running bit less). Crates slower, but balance out. Cannot have professional movers using the trolley system
  • Sourcing out the work DO you outsource or use own staff. Last summers crate move with hired help. this year Richview and l3 move with professional movers. working really well. Still need library supervisors but the reliability, is the big bonus. Costs balances out when you factor in the levels of supervision required for student/temp help, the admin in recruitment, contracts, timesheets. Professionals: get on with it, used to the work, guaranteed numbers. Students: Supervision, not their main thing, no shows, rota 6 to ensure 4 >coming & going, patterns, disjointed building up flows. Plan the adjustment of shelves to fit different size books.
  • Info resources policy informs what goes to shelves, to storage, to bin Used a stripped down, lean version to inform decision making Donations crucial. Academics clearing out offices. Unexpected donations, not planned for. Weeding, reference collection. Journals for storage. weeding official pubs. Discarded acts, statutes, etc Journals.transferring SALE of books at 2 euro each. Some good bargains. The bad stuff didn’t go even for free! Stocktake, didn’t do. Tidied the shelves. Doesent affect the actual move if you use shelf measurements. minimise the duplications
  • Preparation at the front end. Loose issues, and pamphlet boxes. Increase by a third. We had to factor 203 LM extra to box the runs.
  • All collections measured during summer when most materials on shelves. Planned sufficient space for the both collections plus expansion, 5yrs growth however calculations based on shelving bays of 5 shelves, not counting the 6th expansion shelf.
  • Used detailed architects drawings but found simple spatial schematic worked best. For the broader allocation of collections to spaces
  • your challenge more significant. we had small example of nursing collection of 70lm to be integrated into larger medical collection. already significant p/g nursing collectoin. Note indicates another title x 8 copies to go in next. Classmark listings. Typical problems, same books different classmarks or suffixes, as separate cataloguing
  • Big bang move or staged moves If latter some of our problems of relevance e.g. civ eng library continuing so could not traqnsfer overthe journal records. would have lost the historical element. Titles at differing clasmarks Sequences, gen, docs, s for store, reduced to 9 Check that all sequences covered. E.g. nursing pamphlets sequence was not on the master list. Had to be physically amended. Likewise notes on records. ,ie return to issue desk.
  • Gave students extra long loans periods, incorporated slips into books, ets Set messages on all nursing books on loan so that fines waived on their return. Communication with schools
  • Previously shared phones, now one per person Post, notifying all your suppliers and other stakeholders, irish, international directories. Contacting suppliers huge. Unable to mail merge. Sticky labels instead and new excel doc. Need decision early on your exact address. Your formal name and address, your new telephone and fax contact details for letterheads, etc. Long follow up with suppliers. Not to forget your students. Blissfully ignore the move until your library is no longer there!
  • Clear out offices early Discard policies for materials Confidential materials
  • Wish you every success with your ventures Once in a lifetime opportunity Enjoy it We are happy to be consulted at any time
  • Moving a library: Managing the staff, physical and system challenges. Author: Peter Hickey

    1. 1. Moving a library:Managing the staff, physical and system challenges Peter Hickey UCD Library Leabharlann UCD Health Sciences Centre Ionad Eolaíocht Sláinte UCD
    2. 2. -Commonalities between DIT and UCD- Moving staff, practicalities- Moving collections, issues- Systems challenges
    3. 3. CommonalitiesStudent populationsDIT: 20,000 UCD: 22,000Dispersed Library systemDIT: 7 Libraries UCD: 5 LibrariesMove to green field sitesDIT: 2004 - 2010 UCD 1962 - 2008
    4. 4. 1960s – 1964 Sciences – 1969 Commerce1970s– 1970 Arts & Law– 1972 Phase 1 Library– 1978 Earlsfort Terrace, refurbished– 1979 Agriculture
    5. 5. – 1980 Architecture– 1981 Sports Centre– 1983 Richview library– 1985 Student Club, Industry Centre– 1987 Phase 2 Library– 1989 Engineering 1991 Graduate School of Business and library 1994 O’Reilly Hall 1999 Conway institute of Biomolecular & Biomedical Research
    6. 6. • 2002 Veterinary Medicine & Library • 2002; Nursing to Ballsbridge + Temp library • 2004 Nursing to Belfield + temp Library• 2007 Blackrock Library • 2007 Medicine & Civil Engineering to Belfield • 2007, ET Library to Belfield • 2008; ET Library store to Belfield
    7. 7. You will shape your space but your spacewill also shape you
    8. 8. The Health Sciences Library example• The shopping list – Staff offices close to public counters – Public counters close to access control gates – Kitchen, toilets for staff• The single team approach – Offices on 2 floors – Mixing the teams• New organisational structure
    9. 9. Consultation• Regular staff meetings• Relocation meetings• Individual staff meetings• S.W.O.T. analysis
    10. 10. Individual staff meetingsa) Moving at Christmas, Practicalitiesb) Accommodation in the new libraryc) Current job responsibilitiesd) Questions about responsibilities in new environment, Issues, concerns, opportunitiese) Overall assessment of your jobf) Training/developmentg) SWOT Analysis
    11. 11. Strengths WeaknessesWhat’s wonderful about What’s not so great working in Earlsfort about working in Terrace? Earlsfort Terrace? What do users of ET What do users of ETLibrary appreciate most? library dislike? Opportunities ThreatsWhat will be great about What will be not so good moving to the Health about moving to the Science Library and Health Science Library Belfield? and Belfield?
    12. 12. What’s wonderful about working inEarlsfort Terrace?The People – Work atmosphere, spirit of co-operation, respect for each otherThe Building – Nice office, plenty of office space, Single occupancy of office with control of air, light and heat – Spacious, Character, – Iveagh Gardens – The historic building and the friendly atmosphere of the staff and students – Proximity of staff offices allows for casual social interactionLocation – City Centre Location – Near to my apartmentFacilities – Transport to and from work is better, The Luas, Parking facility
    13. 13. What do users of ET Libraryappreciate most?The People• Good service, Friendly staff, Staff professionalismThe Building• The small size,• Atmosphere of Earlsfort Terrace• Their own space, no competition from other studentsLocation• Proximity to town
    14. 14. What will be not so good about moving to the Health Science Library and Belfield?Access• Travelling from one side of the city to the other, the journey will be longer, No Luas• More difficult to get to travel-wiseThe Building• Much less office space. Moving to shared office accommodation• Lack of fresh air control and lack of privacy from students.• Staff locations too far apartLocation• Part of academic campus, remote from local communities• Location remote from city centre• Belfield doesn’t have the atmosphere of Earlsfort TerraceFacilities• I imagine it will be harder to buy lunch – everywhere will be packed at lunchtime• No guaranteed parking space• No more proximity to city centre park• Losing my flexitime
    15. 15. What’s not so great about working inEarlsfort Terrace?Access• Non-UCD people coming in, Risk of robberies, No access control systemThe Building• The cold, The building is also dreary, uninviting and uncomfortable• A bit tumbledown, It can be dusty and dirty• Problems of old buildings• Cloakroom facilities, Cleaning servicesLocation• Very remote from the schools• A little isolated from bulk of UCD• Very poor support from Belfield• Inconvenient for meetings and events running in Belfield• Length of time to commute• The collection being split over two sites is difficultFacilities• Very dated facilities, Run down looking shelving• Limited IT facilities• Combined issue desk and information desk can be demanding when a lot of people are waiting• No real seating areas, The lift doesn’t work properly• The staff toilet facilities are not great
    16. 16. What do users of ET library dislike?The Building• It is cold and draughty, and rain comes through the ceiling• Lack of food facilities after 5.00pm• Creaky and run down, The noiseLocation• If they’re based mostly in Belfield, coming here for books is annoying• Distance from Belfield since the lectures have movedFacilities• Lack of IT and wireless facilities• No comfortable seating, Lack of study areas
    17. 17. What will be great about moving to the Health Science Library and Belfield?Access• Central location, Will cut down on travelling time, easier to attend meetings / events on campus• Better access for readers with disabilitiesThe Building• A nice new library, A new purpose-built state-of-the-art library, should prove exciting• A brand new library with new facilities will be great for staff & studentsLocation• Close to other libraries, Should be more social. less travelling between sitesFacilities• Modern aspects of new library – wireless, seating areas, soundproofing, lift etc. new services, More flexible use of space• Other facilities, Sports Centre, Swimming Pool etc.• Having in house IT personOther• Different ways of working etc. The chance to work info desk and answer more
    18. 18. Moving and integrating collections, Trolley moves Pros - Less handling and lifting - Deliver direct to shelves for unloading - Materials and sequences visible Cons - Need three sets of trolleys - Risk of toppling - Loading/unloading to trucks - The elements
    19. 19. 2850 linear metres to be moved• Trolley takes 1.3 LM• Van takes 20 trolleys• 26 LM per van load• 110 Van runs to complete move. – 4 runs per day – 22 days to complete – 5 runs per day - 27.5 days to complete3 teams, loading, transit, unloading x 60 trolleys
    20. 20. Moving and integrating collections, Crate moves Pros - Fit/stack more crates - Can be rented - Secure - Build up backlog of packed crates Cons - More handling. - Less in a crate - Labelling needs to be good - Need floor space - Size of books
    21. 21. 1219 LM to be moved• Crate takes 0.6 LM• Truck takes 125 crates• 125 crates = 75 LM per day• 16 Truck runs to complete• One team to supervise loading, one person to supervise unloading
    22. 22. Who does the moving?
    23. 23. Preparing the collection for moving • Information resources development policy • Donations policy • Stock deselection • Stock duplication • Stock taking
    24. 24. Measuring the moves • Measuring the collections • Zoning • Integrating two collections
    25. 25. Mapping to zonesBooks 391.04 LM ET Book Books, etcOfficial 58.85 LM collections Zone 1. 30.14 LMPublications = 510 LM Zone 2 41.52 LM + Zone 3 225.12 LMReference 48.90 LM Nursing in asZone 4 25.00 LMcollection 70LM = Zone 5 182.00 LM Zone 6 82.00 LMIrish Annual 11.21 LM Total= 580 LMZone 7 27.64 LMReports ReferenceJJL Level 3 50.15 LMNursing Books Total shelving assigned forCollection, books = 614.20 LM (61,420 cm) (expansion not factored in yet)
    26. 26. Integrating two collections • Measured both collections. - E.T. 610-610.73 = 29.39 LM - Nursing 610-610.73 = 10 LM • Business object reports to identify similar titles, classmarks • Moved the ET collection to shelves first. Markers for subsequent integration. • Nursing materials crated and left at appropriate points.
    27. 27. Bibliographic challenges• Creation of new site for H.S. on Talis LMS.• Updating periodical records to display split holdings• Global site changes for medical and nursing stock• Nursing sequences to be mapped onto former ET sequences• Manual changes for some small collections, e.g. reserves.• Review and tidy up of all item sequences in use.• Rebranding and relabelling materials• Barcode runs, new sequence
    28. 28. Circulation challenges• Differing loan categories and descriptors• Nursing week loan parameter to be matched to ET week loan parameters• Nursing week loans changed to new category with higher fines.• Provided extended loan periods for duration of closure• Books returned while ET closed were retained by other site libraries and forwarded once moves completed.
    29. 29. Administrative Challenges • Telephones • The Post • Formal name and address • Clearing offices
    30. 30. Furniture and equipment inventory
    31. 31. In conclusion • Never to early to start • Don’t shoot the messenger • One in a lifetime opportunity • Good luck