Libraries and blogs : new communication tools for academic librarians. Authors: Joshua Clark, Diarmuid Stokes


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Delivered at LIR HEANet User Group for Libraries Seminar 'Emerging Technologies for Libraries and Education', 8th Dec 2006, TCD School of Nursing & Midwifery, Dublin, Ireland

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Libraries and blogs : new communication tools for academic librarians. Authors: Joshua Clark, Diarmuid Stokes

  1. 1. LIR HEANet User Group for LibrariesSeminar ~ Emerging Technologies forLibraries and Education ~ 8th Dec 2006Libraries and Blogs: newcommunication tools foracademic librariansJosh Clark, University College DublinDiarmuid Stokes, UCD UCD Library An Coláiste Ollscoil, Baile Átha Cliath Leabharlann UCD
  2. 2. What is a Blog?• from the term “Web log” invented by Jorn Barger in 1997• A website that contains entries, or “posts”, displayed in reverse chronological order• Posts often contain text, images, video and links to other websites• Readers can comment on posts, making it an interactive experience
  3. 3. Blogs can be many different things….• Personal diary or journal• News and information service• Ongoing project report• Photo gallery• Collection of links• Etc.
  4. 4. Why Blog?• Communication• Collaboration• Free and (relatively) simple!• Don’t need to be a “techie”• Effective Broadcast tool
  5. 5. Why Blog?• Public relations & library marketing tool• Can be more dynamic than your website• Take advantage of “Web 2.0”• Attract and engage younger users (“digital natives”, or “millennials”)
  6. 6. UCD Science Library Blog<>• Created in April 2005• Uses Blogger software (free)• Originally 2 librarians, now 3 team members• (Try to) update regularly (150+ posts so far)• Covers all sciences
  7. 7. UCD Science blog screenshot here
  8. 8. Reasons for creating our blog• Communicating science library news and events• Advertising training sessions• Announcing new e-resources (especially IReL!)• Recent acquisitions (monographs and journals)• Free resources on the web
  9. 9. Our Target Audience• Students of all science subjects• Science staff (academics)• The wider academic library community(?)
  10. 10. Statistics• We have an RSS feed AND a web counter• 59 subscribers(?)
  11. 11. StatisticsRSS Feeds
  12. 12. StatisticsSitemeter – free statistical service that tracks where the viewers are coming from….
  13. 13. Notes on updating…• Try to update regularly• Always something to post• Work as a team• Collaboration helps!
  14. 14. Notes on updating…
  15. 15. SO….. feelingUNDER PRESSURE to post?
  16. 16. Why NotCollaborate?
  17. 17. Marketing your library blog…• It’s the key to success!• Include in your library orientation & information skills sessions• email your users (academic staff)• Why not include your blog URL in your email signature?
  18. 18. Marketing your library blog• Advertise on your library website and/or newsletter• Include a link from your subject portal(s)• Create posters for your library• Place your blog on blog directories, i.e. Technorati
  19. 19. Overall Effectiveness?• Positive feedback from academic staff• Employing free statistical software• Showing hits from all over the world (including UCD!)• Still, could use more marketing…
  20. 20. Overall Effectiveness?• We’re also referenced inSlebodnik, Maribeth. Marketing and Outreach for Science & Technology Libraries: Selected Resources. Issues in Science & Technology Librarianship. No. 45, Winter 2006.Found at:<>
  21. 21. Overall Effectiveness? Mentioned by Michael Stephens of “Tame the Web”
  22. 22. Overall Effectiveness?
  23. 23. Some Irish academic blogs• University College Dublin (academic staff blog)• University of Limerick Library• Dundalk Institute of Technology Library
  24. 24. •
  25. 25. Examples from the wider worldSome Types:• Subject specific• Acquisitions/Cataloguing• Systems• ILL• General library news• Collaborative within the profession
  26. 26. Subject-Specific
  27. 27. Acquisitions
  28. 28. Systems
  29. 29. InterLibrary Loans
  30. 30. Library News (General)
  31. 31. Collaborative Blog across distances
  32. 32. Blog DirectoriesBlog Directory Wiki<>Library & Information Science Wiki
  33. 33. THANK YOU!Josh Clark Tel: 01 716 7646 email: joshua.clark@ucd.ieDiarmuid Stokes Tel: 01 716 6207 email: diarmuid.stokes@ucd.ieUniversity College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4