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Exploring and Extending Information Literacy Support                                                               with Nu...
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Exploring and extending information literacy support with nursing and midwifery students. Author: Susan Boyle


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Poster presentation delivered at European Association for Health Information and Libraries (EAHIL) workshop, 2-5 June 2009, Dublin, Ireland. 2009-06-02.
For those involved in liaison librarian work, the development of information literacy programmes within the school curriculum, is often considered a prime objective. This poster demonstrates how working, with the academic staff in the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health Systems in UCD, helped to identify the best route to information skills support in the curriculum and allowed me as a Liaison Librarian to explore student and staff needs, get engaged in student development and extend appropriate support. It comments on the structure of the designed programme, how it was implemented and explores the challenges and issues in relation to the training delivery. The poster also offers a reflection on lessons learnt from the process, puts forward creative ideas to engage students into the future and postulates on the possibilities for increasing and extending this support offering.

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Exploring and extending information literacy support with nursing and midwifery students. Author: Susan Boyle

  1. 1. Provided by the author(s) and University College Dublin Library in accordance with publisher policies. Pleasecite the published version when available. Exploring and extending information literacy support with Title nursing and midwifery students Author(s) Boyle, Susan Publication 2009-06-02 Date Link to publishers ie/images/Eahil/Images/posters/slideposter3.pdf version This items record/more information Downloaded 2012-09-21T10:56:24Z Some rights reserved. For more information, please see the item record link above.
  2. 2. Exploring and Extending Information Literacy Support with Nursing and Midwifery students Susan Boyle, Liaison Librarian, UCD Library A prime objective for Liaison Librarians is the development of Information Literacy (IL) skills programmes within School curricula. This poster illustrates the need for and development of an embedded IL programme for undergraduate students in the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health Systems (SNM&HS) in UCD. It explores and identifies the best route and structure for an Information Literacy skills programme through collaboration with staff in the School. The poster demonstrates how the programme was designed and implemented to provide appropriate, incremental support and how it engaged with students at each stage. Feedback and reflection on the highlights and challenges of engaging with the students are included. The poster also presents creative training ideas to further engage students and suggests amendments and possibilities for increasing and extending the support offering into the future. ! No Programme: Do Not Proceed New Programme Barriers: Check New Programme: Proceed ! • No existing structured programme • Securing hours in the timetable • Propelled by meetings, training & requests • Last-minute training requests not ideal • Sustainability • Follow through on work of predecessor • Student absorption of IL skills hindered by stress • Organisational challenges • Membership of the School Committees • Inefficient use of librarian’s time • Selling the programme idea • Alignment with UCD Draft Strategy for Education • Current structure patchy • Large class numbers • Evidence Based Health practice rationale • Current offering not equitable for all • Challenges of integrating a programme alongside • Value of Information Literacy to health students students & no incremental learning in place elective modules The route below works towards the finish line: To have all Nursing & Midwifery students graduate as information literate students ANZIL Driving Checklist Librarian Recognise the need for information Race Strategy Start • Develop incremental information literacy steps for Recognise the extent of information needed HERE annual IL skills sessions. Find information effectively and efficientlyEXPLORE School of NM&HS • Allow adequate time for planning, preparation, Critically evaluate information programme analysis & reflection Teaching & Learning Manage information collected Committee Construct new concepts Use information with understanding ! Writing Skills WritingProgramme Skills School of NM&HS Programme Teaching & Learning Information Literacy Sub Committee Programme Level Librarian Hours Building Block this year Information Literacy Programme 1st year 1 hr x 7 groups 1st yr content 2nd year 1 hr x 7 groups Basics + 2nd yr content 3rd year 1 hr x 8 groups Basics + 3rd yr content Basics 4th year 2 hrs x 6 groups Basics + 4th yr content • Catalogue, journals & Library rules + 3 problem clinics 4th Year Lesson Plans • Navigating the Library website • Part 1 Defining your topic, web resources, advanced searching, high-level features of databases & cross disciplinary resources REFLECTION 1st Year Lesson Plan • Part 2 Additional databases, retrieving specific types of • About the Library, the Library website & information, evidence-based health resources 2 Year Lesson Plan nd 3rd Year Lesson Plan • Problem Clinic Addressing individual issues with exercisesENGAGE subject portal • Identifying appropriate resources • Catalogue, journals, finding reading list items • Intermediate searching techniques & • Internet searching & evaluation searching strategies • Help & off-campus access • Boolean logic & basic databases, e-books • Database concepts and searching • Interesting Library resources & online reference resources exercises with nursing & midwifery databases Evaluation Pit Stop Very informative I enjoyed the Was this relevant to your education? 1st yr session & found it useful Reflection Pit Stop 4th Year 3rd Year 2nd Year 1st Year Student Student Warning Lights • No integrated assessment Highlights • Problem Clinics worked well for 4th years • Pitching content to varying IL levels Creative Gear Changes • Student programme feedback was very positive • Back to back sessions for large classes were a heavy teaching load • Incorporate games to add variety for one librarian • Continuation of programme approved • Increase active learning tasks and relate content to curriculum • Too many learning objectives to cover in too few contact hours • Tailor sessions for audio, visual and kinaesthetic learners • Active learning worked well - worksheets • Valuable learning experience for me • Package salient points into mini take-away bites for easy recallEXTEND School of NM&HS Programme Parts Upgrade Extending Toolkit Teaching & Learning • Make location clearer and avoid back to back • Make 1st year sessions more challenging and dynamic Committee sessions where possible or request assistance • Increase exercise time for 3rd & 4th yrs & continue problem clinics • Remove basics element from programme in • Design in-depth handouts and more VLE aids next run • Investigate ways to incorporate assessment • Amend programme to reflect library • Use feedback, reflection & evidence from IL literature to improve innovations, service / resource changes and practice & incorporate knowledge from CPD courses. new strategies • Investigate equivalent roll out at postgraduate levels • Consider using stop, start continue or H form evaluation Next Race 2009-2010 With special thanks to Carmel Nolan, Felicity Johnson, the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health Systems, colleagues at UCD Library, AdvantagePoint promotions for poster production and Erica Grainger for the Librarian image.