Responsive Web design white paper whats your size


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Whitepaper on Responsive Web design and the delivery excellence of PHPFactory on this domain

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Responsive Web design white paper whats your size

  1. 1. WE SERVICE ALL SIZES!WHITEPAPER ON RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN Exploring the evolution of web experience and its future. What is responsive web design and how it is changing the web experience? Advantages of responsive web design. Delivering the core competency of PHPFactory on Responsive Web Design services.
  2. 2. WE SERVICE ALL SIZES DEMOGRAPHICSWHITEPAPER ON RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN By the end of 2012, there will be more mobile devicesWe live in a world that is technologically evolving at a fast pace. There connecting to the Internetis a huge digital revolution happening as more and more people are than there are people on Earth.connected to the web not just from traditional PC’s but from an arrayof choices like tablets, mobiles and other web devices. The landscape Android: 1.3 million deviceof web is so fast changing that today we need to cater to all these activations per day anddevices seamlessly but yet ensure integrity. Today market is flooded climbing. 480 million Androidwith users who access web not just from desktop but also from a users.multitude of devices. As a company you are faced with a number of 31% of American adults whochallenges in terms of the target end users. A large spectrum of have cell phones use theirdevices, different screen sizes, different resolutions and different phones for the majority ofperformance. Faced with these challenges companies today need to their Internet accessoptimize their digital delivery to accommodate them. This was made 17% of cell phone owners dopossible by responsive web design. most of their online browsing on their phone, rather than aHistory: Sometime back at the emergence of all these digital devices computer or other device.we were addressing this by replicating our digital initiatives forstandard devices. We used to have Desktop version website for At the end of 2011, therestandard PC format then a mobile version of the same website and were 6 billion mobilesometimes a text only site that caters to basic devices. Even within subscriptions, estimates The ITU(2011). That is equivalentthe desktop version there used to be differences like resolution size to 87 percent of the worldthat was addressed by adopting a smart “Liquid layout” to ensure that population. And is a hugewe capture all the extra space that you find on 600 X 1024px as against increase from 5.4 billion in400 X 640px. 2010 and 4.7 billion mobile subscriptions in 2009.What is Responsive Web Design? 6B connections today, 10BTo answer this query first one needs to understand a few basics on web connections in 2016, 26Xlayouts and their organic evolution. The Worldwide web today has worldwide traffic growth.undergone a paradigm shift from fixed layouts to Adaptive (Multiple 31% of all Americans only orfixed width) layouts to responsive (Multiple Fluid Grid) layouts. mostly use the Internet on their mobile phones. ThatWhat Responsive Web Design means? amounts to 50 million AmericansResponsive Web Design is a leap from conventional liquid layoutformats to the concept of fluid grid. In this format we ensure that thewebsite elements are designed to proportion and not arbitrarypercentages. By doing so as the size of varies the elements in thelayout get realigned along with the text. This is achieved by a lot of© 2012 PHPFactory Page | 1
  3. 3. below the surface scripting on CSS3 media queries at the presentation layer. This basically facilitateswebsites to gather a lot of information on the site visitor in terms of what is the device he/she isaccessing from their form factor, resolution so on. Responding to the collected data we are able tooptimize performance and customize content delivery accordingly.Advantages of Responsive Web DesignResponsive web design is the new forte for digital content to be served seamless across differentdevices and different formats on the web. The advantages of adopting responsive web design are thefollowing  Considerable saving of time and money  Implicit capability for cross browser support  Optimizing Performance based on size of the screen  Modular delivery of Web Content© 2012 PHPFactory Page | 2
  4. 4. Core Competence of PHPFactory on Responsive Web DesignPlease visit our website ( from your desktop and on parallel visit our site fromyour tablet or smartphone. You will find that the site is served from the same URL withoutcompromising on the content. You will also find the various elements on the site adjust itself to formsize of the device and the text wraps around the elements accordingly. This will give you theexperience of what responsive web design can do for you on your website.© 2012 PHPFactory Page | 3
  5. 5. Statistics reveal by July 2012 nearly 2.4 Billion online internet users are accessing web and that is 34.5% of the global population Across developed and developing countries the telco’s are registering major portion of their revenue on smartphone and online usage both for accessing web content as well as mobile telephony. This by itself provides a strong proposition to companies for the need to be mobile friendly. Conclusion: By adopting a Responsive web design framework you can make your site not just future friendly but also resolution independent and device agnostic. If you are interested to explore possibilities for your website and online web applications please call us and discuss with us and we would love to showcase some of our case studies on the same.PHPFactoryReg: Sedin Technologies Pvt Ltd,# 38/39 - 3rd Floor, Whites Rd Circular Building,Whites Rd, Royapettah,Chennai, TN, India - 600014.Website: www.phpfactory.comMail To : info@phpfactory.comContact : +91 97899 77565 © 2012 PHPFactory Page | 4