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Unitarian Universalists Social Media for Youth
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Unitarian Universalists Social Media for Youth


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A presentation to a youth retreat as a favor to a friend. We talked a LOT about leadership, personal branding, generational differences and how all of that relates to facebook and other social media …

A presentation to a youth retreat as a favor to a friend. We talked a LOT about leadership, personal branding, generational differences and how all of that relates to facebook and other social media sites.

Published in: Spiritual, Sports

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  • Simpler time. 3rd Place. Designed to throw kids. Authority steps in. Spanking
  • Yet Humans haven’t changed. TECHNOLOGY CHANGED.
  • Generational conflict -- boomers /
  • Identity / status / negotiate public life
  • pseudo-privacy
  • Playing on the playground means more contextual clues to define a situation -- from the environment
  • No tribal council. No elder leaders. Rules made by capitalists, not culture. You are on your own.
    Civil Society - Govern Conflict. Impose Rules. Prevent People from Harming One Another.
  • Parents and Schools have over reacted. You won’t report. What do you do?
  • Leadership - one of YOU create a page on FB for the best sexting request comebacks!
  • What is a brand? Positioning?
  • Generally discuss the 6 elements - but review the 2 italicized = Story and Monitoring
  • Not the same thing, but often connected. Both should be treated with care.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Ed Schipul Schipul - The Web Marketing Company YOU are changing the world One pixel, post + profile at a time
    • 2. “So shall we come to look at the world with new eyes... What is truth? What is good? Build, therefore, your own world.” - Emerson, Nature
    • 3. Life used to be easier.
    • 4. Things are different now
    • 5. ...and you get to deal with it...
    • 6. Te ? x We carry...
    • 7. Cell phone anthropology
    • 8. A whole new world
    • 9. Let’s talk about... • Motivations of People • The new Celebrity • Personal Brand Era
    • 10. The Pursuit of: Happiness or Meaning
    • 11. Whales are really cool
    • 12. Winter vacation anyone?
    • 13. 3 Motivations of Humans
    • 14. Why do you do what you do? Social Material Ideological
    • 15. Hey, I’m famous.
    • 16. Who are these idiots?
    • 17. CELEBRITY
    • 18. The Web as an Identity + Status tool I’m Mandy... I like punk rock boys, Cherry Coke, # of Friends Converse sneakers, drawing, bacon + laugh a lot with friends but don’t talk much in class. # of Top Friends Ratings Comments Avatars Views Photos
    • 19. “Fred” 428,519,032 Channel Views
    • 20. So where is your new public space?
    • 21. The playground has moved
    • 22. But where are the leaders? Lord of the Flies (now!) Tribal council (before)
    • 23. Adults don’t get it (no surprise)
    • 24. Sexting 20% of Teens have sent nude or semi nude pictures of themselves 39% of Teens have sent sexually explicit messages
    • 25. “When you pressure me for nude pics, I throw up in my mouth a little.”
    • 26. Welcome to the Personal Brand Era
    • 27. YOU tell YOUR story
    • 28. What is a Personal Brand? Hi, I’m happykatie
    • 29. Elements of The Personal Brand Era 1. Story 2. Creation 3. Curation 4. Distribution 5. Monitoring 6. Terms of Service
    • 30. What makes a Story? 1. Message 4. Plot So my point is... 2. Conflict 3. Characters
    • 31. What is your message?
    • 32. Who are your Characters?
    • 33. Whatever you do, Make it count
    • 34. Brand vs. Reputation Jenny Photo thanks to Chookooloonks
    • 35. Brand development on the Web Intended Impression Measure Effect Modify
    • 36. Tools to monitor your Brand
    • 37. ALERT ALERT ALERT!!!!
    • 38. Track the buzz on the Web
    • 39. Your homework 1. Craft your story 2. Monitor your reputation 3. Grow your leaders 4. Make it count 5. Change the world
    • 40. You are your brand. You own the Web. Make the future yours.
    • 41. Ed Schipul // CEO Schipul - The Web Marketing Company (281) 497.6567, ext. 519 Personal Brand page: Blog: Twitter: Slideshare: