Online fundraising for nonprofits


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Learn how nonprofits can leverage the Web to help grow their communities, increase awareness of their work and raise funds!

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  • Good work! I might add that it is really important to have excellent photos and video. Hire a good photojournalist who can take stills, video (and knows how to catch audio) and write. It can be done. But before you sign a contract with anyone, see their work and have a PLAN to use the materials that the photog brings back to you. The more you prepare, the more impact your story will have.
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Online fundraising for nonprofits

  1. 1. Fundraising through the Power of Story: Leveraging the Web to connect and prosper Ed Schipul //
  2. 2. What we’ll talk about... • Tell your Story on the Web • Fundraising Tools • Tapping into Human Motivation Tying traditional strategy and new tools together
  3. 3. It’s a Conversation with real Human Beings.
  4. 4. STORYTELLING! Make the emotional connection.
  5. 5. “The message is not about the charity, it’s about why the messenger cares” Katya Andersen (Network for Good)
  6. 6. 35703177@N00/639154590/ 21922583@N02/2430939057/ 73645804@N00/440672445/
  7. 7. Tell your Story online
  8. 8. Interact with the world through a Blog
  9. 9. Read others’ Stories and tips/tricks for inspiration • Beth Kanter: • NetSquared Blog: • Online Fundraising Blog: • The Fundraising Coach: • Just Giving Blog: • Non Profit Tech Blog: • Read Write Web: • Donor Power Blog:
  10. 10. Increased # of donors by 400% (not donations, but DONOR NUMBERS) Promote others and share your knowledge on Twitter
  11. 11. Share your challenges and triumphs through photos NPOs can qualify for free account:
  12. 12. Motivate your Community through video NPOs can participate in special YouTube programs:
  13. 13. Online fundraising tools
  14. 14. Online Fundraising Tools Chipin - Fast and easy, trackable online giving
  15. 15. Online Fundraising Tools Facebook Causes - Central point for your NPO Track your top recruiters Feature on your Profile page Chipin on Facebook!
  16. 16. Online Fundraising Tools Firstgiving - Free online fundraising pages 2.5% credit card processing fee 5% FIrstgiving fee Set up and all else is free
  17. 17. Online Fundraising Tools Fundraising through your cell phone + Twitter
  18. 18. Tap into the 3 Motivations of Humans
  19. 19. A rubber raft in the middle of the ocean
  20. 20. Read more: Speak to your donor’s motivations Material 1. Social 2. Ideological 3.
  21. 21. 3 Motivations Material Social Ideological 1. Cash 1. Networking 1. Belief in a cause 2. Discounts 2. Socialization 2. Long-term political goal 3. Volunteers get free admission 3. Identity 3. Religious / spiritual 4. Linkbacks to your site 4. Certification / validation 4. Self-actualization 5. Promotion* 5. Professional / Development 5. Art 6. Sex 7. Relationships 8. Organized Religion 9. Status 10. Esteem 11. Some politics 12. Achievement 13. Self-esteem* 14. Promotion
  22. 22. Cambodia For Kids • Cambodian culture education • Fundraising for Cambodian families • Technology training • Cambodian Social Media community support
  23. 23. Material Motivation Cambodia For Kids hooks it up •Virtual Facebook thank you gifts •Reciprocating online donations •UGC contest, winner gets $$ for fave charity
  24. 24. Social Motivation Props, love Cambodia • Recognition Blog posts • ‘THANKS!!’ Tweets • Congratulatory screenshots on Flickr • Donor avatar posts on SM networks = Sharing the love!! (in public)
  25. 25. Ideological Motivation Cambodia 4 Kids - the human side •Photo diaries bring faces and real human impact to campaigns •Emotional power of Story resonates on C4K blog and other SM Blog: Pics:
  26. 26. Let’s review... • Make the connection, tell your Story • Find the tools that work for you • Discover what motivates your donor base • Say THANK YOU!!
  27. 27. Quickie Social Media To-Do’s 1. Read blogs + track the conversation (find them on 2. Set up an RSS Feed Reader ( 3. Join Facebook ( 4. Join Flickr ( 5. Track the buzz about you (
  28. 28. Thanks for participating today! Ed Schipul CEO, Schipul - The Web Marketing Company // (281) 497.6567 Blog: Flickr: Twitter: Find my slides on Slideshare:
  29. 29. International Rescue Committee • Global emergency relief • Refugee relocation • Human rights activism • Global/regional news
  30. 30. Material Motivation Gift for Good • Shop fair trade and donate to IRC • Support fair trade, local producers • Outreach to mainstream shopping Blogs and networks
  31. 31. Social Motivation Friend your favorite cause! • Strong outreach to large social networks • Many badging opportunities to display issues of concern • Send e-cards to friends
  32. 32. Ideological Motivation The story behind the crisis • SM campaign focus on the Human Story (not just a news blurb) • Appeal to globally minded - change now means political stability later • US policy discussed frequently - action items included