Non profits and the Web - May the (social media) force be with you
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Non profits and the Web - May the (social media) force be with you






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Non profits and the Web - May the (social media) force be with you Non profits and the Web - May the (social media) force be with you Presentation Transcript

  • May the (Social Media) Force be With You: Using tools and online networks to grow your Community Ed Schipul | Schipul - The Web Marketing Company |
  • What we’ll talk about... • Storytelling tools on the Web • The art of listening • Tapping into Human Motivation Tying Community building and Web tools together Find this presentation:
  • “The message is not about the charity, it’s about why the messenger cares” Katya Andersen (Network for Good)
  • What is your Story?
  • 35703177@N00/639154590/ 21922583@N02/2430939057/ 73645804@N00/440672445/
  • 4 Elements of Storytelling 1. Message 4. Plot So my point is... 2. Conflict 3. Characters
  • Who is your audience?
  • Know who you are talking to (and how) ???????????? ???????????? ? ????????????
  • Let’s talk tools
  • All about... Blogs
  • Mac the baby elephant (2006 - 2008) •Mac naming contest (7500 entries) •Mac’s birthday card contests •Elephant adoption packets (thousands sold and increased awareness) Celebrating the life of Mac, the baby elephant
  • Embeddable pics and videos Research Fund Drive 1000’s of personal Stories Helping a Community heal after a tragic loss
  • U.S. Humane Society - CEO Storytelling
  • Find Stories that resonate with you.
  • Google Blog: Ice Rocket: Technorati:
  • Keep up with your favorite Blogs in Google Reader:
  • Anatomy of a Blog post
  • Some great Blogging tool options:
  • Badges Subscribe! Other Links Blogroll Seek out generous and passionate teachers
  • Weave your audience into your Story
  • Read others’ Stories and tips/tricks for inspiration • Beth Kanter: • NetSquared Blog: • Online Fundraising Blog: • The Fundraising Coach: • Just Giving Blog: • Non Profit Tech Blog: • Read Write Web: • Donor Power Blog:
  • All about... Facebook
  • Facebook - Not just for college kids •Pages and Groups ROCK! •Be a leader, volunteer and connector •Create buzz for events •Share your own updates, links The Myelin Project on Facebook: and other content
  • Your Facebook profile at a glance • Flesh out your profile • Be picky on who you connect with • Re-purpose other content • Add ALL of your Social Media links • Be fun and interesting • Connect with like-minded people
  • Are you a ‘Group’ie?
  • Strong fan following Visual announcements Fan photos Houston Zoo on Facebook (
  • 2. Listening and Engaging: Facebook Magic! Page Power in Facebook
  • 2. Listening and Engaging: Facebook Magic! To Page or to Group - that is the question • Groups = Not indexed in Google • Pages = Visible to Google • Groups = Messages go to inbox • Pages = Messages go to ‘updates’ facebook-fan-page-whats-better/7761/
  • 37 ‘Yes’ 36 ‘Maybe’ Planning an Online Fan Photo Day at the Zoo
  • Children’s Museum of Houston ( Facebook Ads - A big bang in a small package • Integrated newsletter sign up campaign • Hundreds of email adds / Overs one million impressions • Under $400 in paid ads
  • Facebook Causes - Social Fundraising Track your top recruiters Feature on your Profile page Chipin on Facebook!
  • 3. Facebook: Community Building through Social tools Facebook Do’s and Don’ts •Grow your profile •Be stiff and boring •Upload pics and videos to •Create a ‘company’ tag and send profile (deleted!!) •Create and join biz and fun •Keep all personal and pro Groups / Pages life facets separate •Be picky on your friends •Post press releases •Cross promote your •Spam your contacts Social Media links (connect but be polite)
  • 3. Facebook: Community Building through Social tools Facebook Buzzwords •Friend - Connect with someone on Facebook •Wall message - Write, draw or post something on someone’s wall •Tag - Add names to photos or videos •Status update - What are you doing? •Public timeline - List of recent activity
  • The Facebook Marketing Bible:
  • Let’s take a break!
  • All about... Twitter
  • Micro-Blogging with Twitter (
  • Twitter includes others in ongoing dialogue Houston Children’s Musem on Twitter:
  • Use as a platform to help others! HPL on Twitter:
  • Who to Follow? 1. Customers 2. Your Brand / Products 3. Industry Leaders 4. Event Attendees 5. Fans 6. Friends
  • What to Say? 1. Relevant Content 2. Share Resources 3. Industry Insights 4. Announce Events 5. Promote Fans 6. Be Friends
  • How can you play with your audience? /
  • Musicians and artists promote on MySpace Main: Houston musician Andrew Karnavas:
  • Facebook vs. MySpace (put it in perspective)
  • LinkedIn connects professionals Main:
  • NPO communicator opportunities on LinkedIn Start a group to connect your Community Ask and answer questions Create a poll
  • Try LinkedIn to grow your NPO brain
  • Playing with Rich Media
  • Advance your Story’s plot with video
  • For your plot: buy a Flip camera (seriously)
  • Be playful on YouTube ( Zappos on YouTube:
  • CitizenTube - the official YouTube channel of change
  • NPO channels: - Higher quality video sharing
  • Flickr: Sharing Stories and generating buzz
  • The power of visualization on Flickr ( Harnessing the User Generated Content madness
  • Facebook photo Community building
  • Creative Commons -
  • Watch a Common Craft CC video
  • Find Creative Commons content
  • Let’s take a break!
  • Tracking the Buzz
  • (remember, it’s all about the Story)
  • Listening and Engaging: Tracking Tools Due diligence on your Story www, Powerful Social Media search engine watches for your terms and updates you Email updates for your company name and keywords Yahoo! alerts you of any occurrences of defined terms and names
  • Listening and Engaging: Tracking Tools What is an Alert? (
  • Addictive and essential Google Reader:
  • IceRocket: Blogpulse: + Social Mention:
  • Keotag -
  • Radian 6: + Vocus:
  • Use free tools to track the Twitter buzz...
  • Who is commenting on your comments?
  • Responding in a digital world
  • Where do Comments live?
  • Do’s and Don’t of Commenting GOOD! BAD! • Speak your mind • Be defensive / snarky (respectfully) • Think you can change • Include links to relevant everyone’s mind information • Leave identical comments • Give props / say thanks! • Be ‘Anonymous’ • Bite your tongue (when appropriate)
  • Do NOT feed the trolls (Rarely this cute)
  • People get mad, but don’t fuel the fire Find your Happy Place.
  • Combat negativity through the Power of Creation
  • Let’s take a break!
  • Motivations of Humans
  • A rubber raft in the middle of the ocean
  • 3 Motivations Material Social Ideological 1. Cash 1. Networking 1. Belief in a cause 2. Discounts 2. Socialization 2. Long-term political goal 3. Volunteers get free admission 3. Identity 3. Religious / spiritual 4. Linkbacks to your site 4. Certification / validation 4. Self-actualization 5. Promotion* 5. Professional / Development 5. Art 6. Sex 7. Relationships 8. Organized Religion 9. Status 10. Esteem 11. Some politics 12. Achievement 13. Self-esteem* 14. Promotion
  • 1. Material Incentives • Pay this, get that. Done. • Time-value of $$ • Transparency matters! • Keep it small and simple
  • 2. Social Incentives • Incredibly complex • Bunch of introverts • All we need is love Photo credit: barackobamadotcom/2214065098/
  • 3. Ideological • Time-triggered, not time bound • Keep an eye on ethics • Search engines powerful ideologue connectors Julia Butterfly Photo credit:
  • Let’s review • Find the tools that work for you • Master the art of listening • Discover your audience’s motivation Tying Community building and Web tools together Find this presentation:
  • Thanks for participating today! Ed Schipul CEO, Schipul - The Web Marketing Company // (281) 497.6567 Blog: Flickr: Twitter: Find my slides on Slideshare: