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Design Patterns in Social Media:  The Hero's Journey will be Twitter-ed

Design Patterns in Social Media: The Hero's Journey will be Twitter-ed



Sarasota Design Summit - how to utilize Twitter and other Social Media tools to tell your Story, discover and grow your Characters and further your Plot.

Sarasota Design Summit - how to utilize Twitter and other Social Media tools to tell your Story, discover and grow your Characters and further your Plot.



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    Design Patterns in Social Media:  The Hero's Journey will be Twitter-ed Design Patterns in Social Media: The Hero's Journey will be Twitter-ed Presentation Transcript

    • Ed Schipul [email_address] www.schipul.com // w ww.brandtobedet ermined.com http://flickr.com/photos/mossling/2772640278/ Design Patterns of Social Media Through Story The Hero’s Journey will be Twitter-ed The Hero’s Journey will be Twitter-ed
    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMel13nY0PE How would this Story be different?
    • Anthropology of Cell Phones http://pogue.blogs.nytimes.com/2007/03/28/the-anthropology-of-cellphones/
    • Let’s talk about...
      • Storytelling elements
      • Developing Characters / Personas
      • Motivating your Characters
      Growing your Brand through online Story http://flickr.com/photos/trojanguy/2615818781/
    • Classic Storytelling The Power of the Narrative
    • Once upon a time... http://flickr.com/photos/e_phots/2646616379/
    • ...we told each other our stories...
    • Modern Storytelling Narrating through Technology
    • http://www.flickr.com/photos/jfchenier/76721307/ Once upon this time...
    • ...we still tell each other our stories...
    • So my point is... 1. Message 4. Plot 2. Conflict 3. Characters 4 Elements of Storytelling
    • Life is a story on the Internet -- ijustine lifestreams www.justin.tv/ijustine
      • Strategic premise
      • What is your real statement?
      • Stick to 1 or 2 messages
      • Different audiences mean different messages
      1. The Message What’s old is new: The 4 Elements of a Modern Story
    • What are your Vision, Mission and Values?
      • Vision: Big picture
      • Mission: The nuts and bolts
      • Values: The behaviors that get you there
      1. The Message You can’t write about what you don’t know
    • Promoting your message in all that you do
      • Message #1: Just Do It
        • Nike+ Run Faster Blog
      • Message #2: We innovate, we help
        • Nike R&D Storytelling videos
      1. The Message http://nikeplus.nike.com www.twiike.com
    • Keep it simple - try a 6 word story 1. The Message Ernest Hemingway’s best work? ‘ For sale: Baby shoes, never worn’ http://www.flickr.com/groups/sixwordstory/
      • Not always negative
      • What problem forces you to act?
      • How do you restore harmony?
      • Internal or external conflict?
      2. The Conflict What’s old is new: The 4 Elements of a Modern Story http://flickr.com/photos/slipstreamblue/2617035636/
    • Identifying your conflict
      • Inner Conflict - unsure of yourself or direction
      • Relational Conflict - protagonist vs. antagonist
      • Social Conflict - you vs. the system
      • Situational Conflict - how you grow and survive tough times
      • Cosmic Conflict - you vs. an invisible force
      2. The Conflict
    • Whole Foods fights bio-engineering and trade practices http://blog.wholefoodsmarket.com
    • Starbucks lets patrons discover and solve conflict www.mystarbucksidea.com
      • Who are the main players?
      • Multi-purpose Characters
      • Your readers are Characters too ** PERSONA Development **
      3. The Characters What’s old is new: The 4 Elements of a Modern Story
    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1EbCyibkNB0 Mac vs. PC 3. The Characters
    • The Apple story’s Characters Benefactor Beneficiary Hero Adversary Goal Support 3. The Characters (out-of-the-box geeks) (in-the-box products) (everlasting love)
    • Persona Development: Who the heck is my audience?
    • 1. Identify 3-7 ‘actual’ people (invisible friends)
      • Name them and find a photo
      • Give them a backstory and bio
      • Talk about them in your meetings
      • Use them to guide your efforts
      Persona Development
    • Your Brand’s Persona #1 Persona Development Ashley Age: 21 Education: College Senior Work: PT barista Income: $9/hour Family: Dating / No kids Hobbies: Blogger / Soccer Platform: PC laptop Magazines: Vanity Fair
    • Your Brand’s Persona #2 Persona Development Marshall Age: 30 Education: BA Marketing Work: Print designer Income: $53,000/year Family: Engaged, no kids Hobbies: Flag football Platform: Macbook Pro Magazines: Wired
    • Your Brand’s Persona #3 Persona Development Laura Age: 42 Education: MBA Work: Retail boutique owner Income: $75,000 Family: Married, 2 kids Hobbies: Yoga / Photography Platform: Macbook Magazines: Real Simple
    • 2. How / when will you speak to these Personas? Persona Development
    • 3. Weave your audience into your Story Persona Development www.intensedebate.com www.polldaddy.com www.polleverywhere.com www.chipin.com
    • 4. Master the art of Listening and Responding Persona Development www.google.com/analytics www.feedburner.com www.icerocket.com
    • Such a Character Oh, the people you’ll meet...
    • What kind of hero are you? The Joker The Creator The Adventurer The Brave Hero The Wise Hero The Everyday Hero
    • What kind of hero are you? The Magician The Innocent The Caregiver The Ruler The Rebel The Lover
    • What’s your Motivation? The driving forces behind your Characters
    • A rubber raft in the middle of the ocean http://www.flickr.com/photos/greenpeace_esperanza/sets/72157594522171737/
    • 3 Motivations http://www.schipul.com/en/art/?562 Material Social Ideological 1. Cash 2. Discounts 3. Volunteers get free admission 4. Linkbacks to your site 5. Promotion* 1. Networking 2. Socialization 3. Identity 4. Certification / validation 5. Professional / Development 6. Sex 7. Relationships 8. Organized Religion 9. Status 10. Esteem 11. Some politics 12. Achievement 13. Self-esteem* 14. Promotion 1. Belief in a cause 2. Long-term political goal 3. Religious / spiritual 4. Self-actualization 5. Art
    • 1. Material Incentives
      • Pay this, get that. Done.
      • Time-value of $$
      • Transparency matters!
      • Keep it small and simple
    • 2. Social Incentives
      • Incredibly complex
      • Bunch of introverts
      • All we need is love
      Photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/barackobamadotcom/2214065098/
    • 3. Ideological
      • Time-triggered, not time bound
      • Keep an eye on ethics
      • Search engines powerful ideologue connectors
      Photo credit: http://www.cathedralgrove.se Julia Butterfly
      • The difference between:
      • ‘ The King died and then the Queen died’
      • and
      • ‘ The King died by the sword and the Queen died of grief’
      4. The Plot What’s old is new: The 4 Elements of a Modern Story http://flickr.com/photos/alimander/2832880196/
    • Plot your Plot 4. The Plot Establish Interact / Connect / Play Deal with it Almost there... Onward and upward
    • Strong beginnings matter... 4. The Plot
      • All children, except one, grow up.
      • Peter Pan , J. M. Barrie
      • Call me Ishmael.
      • Moby Dick , Herman Melville
      • I am an invisible man.
      • Invisible Man , Ralph Ellison
      • It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.
      • Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens
    • Perception is reality - so, what story is out there? 4. The Plot www.brandtags.net www.lovemarks.com
    • www.google.com/alerts Email updates for your company name and keywords www,technorati.com/watchlist Powerful Social Media search engine watches for your terms and updates you http://alerts.yahoo.com Yahoo! alerts you of any occurrences of defined terms and names Due diligence on your Story 4. The Plot
    • Advancing the Plot through Video 4. The Plot www.arttheheartofhouston.com www.haablog.com
    • For your plot: buy a Flip camera (seriously) 4. The Plot http://www.theflip.com /
    • Your Character in 140 Characters www.twitter.com
    • 12 people you’ll meet on Twitter
      • GHOST: Starts Twittering, posts a handful of times, then disappears.
      • NERDCORE: Hopelessly geeky (and proud of it)
      • FLIRT: Writes a lot of tweets with the word “sexy” and “naked” (not necessarily in the same tweet).
      • WHORE: Shameless self-promoter of blog posts.  Has 10,000 followers.
      • WHORE IN TRAINING: Just like a WHORE, but is wanting 10,000 followers.
      • MR. GUILTY: Endless naughty-boy revelations about alcohol, gambling, or behaving badly.
      • ST. CRISPIN: Carpe Diem! I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to be alive on THIS VERY DAY!
      • HIPSTER: Goes to all the cool social networking events.  Lets you know about it.
      • POLITICAL HARRIDAN: Sends 140-character rants about this or that politician or policy proposal.
      • INQUISITOR: 90% of their tweets are questions to their “audience”.
      • DILBERT: My office is dysfunctional and I sort of like it because I can tweet about it.
      • ZZZ: Sends tweets like “I’m on my 2nd cup of coffee” or “heading home”.
      Tweeting your Story http://xidey.wordpress.com/2008/07/14/the-twelve-people-you-meet-on-twitter/
    • Characters that matter on Twitter
      • MC Hammer: www.twitter.com/mchammer
      • Barack Obama: www.twitter.com/barackobama
      • John Culberson: www.twitter.com/johnculberson
      • NPR Politics: www.twitter.com/nprpolitics
      • Whole Foods: www.twitter.com/wholefoods
      • Comcast: www.twitter.com/comcast
      • Stephen Fry: www.twitter.com/stephenfry
      • Zappos CEO: www.twitter.com/zappos
      • M&M’s: www.twitter.com/msgreen
      • LA Fire Department: www.twitter.com/lafd
      Tweeting your Story
    • Twitter Storytelling tips and tricks
      • Tell other people’s stories too (not all about you, dude)
      • Link like it’s going out of style: www.tinyurl.com
      • Ask questions, answer questions - have a dialogue
      • Share brain candy
      • Say thank you
      Tweeting your Story
    • Follow your Story’s Buzz www.tweetscan.com www.summize.com www.twitscoop.com Tweeting your Story
    • Do more with less with Twitter Tweeting your Story
    • Let’s review...
      • Tell your Story with modern tools
      • Know yourself, know your audience
      • Keep the Story eternal with Twitter
      Tell your Story, be a Hero http://flickr.com/photos/sandrino/248016804/
    • Thanks for being here!
      • Ed Schipul
      • Blog: www.brandtobedetermined.com Flickr: www.flickr.com/photos/eschipul Twitter: www.twitter.com/eschipul Slideshare: www.slideshare.net/eschipul