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Presentation of the Master Victimology and Criminal Justice of Tilburg Law School. Are you interested in this programme? Have a look at our website: ...

Presentation of the Master Victimology and Criminal Justice of Tilburg Law School. Are you interested in this programme? Have a look at our website:



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Presentation   master victimology and criminal justice - 2013 Presentation master victimology and criminal justice - 2013 Presentation Transcript

  • MSc Victimology and Criminal Justice
  • Master Information Evening  Short introduction of presenter dr. Felix Ndahinda / dr. Antony Pemberton  What is Victimology?  Overview of the Master program  Key features  The curriculum  Jan van Dijk Victimolgy and Victims‟ Rights Award  Sharing experiences  Opportunities  More information 12 december 2013 2
  • Master Victimology and Criminal Justice Dr. Felix M. Ndahinda / Dr. Antony Pemberton 12 december 2013 3
  • Who is Felix M. Ndahinda / Antony Pemberton?  Background  INTERVICT  Research activities  Role in Master program; educational activities 12 december 2013 4
  • Master Victimology and Criminal Justice What is Victimology? 12 december 2013 5
  • Victimology is … 12 december 2013 6
  • … and 12 december 2013 7
  • The extent of victimisation? How many victims of crime annually in the Netherlands A About 200 B About 200.000 C Over 1 million D Over 3 million 12 december 2013 8
  • Who runs the greatest risk of victimisation? 12 december 2013 9
  • The trauma of 1974 (and 2010) 12 december 2013 10
  • Trauma? What is the chance that a person develops PTSD as a consequence of a crime? A 80% B 20% C Depends on the crime D Depends on your social environment and your personal (psychological) characteristics 12 december 2013 11
  • Reactions to severe victimization  Most people (80%) o Intrusion (nightmares) o Avoidance (of memories and thoughts) o Irritability  When complaints continue for at least three months: possibly PTSD  With most people: complaints will diminish, without professional, psychological support 12 december 2013 12
  • Victims and criminal justice A video with prof. Jan van Dijk about the trial against Robert M. 12 december 2013 13
  • Master Victimology and Criminal Justice Overview of the Master program 12 december 2013 14
  • Master of Victimology and Criminal Justice - I  An Msc in Victimology and Criminal Justice (accredited in December 2011)  Taught in English  1 academic year  Starts end of August 2014 with preparatory courses, official start probably 8 September 2014  Montesquieu Track (double degree) 12 december 2013 15
  • Master of Victimology and Criminal Justice - II  Welcomes applicants with university degrees in: o Criminology o Law: i.e. national and international Criminal Law; Human Rights law; International and European Law; ….. o Liberal Arts o Sociology o Psychology, o Political Science o Anthropology Different specializations in these and very related fields o Other: on a case by case basis 12 december 2013 16
  • Master of Victimology and Criminal Justice - III  Application procedures are the same as for other programs offered by Tilburg Law School/Tilburg University (see last slide for website)  Enrolment status 2012-2013: 39 students in the Master 2013-2014: 58 students in the Master plus many other students enrolled in individual courses 12 december 2013 17
  • Master Victimology and Criminal Justice Key features 12 december 2013 18
  • Key features of the Master program - I  Innovative - unique in the world to focus on victimology: o Victimology is defined as “the social science of victims, of victimization, and of reactions toward both victimization and victims” o Particularly focuses on the interaction between victims and the criminal justice system  Interdisciplinary - combines various disciplines that feed into victimology: o Law, Criminology, Psychology, Political Science, Sociology, Anthropology and related fields  Two introductory courses are designed to bridge the disciplinary gaps between students; depending on their undergraduate educational backgrounds. 12 december 2013 19
  • Key features of the Master program - II Law Medical Studies Liberal Arts Victimology Psychology Political Science Sociology Anthropology Criminology 12 december 2013 20
  • Key features of the Master program - III  International-orientation (national relevance): o The various courses adopt a global and comparative focus o The program targets Dutch and international students  Program administered by INTERVICT: o An institute with global reputation as a leading authority in the field of victimology o This will ensure quality education by qualified staff and renowned visiting lecturers part of INTERVICT network o Students will benefit from the theoretical and practical wealth of knowledge accumulated by INTERVICT 12 december 2013 21
  • Master Victimology and Criminal Justice Curriculum 12 december 2013 22
  • Curriculum - I  Intensive preparatory courses in August „Introduction to Research Methodologies in Social Sciences‟ or „Introduction to Law‟ o During the last week of August and first week of September o 18 lectures and an evaluation session for each preparatory course o 2 lecture sessions a day (morning and afternoon) o Lectures are concluded with an evaluation (not part of the formal ECTS)  Tutorials by lecturers and other INTERVICT staff if needed  Official start of courses of the Master program on 8 September 2013 (academic year 2014-2015); 12 december 2013 23
  • Curriculum - II 12 december 2013 24
  • Curriculum - III  Master Thesis is an individual assignment on a topic either proposed the student or chosen from a list Master student Joukje van der Ven was inspired by a guest lecture by Joris IJzermans (a researcher on early intervention after disasters and calamities at the Dutch Nivel Institute) in the course Disasters, Calamities and Victimization: „My master thesis is on psychosocial needs of victims of disasters and calamities, and Joris IJzermans drew my attention towards the importance of the uniting of victims, and peer support. Ones’ social environment should offer the main source of support for the victims of disasters and calamities. It was an eye-opener for me, to hear this from an ‘expert’ from the field like IJzermans, after simply reading about it in scientific literature.’ 12 december 2013 25
  • Curriculum - IV  Extra-curricula, not compulsory, recommended activities: o Internships may be arranged within INTERVICT or other institutions Master student Cheryl Overeem is working at INTERVICT on a research project about sexual abuse. ‘......I have the opportunity to further deepen my knowledge about psychological consequences of sexual abuse, but I am also motivated to learn about the legal aspects that surround it.’ o Intensive seminar week in Leuven (Belgium) on political crimes and transitional justice (Catholic University Leuven, University of Tubingen - Spring) Master students visited the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY). They were „lucky‟ to attend a session involving Karadžić and Mladić. 12 december 2013 26
  • Curriculum - V o Study trip to Rwanda (organized by INTERVICT PhD Alphonse Muleefu, Spring) Very interesting according to three Master students that participated: ‘…. to all future students: if you have the opportunity to participate in the trip you should really go! For us it was a great experience that we will never forget!’ o Post-graduate course in Victimology (DubrovnikCroatia, Spring) 12 december 2013 27
  • Master Victimology and Criminal Justice Sharing experiences 12 december 2013 28
  • Two Master students elaborate … Julia van Egeraat, Karin Keeris, Joshua Meulendijks and Joanna Spek about:  their background and expectations before the start of the program  their opinion about the content of the courses, the teaching, the workload, the interdisciplinary mix and adaptation  studying at Tilburg University  Research Master  the Master Victimology and Criminal Justice as a second Master  Master thesis, internship and graduation  a future career More on Facebook or in our newsletter. 12 december 2013 29
  • Master Victimology and Criminal Justice Opportunities 12 december 2013 30
  • Jan van Dijk Victimology and Victims‟ Rights Award  Initiated by Ministry of Security and Justice and Victim Support Fund  Aim is to get attention for the position of the victim in academic education and research at Dutch universities  Named after INTERVICT professor Jan van Dijk as token of appreciation for his contribution to the development of knowledge in the field of victims  Award for the best PhD dissertation and for the best Master thesis in the field of victimology: the rights of and assistance to victims relevant to the legal status or (legal, social, psychological) assistance to victims of crime and accidents, or for the development of scientific knowledge on these subjects.  More information on 12 december 2013 31
  • Your professional future  Different bodies at international and national levels (public or private sectors)  Examples include but are not limited to: o Governmental entities generally or specifically dealing with victims/related issues - various ministries - local government entities dealing with victims/social issues - victim support or psychological assistance bodies o European and international institutions dealing with victims of crime and/or human rights violations: - o International criminal tribunals such as the International Criminal Court non-governmental bodies such as the International Centre for Justice, Redress, Amnesty International and the EU Fundamental Rights Agency Transitional Academic (education and research) institutions: possibilities for PhD 12 december 2013 32
  • Master Victimology and Criminal Justice More information 12 december 2013 33
  • Registration, information and contact details  To register, visit  For more information, visit:  To contact us personally for more information and questions, contact us through or: o Kathelijn van Heeswijk (Coordinator Master) o Dr. Felix Ndahinda (Program coordinator Master) o Dr. Antony Pemberton (Program manager Master ) 12 december 2013 34
  • Master Victimology and Criminal Justice Thank you for your interest in our Master program. We hope to welcome you in August! 12 december 2013 35
  • A final reason to apply... An enthusiastic student tells you why: „The welcoming and open atmosphere, the high standards of INTERVICT, the enthusiasm of all the staff members, the new, progressive and innovative elements of the study, the opportunities the study and the staff bring you or are willing to help you with.‟ 12 december 2013 36