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Smarter Planet & Innovation
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Smarter Planet & Innovation


Smarter Planet and Internet of Things overview from the CBS Management of Innovation and Business Development day held at IBM Copenhagen feb 23.

Smarter Planet and Internet of Things overview from the CBS Management of Innovation and Business Development day held at IBM Copenhagen feb 23.

Published in Technology , Business
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  • 1. Smarter PlanetKim Escherich, Executive Innovation Architect, IBM Global Business Services 1
  • 2. •  Msc Econ/Cand. Polit. University of Copenhagen, 1991 •  Managing IT- & Services Strategically CBS/SIMI, 2001Ability to function at all levels of agiven problem and across severaldomains: Strategy, business,technology, implementation •  Build smarter cities Architect a solution, i.e. to bridge •  Create awareness of ”The Internet of business requirements with Things” technical capabilities and design •  Intelligent transport systems what is inbetween •  Build a traceability architectures for the food industry •  Design solutions to track sea containers •  Executive Innovation Architect Optimze the construction industry by integration of 3D building models with RFID-tagged construction materials •  Challenge the way banks think about Develop ideas and solutions addressing client marketing by implementing digital problems – using new technology media •  Optimise the way galactic IT- implementation projects collaborates •  And…2
  • 3. The purpose of this session is to introduce you toIBM Mobile SolutionsSmarter Planet – a paradigm shift that will change theway we view the world and our systems3 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 4. IBM Mobile SolutionsWHAT IS HAPPENING OUT THERE? © 2012 IBM Corporation4
  • 5. IBM Global Business ServicesThe  future  is  already  here    –  its  just  not  evenly  distributed     © 2011 IBM
  • 6. 6
  • 7. IBM Global Business Services © 2011 IBM
  • 8. 8
  • 9. IBM Global Business Services Billions     of  RFID-­‐tags  embedded   into  our  world  and   across  ecosystems   Billions     of  camera  phones  9 INSTRUMENTED   © 2011 IBM
  • 10. IBM Global Business Services +2  billion     Internet-­‐subscribers   +20  billion     Connected  devices  10 INTERCONNECTED   © 2011 IBM
  • 11. IBM Global Business Services Petaflop   Super  computers   Ze;abytes     of  Internet  traffic   ScienNsts  working  to  prevent     influenza  outbreaks,  model  the   IP-­‐traffic  exceeded  1  ZeFabyte  in   viruses  with  a  super-­‐computer   2011  –  a  540.000x  increase  from   operaNng  at  one  petaflop   2003.  11 INTELLIGENT   © 2011 IBM
  • 12. 340.282.366.920.938.463.463.374.607.431.768.211.456   Connected  things   50   40   Billion   30   20   10   People   0   2003   2010   2015   2020  12 Source:  Cisco  IoT  2011  infographic  
  • 13. Today’s Users Internet Computers Phones Extended Mobile Assets Internet Static Assets Controllers Smart Sensors Microprocessors and Microcontrollers13
  • 14. We  are  ushering  in  a  new  wave  of  innovaIon   Age   6th  Wave   Age     of  IT  &   of  Oil,  Cars   Telecom Age     and  Mass     of  Steel,     ProducNon   Electricity   5th  Wave   and  Heavy     Engineering   4th  Wave   Smarter  InnovaIon   Age     of  Steam     and  Railways 3rd  Wave    Products   The     Industrial     §  Instrumented,   RevoluNon 2nd  Wave   interconnected,     and  intelligent   1st  Wave   §  Building  blocks     for  a  smarter  planet   §  Sustainability   1770   1830   1875   1920   1970   2010   *Source:    “Next  GeneraNon  Green:  Tomorrow’s  InnovaNon  Green  Business  Leaders”,  Business  Week,  Feb  4,  2008  
  • 15. IBMWATSON15
  • 16. IBM Mobile SolutionsINTERESTING INNOVATIONS © 2012 IBM Corporation16
  • 17. http://www.poken.com/spark © 2010 IBM Corporation
  • 18. SKÅL Media Player http://www.skaal.no18
  • 19. Karotz http://www.karotz.com19
  • 20. Nest The learning thermostat http://www.senseaware.com20
  • 21. Ambient Umbrellahttp://www.ambientdevices.com/products/umbrella.html 21
  • 22. AR.Drone http://ardrone.parrot.com22
  • 23. SenseAware http://www.senseaware.com23
  • 24. 24
  • 25. IBM Mobile SolutionsTHE CITY CONTEXT © 2012 IBM Corporation25
  • 26. InnovaNve  leaders  create  opportuniNes  from  today’s  harsh  realiNes   Sustainability   Investment   InnovaIon   Community   Declining   Increasing   Budgets   Threats   Aging   Changing   Infrastructure   PopulaNons  26 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 27. Working harder is not sustainable Cities require innovative approaches27 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 28. Leaders  must  innovate  across  a  myriad  of  services  to  meet  and  exceed  ciNzen  expectaNons   Planning and Management Design  and  execute  a  city   Government  and  Agency   Urban  Planning       AdministraIon   plan  to  realize  full  potenNal   for  ciNzens  and  business;   while  efficiently  running   Planning and daily  operaNons   Management Environmental     Public  Safety     Infrastructure Deliver  efficient  fundamental   Human city  services  that  make  a  city   Infrastructure livable  for  ciNzens.   Social  and   Energy     Health   and  Water   Human Provide  effecNve  services   EducaIon   TransportaIon   that  support  the  economic,   social  and  health  needs  of   ciNzens.  28 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 29. Applying  insight  from  over  2,000  projects  with  ciNes  of  all  sizes     Predictive analytics In Delft, developingSmart metering in helped slash Data analytics enhanced floodMalta helps Richmond’s helped cut crime prediction andcitizens pay only crime rate by 35% in NYC protection systems forfor the energythey use 40% coastal areas and river deltas in one year In downtown Stockholm In Taiwan, smart traffic systems helped Peak energy 99% Miami-Dade County Public reduce gridlock by 20% loads fell by 15% when IBM helped Schools have homes in the Pacific of smarter IBM helps Amsterdam Airport Northwest talk trains run on time increased academic Schiphol move 20 million straight to the grid achievement more bags every year with a across the board smarter baggage system Patterns for Leveraging Information, Anticipating Problems, Coordinating Resources29 © 2012 IBM Corporation
  • 30. IBM Mobile SolutionsBUSINESS & ARCHITECTURAL CHALLENGE © 2012 IBM Corporation30
  • 31. Understand  how  technology  IBM Global Business Services extends  the  product  and  services   dimensions   •  Sense,  measure   •  Localise   •  Physical  compuIng   •  Social  compuIng   •  Understand  data  aspects   •  Break  out  of  compuIng  metaphor   •  Design   •  Usability  31 © 2011 IBM
  • 32. Thank  you       Kim  Escherich   IBM  Global  Business  Services   escherich@dk.ibm.com   +45  2880  4733     internetolhings.dk   escherich.biz   @kescherich   /in/escherich   /escherich   kescherich@gmail.com  32