RFID in DK conference: Rfid and Smarter Planet


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From the RFID in DK Conference 2011. Perspectives on RFID in the context of Internet of Things

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RFID in DK conference: Rfid and Smarter Planet

  1. 1. IBM Global Business Services1 © 2011 IBM
  2. 2. IBM Global Business ServicesWe are moving into a new scenario where the needs to connect thephysical and digital worlds are exponentially increasing “ ”INSTRUMENTED INTERCONNECTED INTELLIGENTObjects gets sensoring abiliy, technology Objects are interconnected by networks Ccompetitive power comes from the ability tocontrols awareness of objects building Internet of Things analyse and understand network of things © 2011 IBM
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  4. 4. We are ushering in a new wave of innovation Age 6th Wave Age of IT & of Oil, Cars Telecom Age and Mass of Steel, Production 5th Wave Electricity and Heavy Engineering 4th Wave SmarterInnovation Age 3rd Wave of Steam and Railways Products The Industrial Revolution 2nd Wave  Instrumented, inte 1st Wave rconnected, and intelligent  Building blocks for a smarter planet  Sustainability 1770 1830 1875 1920 1970 2010 *Source: “Next Generation Green: Tomorrow‟s Innovation Green Business Leaders”, Business Week, Feb 4, 2008
  5. 5. IBM Global Business Services RFID Position Sensor What GPS Where Cellular Temperature Humidity When Why Fluid levels … © 2011 IBM
  6. 6. Our planet is a complex, dynamic and highly interrelated $54 Trillionsystem-of-systems This chart shows „systems„ (not „industries„) Communication Transportation $ 3.96 Tn $ 6.95 Tn Education $ 1.36 Tn Water $ 0.13 Tn Leisure / Recreation / Electricity Clothing $ 2.94 Tn $ 7.80 Tn Global system-of-systems $54 Trillion (100% of WW 2008 GDP) Healthcare $ 4.27 Tn Infrastructure Legend for system inputs $ 12.54 Tn Note: Same Industry 1. Size of bubbles represents Business Support systems‟ economic values IT Systems 2. Arrows represent the strength of Energy Resources systems‟ interaction Machinery Finance Food Govt. & Safety 1 Tn Materials Source: IBV analysis based on OECD $ 4.58 Tn $ 5.21 Tn Trade $ 4.89 Tn 6
  7. 7. A system-of-systems is defined by a set of characteristics  Components are interrelated and interconnected through a Interrelated cause & effect relationship, albeit with some time lags  Dynamic and ever-changing as a result of the evolution of Emergent systems and the interactions between them  Comprises of individual systems that can work Open independently but are compatible and free to interact with each other  A conceptual whole made up of different systems with Heterogeneous varied behaviour, characteristics and intentions7
  8. 8. System-of-Systems Definition: Understanding interrelationships is the necessarybasis for optimization System-of-Systems Definition: What are the most significant relationships amongst systems? Global transportation industry segments share, 2006 ILLUSTRATIVE Air Government Renewables Fossil Fuels Network Management Ship Road & Rail Trans Infra Power MRO Services Distributor Dealer Component manufacturers Rails Road Transportation Customer Suppliers OEM Air Infrastructure Industrial Ship Machinery Metals/ Materials Hi Tech Fuel Supply Fuel Station MRO Services Power Refineries Fossil Fuels Renewables Key factors restraining the systems: Core value chain participants Primary system interactions 1. Fuel wastage 2. Capacity constraints/wastage 3.Pollution & Efficiency Material Flow Information Flow Secondary system interaction 8
  9. 9. IBM Global Business Services © 2011 IBM
  10. 10. IBM Global Business Services © 2011 IBM
  11. 11. IBM Global Business Services RFID & A Smarter Planet What we are seeing today & near future11 © 2011 IBM
  12. 12. TRANSFORMING BUSINESS VIA SENSOR SOLUTIONS Matiq: Employs RFID tags to trace meat and poultry from Airbus: In a strategic move, RFID is being utilized to the farm to store shelves to ensure safety and freshness automate the tracking of aircraft segments while improving and provide more transparency to consumers. supply chain visibility and reducing costs. Honda Italia: Implemented RFID component tracking Container Centralen: Counterfeit prevention and supply solution to improve production efficiency and quality. chain visibility in returnable transport item handling in the European Green Sector Metro: Using RFID technology throughout its entire supply DHL: Developed and implemented a real-time monitoring chain to help them get the merchandise the customers want system using RFID and sensing technology to monitor on the shelves when they want them. temperature sensitive shipments while in transit. Stockholm, Sweden: An intelligent toll system in the city Volkswagen: Implemented RFID container tracking system center resulted in 20% less traffic, 40% lower emissions and to drive increased efficiency, enhanced visibility and a rapid 40,000 additional users of the public transportation system. ROI.
  13. 13. IBM Global Business Services Receiving Process Flow Airbus 5a. 1. 3. 4. Airbus 2. 5b. 2. Parts KPI Analysis Supplier Advance Shipping Track Shipment Notice Enterprise Movement from Server 4.Receiving to Transmit ASN Inventory 1. Furnishing Airbus Parts Warehouse / Inventory Alert if partsTag Parts Hangar container is& Validate Elevator / Lift delivered toShipment the wrong place 5b. Alert if the wrong shipment is delivered or Upper Deck if shipment Track Parts 5a. contains Containers Deck Main to wrong parts Assembly Area Lower Deck Floor Deck RFID Readers (Identification Checkpoints): Receiving Airbus Assembly / Factory Floor Can be deployed using RFID Track Shipments portals or Mobile RFID Solution 3. Entering the Warehouse © 2011 IBM
  14. 14. IBM Global Business ServicesSmart buildings: A giant opportunity on getting to a more sustainable world Portfolio Water Energy Elevators Estates Mgmt Smart Meters, Smart Meters, Maintenance, Use / Flow Sensing Demand response Performance Weather Current Asset Mgmt Fire Predictions Lifecycle Functionality checks, HVAC Detector service Fans, Variable Air Energy Use Volume, Air Quality Passive/Active Emergency Services Alerts, Actions Analytics and OptimizationBuilding Services Maintenance External Integration Utilities Occupancy Demand Mgmt, Space Mgmt Cost Control Tenant Services Help Desk Lighting Community Occupancy Sensing Services Waste Mgmt Access/Security Transportation,Trash/Water/Recycle Badge in, Traffic, Events Cameras, Integration 24/7 Monitoring Perimeter, Doors, Compliance Condition Monitoring, Floors, Occupancy Parking Lot Utilization CommercialEnvironmental reports Potential Voice/Video/Data AdvertisementIndustry Specific Hospital, hotel, etc. Integrated Building & Communications Services © 2011 IBM
  15. 15. IBM Global Business ServicesIntelligent Transport Systems: The most effective short-term way to clean uppolluted city air, promote energy efficiency and create more liveable urbancentres © 2011 IBM
  16. 16. IBM Global Business ServicesHudson River: River and estuary observatory network © 2011 IBM
  17. 17. IBM Global Business Services“Deep Thunder” local high-resolution short-term forecasts17 © 2011 IBM
  18. 18. IBM Global Business Services Storm Water Intelligent Management – Environment for CSO Innovative technologies such as High resolution weather and flooding models Smart Manhole Covers are used are used to generate accurate flood maps with to detect sewer flow levels specifics on impact areas Wireless network links monitoring devices to central command center Stormwater Management Data can also drawn from more Command Center traditional SCADA/sensors systems. Advanced analytics and optimization engines generate recommended actions for flood avoidance Search for all assets of the Type ‘natural channel’ with Valves, pumps or inflatable condition = 3 in this area. Results are highlighted in blue dams are controlledSewer system data can also be All assets of the same type in this area highlighted in blue dynamically to balance linked with asset & workflow inline sewer storage and tools to manage any specific avoid potential overflows. maintenance requests © 2011 IBM
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  20. 20. IBM Global Business Services20 © 2011 IBM
  21. 21. Our world is becoming INSTRUMENTED Our world is becoming INTERCONNECTED Virtually all things, processes and ways of working are becoming INTELLIGENT22