2009 Annual Report 12 Page


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Executive Service Corps of Cincinnati\'s 2009 Report to the Community

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2009 Annual Report 12 Page

  1. 1. 2009 Annual Report Empowering Nonprofits
  2. 2. Mission Statement To help nonprofits achieve their missions by providing high quality, affordable consulting services Vision Statement We are the consulting organization of choice for nonprofits, volunteers and funders.
  3. 3. 2009 Board of Directors Dear Friends: Fred Heyse, Chair In spite of the recession and the drastic cuts in funding in the nonprofit community, we have emerged with record-setting numbers in 2009, both in Randy Harris, Vice Chair terms of projects completed as well as the number of volunteers we added. We Robert Conklin, Treasurer provided more than 80 capacity-building projects and increased by 58 the number of new members recruited during the year for a total of 100+ volunteers June Reynolds, Secretary by the end of the year. Terry Bruck We had our full share of difficulties similar to most other nonprofits in 2009; however, the silver lining for us during the recession has been an increase in the Daniel Groneck number of nonprofits seeking assistance in order to operate at higher efficiencies U.S. Bank and an increase of talented professional volunteer consultants who chose to give back to the community while keeping their skills sharp after finding themselves Aubrey Herman underemployed. Ameriprise Financial Inc. The community benefit to the nonprofit sector in the Greater Cincinnati/ Fred Joffe, Ph.D. Northern Kentucky area was 10,423 donated hours of service valued conservatively at $1.04 million. This created benefits to 91 client organizations in William Krul II the form of increased effectiveness plus cost savings in excess of $1 million. Miller-Valentine Group In addition to consulting with individual nonprofits, ESCC began working on Margaret Lawson several larger initiatives during the year that exceeded our normal scope. A few Taft, Stettinius & Hollister of our higher impact projects for 2009 include Cincinnati Public Schools initiative, Dan Beard Council of the Boy Scouts of America, FreeStore FoodBank capacity- Carol Leigh building initiative, Nonprofit Leadership Institute, and Advanced Board Officers Training. Brian Leshner Student Activity Foundation We lost our Executive Director in 2009, but worked hard to recover. Mr. Andrew McCreanor will join us as ED/CEO in May 2010. Carole Register Looking ahead to 2010 and beyond we are very excited about new opportunities Robert Reifsnyder to serve the nonprofit community. We are partnering with Talbert House as part United Way of Greater Cincinnati of a Federal grant to provide capacity-building services to their agencies. And we are partnering, as well, with Procter & Gamble to provide a wide variety of Neil Tilow services to their employees who want to volunteer on community boards. By Talbert House increasing our reach into the funding community while holding our costs to a minimum we will continue to grow and serve. Staff Jerry Lewis, Interim Executive Director Molly Brooks, Operations/ Program Manager Frederick H. Heyse Darlyne Koretos, Director Board Chair of Support Services
  4. 4. ESCC’S MOST REQUESTED SERVICES Organizational Development — Assessing your organization Do you need to: Find a way to move forward? Determine the best processes to use at your agency? We offer solutions by helping to: Learn to use the tools for assessing growth. Design an organization to fit your mission. Board Development — Providing the critical resources for success Do you need to: Conduct effective board/committee meetings? Help the board understand board and staff roles? We offer solutions by helping to: Clarify staff and board roles and responsibilities. Make board meetings more productive. Strategic Planning — Envisioning the future and anticipating change Do you need to: Set goals for the years ahead? Reexamine the organization's mission and focus? We offer solutions by helping: Determine stakeholders' views and commitment. Identify and resolve strategic issues. Marketing and Public Relations -- Getting the message out for more effective communications, PR, and marketing Do you need to: Expose funders to your mission? Overcome the feeling that you are "the best-kept secret in town"? We offer solutions by helping to: Develop marketing strategies. Strategize for more effective fundraising. Coaching/Mentoring -- for executive directors and/or board chairs — Moving you toward greater heights Do you need to: Bounce ideas and strategies off someone? Provide leadership training to your board chair? We offer solutions by helping to: Walk you through solutions by effectual questions. Tailor training to meet any circumstance. Human Resources Management — Maximizing the potential of staff and volunteers Do you need to: Meet the demand for more services with the same or fewer staff? Attract and effectively utilize volunteers? We offer solutions by helping to: Create tools for higher productivity. Develop plans for recruitment and use of volunteers.
  5. 5. MAJOR ESCC PROGRAMS AND PROJECTS ESCC Leadership Development Programs NLI – Nonprofit Leadership Institute is a dynamic, interactive eight-month program specifically designed for executive directors and senior managers interested in strengthening their management skills for better effectiveness. Each monthly day-long module, while distinct, will cumulatively provide expanded knowledge for managing a nonprofit organization. Workshops include Leadership Skills, Board Development, Strategic Planning, Fundraising, Volunteer Management, Financial Management, Outcomes, Collaborations. Classes run from September-May. ABOT – Advanced Board Officers Training is a five-week program designed for nonprofit board officers and board members interested in learning about the skills needed to move into an officer role on the board. The evening program, co-sponsored with NKU’s Institute for Nonprofit Capacity (INC) covers Leadership Skills, Role of Board and Board Officers, Use of Committees, Assessment of Board Composition, Board Recruitment, Establishing Expectations for Board, Board Succession Planning, Strategic Thinking, Community Asset Mapping, Use of Outcomes, Financial Management, Board/Staff Relations, Collaborations/Partnerships/Mergers, Fundraising, and Marking/PR. Other Programs Talbert House -- ESCC is partnering with Talbert House to provide 240 hours of training and 2,800 hours of technical assistance, coaching and mentoring for 90 nonprofit agencies in Southwest Ohio as part of a capacity- building program for small, emerging and existing faith-based and community organizations. This Compassion Capital Program is funded by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, Administration for Children and Families to promote the economic and social well-being of families, children, individuals and communities. Thirty of the agencies in this program will be awarded competitive sub-awards ranging from $1,000 to $10,000. The program runs from January-September 2010. Freestore Foodbank and ESCC are partnering in a program designed to increase capacity of FSFB agencies from 10 million pounds of food a year to 14 million pounds. Under this 10 month program that will run from September 2009 till May 2010, ESCC will coach up to 20 FSFB agencies one-on-one, as well as provide monthly leadership training sessions to assist these food pantries reach this goal. To gauge outcomes, an organizational assessment was conducted by each attendee with their trained coach. In addition, each attendee used Strengths Finder 2.0 to leverage their strengths and to build their team. Attendees were split into three teams focused on specific areas such as Partnerships/Collaborations, Agencies Providing more than Food Services and Computers and Facilities. Program will be repeated in the Fall. Major Projects Cincinnati Public Schools – Total of 10 projects funded in 2009 (and continuing into 2010) by The Procter & Gamble Fund – all of which saved CPS money and increased efficiencies. In one project alone where ESCC helped negotiate a five-year bus service contract for all CPS elementary schools we saved the district $2M a year and $8M over the life of the contract. Dan Beard Council of the Boy Scouts of America – Completed supervising construction of the new $7.7M, 27,000 sq. ft. Midwest headquarters at a savings of $200,000.
  6. 6. ESCC Honor Roll of Donors Executive Service Corps of Cincinnati depends on contributions from corporations, foundations and individuals in order to continue serving its fellow nonprofits. The individuals and organizations financially assisting ESCC consider our organization an important ally of their own philanthropic interests. We thank them for their generosity, for it is only with their support that our work can continue. 2009 Benchmark Society (contributed $1,000 or more) Anonymous Margaret Lawson Anonymous June Reynolds Edward Hand Corporate, Foundations and Public Funding Procter & Gamble Fund Fred Lazarus, Jr. Foundation Ed and Joann Hubert Family Foundation Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile, Jr./US Bank Sidley Austin Foundation Foundation G. A. Avril Company In-Kind Contributions Jeff’s Driving School Friends of ESCC James Baker Randy Harris Carole Register Alan Bath Fred Heyse Russell Rosen Barbara Bonney Paul Hoeting Penina Sachs Jerry Braunheim Henry Hofeler John Seifert Donna Brockway Frederick Joffe Clifford Shisler William Brown Julia Johnson Carlin Stamm Terry Bruck Larry Kissel Debbie Strawser Hirsh Cohen Ronald Koelle Bill Stuart Robert Conklin Craig Kowalski Peter Teitelman Richard Daniels Carol Leigh Neil Tilow Hugh Dayton Joseph Linahan David Wallace George Dershimer William Luerssen David Weisshaar Ann Dinan Glenn Miller John Wenker Win Edge Madolyn Mumma David Westerbeck John Ewalt Charles Murphy Rev. Chris White Richard Fencl Nicholas Payne Alan Zenz Dennis Fennema Thomas Pishioneri Donald Funke David Rachmiel “ESCC helps increase the capacity of the entire Greater Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky nonprofit sector by helping nonprofit organizations in this area meet their missions more effectively and efficiently.” Tim Maloney, President The Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile, Jr./US Bank Foundation
  7. 7. Clients Served in 2009 American Red Cross LifeSpan Building Blocks for Kids Linden Grove School The Carnegie Visual and Mayerson Jewish Community Center Performing Arts Center Midfest International Cincinnati Athletic Club Northern Kentucky University Cincinnati Computer Co-Op Norwood Service League Community Land Co-op Ohio Justice & Policy Center Cincinnati Public Schools Ohio Valley Tennis Association Dan Beard Council of the Boy Scouts of America Proctor & Gamble Emanuel Community Center PAST Foundation Recovery Link RiverSpan Regional Art Alliance Sarah Center-St. Francis Seraph Services to Area Youth (STAY) Spina Bifida Association St. Nicholas Academy Talbert House The Point/ARC of Northern Kentucky United Coalition of Animals (UCAN) Urban League of Greater Cincinnati W.E.B. Dubois School Warren County Convention & Visitors Bureau Warren County Readers Faces Without Places Freestore Foodbank Full Circle Group Glad House IKRON Inclusion Network Inter Parish Ministry Jewish Vocational Service Joy Outdoor Education Center Lifepoint Solutions “ESCC is well positioned to provide those professional services that so many nonprofits need. Their work on board development alone is so valuable. Their experi- ence and enthusiasm infects the board and the staff and the result of their work is ten times greater than the or- ganization ever anticipated.” Don Hoffman, President & CEO The Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati
  8. 8. Percent of Services by Sector Arts/Culture, 5 Health, 4 Youth/Children, 5 Education, 31 Other, 6 Disabilities, 10 Community Dev., 15 Social Services, 23 “As a strong advocate of educational improvement in Cincinnati both personally and as a P&G employee, I salute and support the efforts of Executive Service Corps of Cincinnati in their continuing work with CPS and other educational institutions in the community.” Sean Parker, Government and Community Relations Manager, Procter & Gamble Board Member, Cincinnati Public Schools
  9. 9. 2009 Volunteer Consultants ESCC is privileged to have a wide array of volunteer consultants from many sectors of the business and nonprofit communities. Our volunteers serve our organization and our nonprofit community in many valuable ways – from coaching to consulting to serving on our board, as well as volunteering as a valuable part of our small staff. They join ESCC for many reasons – from a desire to give back to the community, to wanting to learn new skills, to keeping current skills fresh, to making new friends. We are very grateful for our wonderful volunteers. Without them this organization could not exist. This year we are proud to report that we have increased by 58 the number of new members recruited during the year for a total of 100+ volunteers by the end of 2009. The vast knowledge our volunteer consultants bring to us, coupled with extensive training ESCC provides on an ongoing basis is a win-win solution to the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky nonprofit community. We are able to follow our mission by providing very high quality services at a very low cost. The community benefit to the nonprofit sector in the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area was 10,423 donated hours of service valued conservatively at $1.04 million. This created benefits to 91 client organization in the form of increased effectiveness plus cost savings in excess of $1 million. “I truly appreciate the ESCC consultants and staff....a very professional group who are highly motivated to help others. I have been so richly blessed; it is a joy to help the non- profit organizations who reach out to others. Our work is so fulfilling...sharing our blessings with those in need.” Denny Fennema, Retired Director of Strategic Capacity Planning for Fidelity Investments. Recipient of ESCC’s 2009 Founder’s Award for Excellence. ESCC member since 1993. “I am new to Cincinnati and ESCC has allowed me to reach out to the City of Cincinnati through a volunteer action. A great way to learn the city and know its people is through its nonprofits. Also, the training that’s provided to volunteers is excellent. It far exceeds what I expected to receive. And it’s a great way to get exposed to consulting.” Donna Brockway is the Owner/President of Castlehill Group, Inc., an independent consulting firm. ESCC member since 2009. “I personally have enjoyed working with a wide variety of nonprofit executive directors -- whether it’s coaching or a consulting project. I enjoy helping highly talented people grow even more so they can better serve their client community.” Alan Bath, Retired Beauty Care IT Section Manager, Procter & Gamble. ESCC member since 2006. “The dedicated volunteers from ESCC have been able to adapt their wealth of knowledge and skills to meet the needs of a small non profit. They invest a great deal of time preparing and working on the projects, and demonstrated a genuine care and concern about the organization.” Adrienne Cenci, Executive Director Glad House, Inc.
  10. 10. Executive Service Corps of Cincinnati Financial Statements Statement of Cash Flow 2009 2008 Receipts Foundation & Corporate Gifts $60,000 $74,500 Member Dues & Individual Contributions $19,940 $13,795 Client Project Fees $73,700 $95,250 Programs & Events $9,800 $500 Interest & Other Income $367 $2,473 Total Receipts $163,807 $186,518 Expenses Operating Expenses - Total $212,969 $199,799 Excess of Receipts over Expenses -$49,162 -$13,281 Statement of Assets As of December 31 2009 2008 Checking Account Balance $48,061 $59,053 Money Market Account $29,920 $0 Brokerage Account $110 $67,680 Total Assets $78,091 $126,733 Restricted Grants $59,000 $64,000 Net Cash Available for Operations $19,091 $62,733 Review of 2009 Financial Results I have performed an internal review of The Executive Service Corps of Cincinnati, Inc. financial records for the year ending December 31, 2009. The scope of this review was to verify on a test basis the bal- ances in the general ledger accounts, assess accounting procedures and provide recommendations regarding observed deficiencies. Summary During the review, no material errors were found in the financial records. Volunteers performing the bookkeeping functions and the reviewer of accounting records appear to have appropriate accounting skills and knowledge about the ESCC to maintain accurate financial records. Submitted by Andrei Kholodov, CPA April 4, 2010
  11. 11. “The projects that ESCC completed for Emanuel Center since 2004 – strategic planning, HR, marketing – have allowed our organization to move to the next level. Your incredible corps of volunteers are not only experts in their respective fields but they truly are concerned about the nonprofit sector and want to help.” Karyl Cunningham, CEO Emanuel Community Center
  12. 12. escc@cinci.rr.org www.esccincinnati.org 513.791.6230