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eScan Android Presentation
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eScan Android Presentation


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. www.escanav.comeScan Android SecurityVer: 1.1AP (030513)
  • 2. www.escanav.comwww.escanav.comAgenda• What is eScan Mobile and Tablet Security• Customization• Business Models for Mobile Operators
  • 3. www.escanav.comwww.escanav.comDevice Theft or Loss1Malwares and other threats243Unwanted Calls & SMS Filtering5Parental and unwanted application control for teenagersRogue Applications from market2Challenges
  • 4. www.escanav.comwww.escanav.comeScan Mobile and Tablet Security Features
  • 5. www.escanav.comComparisonFeatures eScan Mobile Security eScan Tablet SecurityAnti-Virus Yes YesScheduled Updates Yes YesCall & SMS Filter Yes NoBackup and Restore Yes NoParental & Application Control Yes YesPrivacy Control Yes YesAnti-Theft Yes YesNotifications Yes YesPassword Control Yes Yes* Android logo is taken from
  • 6. www.escanav.comAnti-Theft Features• Locate your device, if it is lost or stolen.• Remotely Block or Wipe your Device• Maintain access to your device, even if itsSIM card is replaced• Maintain remote access to your deviceeven if device does not support SIM card*Anti-Theft Via SMS method is available in eScan for Mobile Security
  • 7. www.escanav.comIf your device is lost or stolen…1. Send an SMS from any second device toyour lost device number (lock:SecretCode)2. Once the SMS is received – your lost deviceis blocked !… or the content is wiped if you’ve sent awipe command.Anti-Theft : Block and Wipe*Anti-Theft Via SMS method is available in eScan for Mobile Security
  • 8. www.escanav.comAnti-Theft : Locate via GPSTo locate your lost device…1. Send an SMS from any second deviceto your lost device number2. Get a mapped location of your lostdevice in your email!** the information is sent only when avalid GPS connection is established*Anti-Theft Via SMS method is available in eScan for Mobile Security
  • 9. www.escanav.comAnti-Theft : SIM WatchChanging the SIM card in your device is the very firstthing a thief will do, in order to remain untraceable.1. eScan Mobile Security is designed to autolockwhen a new SIM is detected2. The new number is secretly reported to you viaSMS and email3. You then have a new number to Block, Wipe andLocate remotely!… or you can choose to report this numberto the police.*Anti-Theft Via SMS method is available in eScan for Mobile Security
  • 10. www.escanav.comAnti-Theft : ScreamWith eScan’s Scream feature you can make your device expelan audible alarm.1. You can rapidly find your device if you havemislaid it somewhere.2. The alarm can be activated via the Anti-Theft WebManagement portal or simply by sending your device aspecial text message.3. Your secret code can be used to deactivate the alarm.*Anti-Theft Via SMS method is available in eScan for Mobile Security
  • 11. www.escanav.comwww.escanav.comWhat if a thief doesnot replace the SIM card?
  • 12. www.escanav.comAnti-Theft : Without SIMIf SIM is not replaced or if the device does not house a SIM slot. Then what???1. Register your device on eScan Anti-theft portal.2. In case of device lost or stolen. Login to withyour registered email id and password and remotely control your device.* This feature needs an active internet connection on device*Anti-Theft Without SMS method is available in eScan for Tablet Security
  • 13. www.escanav.comCall and SMS FilterBlock unwanted calls and SMSs from wastingyour precious time.
  • 14. www.escanav.comCall and SMS Filter1. Received a call or a SMS from unknownnumber?2. Notification will be displayed to block orallow the number.3. Single-click to add this number to White Listor Black list4. Wild card support…e.g. you can block any number ending with 938with following parameter %938
  • 15. www.escanav.comParental & Application ControlEasily protect your kids from accessinginappropriate websites & control the apps theydownload.
  • 16. www.escanav.comParental & Application Control1. Restrict your child’s calls and SMSs.2. Use GPS Find to locate your child in caseof an emergency.3. Restrict unwanted applications fromexecuting.4. Blocks anonymous proxy servers bydefault.5. Blocks newly installed applications bydefault
  • 17. www.escanav.comAnti-MalwareReal time scanner to protect against ongoingmobile threatsThe latest mobile security technologiesprotects your device from viruses, spywareand more.Antivirus database updates with minimalimpact on performance.
  • 18. www.escanav.comPrivacy AdvisorThe Privacy Advisor provides a complete listof applications using the device permissions.Thus allowing you to keep a check on thesecurity level of all installed applications.
  • 19. www.escanav.comBackup & Restore• Backup option gives you theadvantage of backing up yourcontacts and SMS that are importantto you.• eScan mobile security also comeswith the restore option that helpsretrieve your contacts and SMSs ifyour device is reverted back to it’sdefault factory settings.
  • 20. www.escanav.comAuto UpdateThe option to update only when Wi-Fi isavailable forces eScan to downloadupdates only when a valid Wi-Ficonnection is available.
  • 21. www.escanav.comRecover Secret CodeThe eScan Mobile Security allows you to recoveryour secret code in case, if you have forgottenor lost the secret code. You need to specify avalid e-mail ID in the registration detailsbecause recovery of secret code is sent to youre-mail address
  • 22. www.escanav.comCustomizationeScan allows customization of its application toall partners, wherein they can have theircompany logo within eScan Mobile Security oreScan Tablet Security.e.g. Your logo
  • 23. www.escanav.comCustomizationOnce customized your company logo will beshown within eScan Mobile Security or eScanTablet SecurityIf you want to customize the software, send in yourlogo in following size:Width - 60 pixelsHeight - 47 pixels* Android logo is taken from
  • 24. www.escanav.comLicensing• Licensing Period– 1 Year– 2 Year– Unlimited (Lifetime / Perpetual) – 5 YearNote: License Key is not transferable to any other device
  • 25. www.escanav.comReports of licenses downloaded & activatedThe Online portal gives a Report of the following -o Total installation count i.e. – Total number of downloadso Total Trial Installation Count i.e. – Total number of thetrial version downloads.o Total Paid device count – Total number of devices thathave installed a Purchased version .
  • 26. www.escanav.com1. Mobile user will send SMS to ServiceProvider for activating 3G services.2. In return, Service Provider will sendconfirmation SMS for 3G Servicesactivation to mobile user along witheScan download link.Once mobile user download andinstall eScan, eScan willautomatically send SMS to Serviceprovider with registrationinformationeScan will download virus signatures fromeScan server1. If user sends sms to deactivate 3G services, ServiceProvider will send SMS for deactivation, uponreceiving of the deactivation SMS eScan will bedeactivated.1. If user wants to reactivate the 3G service, he will sendthe SMS to SP, SP will send activation SMS to thedevice, upon receiving of the SMS eScan will getactivated.Once the registration information isreceived by Service Providers ( SP ) SMSserver, SMS server will update thisinformation to eScan API hosted at SP, andeScan API will update this information on SPand eScan activation serverISP Model ( SMS based )* For ISP model without SMS please contact our sales team at
  • 27. www.escanav.comReports of licenses downloaded & activated
  • 28. www.escanav.comeScan as a serviceo Scalableo Simple to buyo Free trial periodo Flexible trial period: the partner can use different evaluation periodo Usual business model: Automatic revenue sharing
  • 29. www.escanav.comThank you