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Escal Global is one of the leading solutions providers in IT consulting and Services. We are a growing market specialist in delivering solutions in various domains such as Business Intelligence,......

Escal Global is one of the leading solutions providers in IT consulting and Services. We are a growing market specialist in delivering solutions in various domains such as Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Integration and Educational Services.

More in: Education , Technology
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  • 1. Call: 909 366 5358
  • 2.    a) OBIEE& BIAPPS Training Scheduled New Batch on Ever month b)SOA 11G (BPEL + ESB) Training Scheduled New Batch Ever Month c) ODI 11G Training Scheduled New Batch on Ever month
  • 3.   ETL Trainer has around good exposure in Datwarehousing. He is working in Fortune 500 Company and has worked in Datamodelling, Relational Modelling, Star Schemas, Snowflake Schemas, PLSQL Development. He has been part of many corporate trainings.
  • 4.                Introduction to Data warehouse Dimensional model/Fact/Dimension tables Normalization / Denormalization Data warehouse/Data mart Bill Inmon vs. Ralph Kimball Introduction to BI and ETL ETL and ELT Architecture Overview Data movement Process Introductions to various ETL Tools ETL Mapping/Workflow walkthrough templates Real Time projects Overview Star schema/snow flake Introduction to Informatica Overview of Informatica components Introduction to Informatica Architecture
  • 5.         Introduction to Informatica components Designer, Workflow Manager, Workflow Monitor, Repository Manager, Admin console Creating a user/ permissions to user and Creating a Folder Informatica 7.1.1 and 8X differences Overview of Informatica Designer components Source Analyzer , Target Designer, Transformation Developer, Mapplet Designer, Mapping Designer
  • 6.                 Creating ODBC connection Relational Table Import Flat Files Import XML Files Import Data Previewer Direct and in-direct methods for Flat file sources Delimiters in Flat files Import a relational sources and flat files sources Source Directory for flat file sources Targets Working with Relational Targets Working with Flat file Targets Defining Delimiters in Targets Date values handling in Flat files Target Directory where the target files are placed Q&A
  • 7.            Introduction to Transformations Input/output/variable ports in transformations Source Qualifier Filter transformation Router Transformation Sorter Transformation Expression Transformation Joiner Transformation Performance tuning with each of the transformations Real time scenarios with each of the transformations Q&A
  • 8.           Connected /Unconnected Lookup Transformation Union transformation Rank Transformation Aggregator transformation Update strategy Transformation Sequence Generator Transformation Normalizer transformation Mapplet / Mappings / Debugger Input / Output / variable ports in source / target and transformations. Q&A
  • 9.         Informatica Workflow manager components Creating sessions for mapping Creating a Worlet/Workflow for the mapping Creating parameter files Creating different task like Command task, timer, Decision task, Event raise Creating connections for source /Targets in the workflow manager Q&A
  • 10.        Sequential and Parallel workflows in Informatica. Validating and refreshing the workflow after mapping changes. Batch runs in Informatica. Commit intervals/Recovery option for Data Loads Version Control/ Partitions in Informatica Understanding Jobs and Scheduler in Informatica. Q&A
  • 11.       Working with Workflow Monitor/Admin console Analyzing the Session log/Workflow Log Understanding the server directories/Path for target /source/lookup directories. Understanding the integration service and repository services. Understanding the importance of Admin Console. Q&A
  • 12.      Understanding the Migration of real time code from dev to test and then to production Starting and stopping the Informatica services. Difference between windows and UNIX servers. Performance tuning in Informatica Q&A
  • 13.        SQL/PLSQL Basic UNIX Basics Project Assignment Approach for the Assignment project. Explain the script used to populate the fact /dimensions Compare the OLAP/OLTP with the projects for better understanding Q&A
  • 14.          Complete understanding of the real time projects. The project handling in real time environment Suggestions in Resume preparations. Project Assignment Discussions and Q&A Interview Preparation Walk through of real time mappings for better understanding. Walk through real time mapping and workflow execution. Pending topics which are left will be taken over in this session. Q&A
  • 15.   Complete end to end discussion on project in Day 10 Q&A on Informatica topics which you have questions on.
  • 16. Concact Us  Tel: 909 366 5358   