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HP IT Performance Suite

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  • Welcome. I am Emil Bosman fromHP Software and I would like to speak to you today about a topic we’re seeing as an important theme across our customer base: IT Performance. As you may know HP Software is the 6th largest software company in the world, working with over 50,000 enterprises across every industry. We’ve gained a lot of insight from our customers.What I want to share today draws on our deep experience helping IT organizations like yours to perform better.
  • It’s our view that every business leader has or should have a performance system (and by system we mean an approach for managing the objectives or outcomes you are held responsible for). Today many leaders may use slides or spreadsheets to communicate and track their goals, but it is our view that a performance system in this day and age should be both digitized and automated.It should be comprehensive (enable you to track and manage all of your goals)And it should cascade throughout your organization (so as a leader, my goals should cascade to the people on my leadership team and then their goals should cascade to their people, etc.).Finally we believe a performance system should be able to continuously improve, not only by tracking how we are performing against our goals, but also how we compare to others in our industry, or even to best practice leaders outside our industry.Other lines of business have systems for optimizing performanceWhether you are in finance and use ERP Whether you are in manufacturing where you use MRP and SCA optimize manufacturing and supply chain functionsWhether you are in a banking LOB where you use a core banking systemIT has traditionally not had a system for managing performance and has had to rely on spreadsheets or custom-built software.
  • As we work with our customers, we’re seeing common themes about what they’re facing in their environments.CIOs and other IT leaders are responsible for ensuring the overall success, integrity, reliability and security of end-to-end business processes. That’s not new. HybridBut what is new is that increasingly those business processes tie together multiple services, some of which are on premise, but others of which are outside the four walls of the data center – in public clouds, SaaS providers or private clouds. IT leaders must be able to see, understand and act in this increasinglyhybrid world – which requires a degree of up-to-the second insight and automation not previously required.ConsumerizationAdding to the complexity is the fact that we all as consumers are bringing our favorite mobile devices—and apps—into the workplace. Within the lines of business, we’re also contracting with our favorite SaaS providers when we get impatient with the IT organization’s speed to delivery. And yet we want to hold IT responsible when there’s a failure or a security breach or a loss of data. So the pressure on IT continues to mount.AgilityAnd to top it off, there’s the continuing tension for IT to maintain the consistency and reliability of operations, while being quick to meet the changing needs of the enterprise.
  • Consider the role of IT today. IT leaders are responsible for ensuring the success, integrity and security of end-to-end business processes. Business processes increasingly span services and assets housed not just in traditional data centers, but in private and public clouds as well. So it’s a complex, hybrid world.For example, lets think of a business process such as prospect to quote – think of all the elements of our IT landscape that are involved:I could have my sales contact system run by Salesforce.com on their SaaS offering. My customer purchase records, discounts and other entitlements could be in my SAP system in my own data center. Our lead management system might be running on a public cloud service on the Amazon Web Services cloud offering. And I might have a lead scoring engine running on a private cloud offering hosted out of London. This scenario is pretty common place today, even in your own organizations. Now, imagine a sales person is in a meeting or leaving a meeting with a major account in Paris, and committed to provide a quote to be delivered in your customer’s inbox in the next hour to make sure it will be included in the quarterly budget approval process. From his mobile phone or tablet he engages the quote system, but something is not working… Perhaps the SAP system is down or maybe the Salesforce system or the network? Maybe we have some hostile service denial attack coming from a hacker in some other location?This is today’s IT hybrid IT landscape and this is the landscape you as IT leader is responsible for managing and assuring.To be successful, you need visibility across all the assets in your domain – software, hardware, networks, even people.You need to be able to turn data about asset-level performance into insights which can help you make better operational and investment decisions – to optimize the business of running IT.
  • Research by Forrester and others has demonstrated that on average companies spend only 20% to 30% of their IT budget on new initiatives. Best-in-class companies are driving this up to 40% or 50%. In the commercial sector, competing with best-in-class companies if you are merely average, increasingly puts you at a disadvantage, particularly in industries where IT is a fundamental source of differentiation. And in the public sector, constituents can also see which public servants are using tax revenues effectively for the public good, and which are squandering those tax revenues.What’s required to move towards best in class? Greater agility, flexibility and lower costs.  This is why we believe IT leaders deserve a better solution. Let’s discuss what HP is doing to help IT leaders. And then we’ll come back to how we help with Agility, Flexibility and Lower Costs.
  • The HP IT Performance Suite is our answer to help IT leaders address the challenges we have just discussed. It delivers on HP’s overall vision for a seamless, secure context-aware experience for a connected world (in this case focusing on HP Software’s main audience – the connected IT executive). Importantly, it reflects the feedback and insights we’ve gained from working with our customer advisory boards and key partners, to bring together our entire family of software products in a way that helps IT perform better.Let’s look at what we’re doing in more detail, as we would like your feedback…
  • “You cannot manage what you cannot measure.” Gartner estimates $3.6B is spent annually on IT. If you add people into the equation, CIOs overall are responsible for about $5 trillion in annual spend. How well is that investment performing? Without a performance system of key performance indicators to track and measure performance it is difficult to say.The HP IT Performance Suite builds on research HP has done into the key performance indicators (KPIs) that indicate a world-class IT organization. In our research with customers, partners, and third party experts, we identified some 170 KPIs that point to a world class IT function and cover the main areas of IT spending as shown on the chart here. Today, products in our family of software, the HP IT Performance Suite, capture over 150 of those KPIs digitally. In the IT Executive Scorecard expected to ship in July 2011, we directly measure 50+ KPIs.More (backup)detail:Application Lifecycle Management57 Key Performance IndicatorsAll major development methodologies - Agile, hybrid iterative and WaterfallAll aspects of application delivery across the widest array of heterogeneous development environments and platforms.  Customizable KPIs to guide project, release and change managementApplication SecurityKey Performance Indicators included in quality metrics aboveIdentifies and reports ~600 code vulnerabilitiesReduces false positives with combination of static and dynamic scanningOperations71 Key Performance Indicators – across 9 departments/personasMonitors, manages and automates the broadest range of applications, infrastructure and devices 500 off-the-shelf connectors and agents with coverage of 3000 network devicesProduces application, system, network, infrastructure and asset monitoring, reporting and remediationInformation Management33 Key Performance Indicators – across 9 departments/personasCaptures, retains, manages and retires across the Information Lifecycle with compliance reportingSecurity10 Major Key Performance Indicators>300 off-the-shelf connectors & 1000s of custom connectorsAutomated compliance and threat monitoring & reporting for Sarbanes-Oxley (90), HIPAA, FISMA, PCI DAA (211), NERC & GLBAFP&AFinance: 23 Key Performance Indicators across the portfolio – 7 unique to ITFMPMO: 21 Key Performance Indicators across the portfolioCaptures and prioritizes demand and tracks resources, investment and schedule with automated reporting
  • Crowning the HP IT Performance Suite is the HP IT Executive Scorecard, expected to ship in July 2011. The IT Executive Scorecard enables a persona-based cascading performance system for the IT leadership team, so the key performance indicators (KPIs) in a CIO’s scorecard can cascade down into meaningful KPIs their PMO/Finance head, VP of Ops, VP of Apps, CISO and VP of Information Management might then use to optimize performance at their levels.The IT Executive Scorecard is built on HP’s open IT Data Model which contains the data model for the KPIs. Also the Scorecard includes a tool for managing data integration for HP or 3rd party products not already pre-integrated, using standard extraction, transformation and load (ETL) capabilities. More info is available in our IT Executive Scorecard presentation, data sheet and training materials.
  • Suggest running the pre-recorded demo which is also available on our public web site here:https://h30406.www3.hp.com/campaigns/2011/wwcampaign/software/videos.html?var=vid2Or you can download the flash file and play it off your laptop by navigating to our employee launch site, right-clicking on the Asset “CIO Edition Piet” and selecting “Save Target As”http://teams1.sharepoint.hp.com/teams/btoproducts/hpswlaunchpad/launch.aspx
  • To get you started on your journey, we’re also offering the CIO Edition Standard, available July 11, which delivers 20 KPIs providing an initial view into performance across several areas:IT Value Cost reduction Stewardship of IT investments Alignment with business strategyCustomer Satisfaction Improve project executionOperational ExcellenceImprove responsivenessFuture OrientationImprove staff effectivenessThe CIO Edition provides automatic performance data aggregation from Financial Planning and Analysis, Project and Portfolio Management, and Asset Management, using the IT Executive Scorecard as the visualization and optimization layer.
  • Improve Service to customers3x improvement in first call resolution rates – Vancouver Coastal Health 9x faster retrieval of patient records – Asante Health 66% reduction in unplanned failure rates - Neuberger Berman: 3 or 4 per month to less than 1 900% faster recovery - Boeing: reduced MTTR for business critical outages from 10 to 1 hoursRealize Cost efficienciesNSRI saved over $5 million annually by reducing the mean time to resolution from 2-3 hours to secondsConstellation Energy reduced IT labor costs devoted to changes from 30% to 10% saving $34.2M annuallyPetrobras slashed software test time by 50% and saved $38.6 million in 2 years.
  • CIOs and IT executives need to be able to ensure the success, integrity and security of end-to-end business processes,To do this, you need to be able to SEE all of the assets in your IT domain and UNDERSTAND the insights gained:EVENTS across all virtual and physical assets – on-premise, private and/or public cloudsINFORMATION from structured to unstructured, policy-drivenAPPLICATIONS designed to meet performance and compliance SLAsNETWORKS, DATA CENTERS & OTHER PHYSICAL ASSETS for full visibility of risk and performance managementUSERS both known and unknown with policy-based access and risk profilesThen you need to be able to ACT, based on applying a framework of Metrics from balanced scorecards to industry-specific analyticsto help you set priorities and make appropriate investment decisions.
  • To deliver the 24 x 7 customer support required when a commercial airline buys a plane from Boeing, the Boeing Commercial Airplanes maintains a Commercial Aviation Services (CAS) division tasked with everything from stocking spare parts, to pilot training, to offsite and onsite technical advice and services. Boeing airplanes represent three quarters of the world’s commercial fleet – nearly 12,000 jetliners. BackgroundBoeing needed to improve the availability of business critical applications, and ensure services like maintenance support cases, airplane servicing and airplane component repairs are met – responding to its customer’s critical maintenance and support needs immediately. Boeing’s Communications Systems (BCS) is critical to the airline’s success. SolutionBoeing implemented an application availability Center of Excellence (CoE) based on HP’s Application Performance Management (APM) solution, including its foundational HP Business Availability Center (BAC)IT improvements• Availability rose from “unacceptable” to 99.83%• Mean time to resolution reduced from 10.02 to 1.03 hours resulting in 90% MTTR reduction• Person-hours required for incident resolution reduced from 12,424.8 annually to 221.45 resulting in 96.2% reduced end user impact hours• 160 applications supported by only six full-time employees• Improved ability to intercept and fix issues before they affect users Business benefits• Labor cost savings of $878,641 annually• Increased availability reduces risk of alienating customers (96.2% reduction in end-user impact hours)• Resources once tied up with incident resolution can be re-allocated to meeting business requests, better supporting Boeing CAS business objectives• Holistic view of availability empowers staff to make technology decisions based on user and business impact
  • The Bon-Ton Stores, Inc. (investors.bonton.com) operates 277 stores in 23 states in the Northeast, Midwest and upper Great Plains under the Bon-Ton, Bergner’s, Boston Store, Carson Pirie Scott, Elder-Beerman, Herberger’s and Younkers nameplates and, in the Detroit, Michigan area, under the Parisian nameplate. In its most recent fiscal year, it had $2.9 billion in sales and 27,600 employees.During 2009, National retail sales, according to U.S. Department of Commerce, fell 6.2%—the biggest drop during the 17 years in which the government has tracked that statistic.Most stores were cutting prices to spur sales, but one had a different story. The Bon-Ton Stores, Inc., was able to increase its gross margin in 2009 by 210 basis points.Background:To empower more informed decision-making, the Bon-Ton IT team launched a three-year IT transformation back in 2008. The company had just acquired Elder-Beerman Stores and the Northern Department Store Group, quadrupling in size from 70 to 280 stores. Information was in silos after the acquisitions. It was difficult for business decision makers to get a single, company-wide view of data that they needed for decision-making. Solution:After having used HP Integrity NonStop since 1986, added HP Neoview, HP Integrated Archive Platform, HP Data Protector and HP StorageWorksIT improvements • Zero data loss and interruption from eight incidents of email server loss• 99% backup and recovery success rates• 60 terabytes of data backed up with only .5 FTE in administration time • 12,000 registers powered by HP Integrity NonStop without interruption since 1986 Business benefits • Increased time and budget savings from e-discovery in hours vs. days• More IT team time available for projects such as new business intelligence platform• 210 basis point increase in gross margin in 2009 despite recession, due to increased efficiencies
  • Customer Brief:Priority Health is an award-winning health benefits company recognizedfor its innovative solutions thatimprove health, lower costs andincrease patient satisfaction. Itserves more than half millionpeople with a broad portfolio ofproducts, including commercialand government health plans. Asa nonprofit corporation, PriorityHealth provides all people access toaffordable health care. It continuesto be rated as one of America’s BestHealth Plans by U.S. News & WorldReport and the National Committeefor Quality Assurance.Background – “the perfect storm”As America’s largest health care services provider, Priority Health relies on a massive IT infrastructure to support internal operations, and deliver mission-critical hosted services for health care providers.  the company’s IT infrastructure has grown over many years cost of managing diverse and widely distributed assets (across 9 business units) has also grown continuing requirement to minimize risk from security breaches ageing infrastructure that needed modernization a complex regulatory environment a corporate mandate to continue rapid growth.Data Center Transformation project: Started 3 years ago on a journey to modernize the IT operations infrastructure, while preparing for the cloud Goal is to modernize and at the same time reduce IT operating expenses by 20%, addressing 6 areas:FacilitiesService OfferingsTechnologyProcessesPeople FinanceThe result would be an IT environment that is Resilient, Dynamic, Compliant, Global and Green…. an
  • Used HP Project & Portfolio Management softwareAbout DeloitteDeloitte is one of the largest professional services organisations in the world. The firm provides audit, consulting, financial advisory, risk management and tax services to clients. It operates in nearly 140 countries, employs approximately 170,000 people globally and in 2010 had revenues of US$26.6 billion.8 Business Units and 5000 people in AustraliaIn Australia, Deloitte has over 400 partners and 5,000 people who provide services to public and private clients across the country. Keenly focused on growing and developing the business, Deloitte’s Innovation, Investment and Growth forums and its National Initiatives Office oversee an ever-growing portfolio of projects across eight business units, most of which are not technology specific. Turning to HP for answersRealising there was a lack of visibility of investment requests and approved projects across the business, hampering optimisation of resources and investment, Deloitte turned to HP for answers.20% growth - needed to streamline & automate the process of portfolio & project managementFerne King, Director, Investment and Growth Forum, Executive, Deloitte explains, “When we began our journey to more closely align our portfolio of projects with our strategy four years ago, we were a much smaller organisation with a lot less people, and we could manage the process of portfolio and project management manually. “Since then business cases submissions have significantly increased and we have grown substantially, particularly in the past three years where we have achieved a growth rate of over 20%. Consequently, we found we were unable to capture all of our key initiatives in a timely plan and we had a limited static view of the firm’s portfolio. It became clear that we needed to streamline and automate the process of portfolio management and also managing our projects. We needed to automate our workflows, prioritise investments and optimise resources, while at the same time gaining visibility across our portfolio.” As a result, Deloitte did a vendor selection and opted for HP Software as a Service for HP Project and Portfolio Management Center as the core platform to govern its portfolio of projects, opportunities and operational activities in real-time. Why HP?“Following a review of many solutions, we selected HP Project and Portfolio Management Center, as the solution was available as a managed service and it catered to broad business prioritisation rather than being technology specific. And unlike other offerings, it isn’t littered with technology language, and is easily configured to our workflow requirements. Plus it caters to investments related to investment, innovation and growth - not just maintenance and operations.”The transformationPrior to HP, Deloitte operated in an environment whereby its eight business units approved and prioritised their own initiatives. Now the firm has equipped its people with a consistent approach to investment/project requests via an improved technology platform with HP Software as a Service for HP Project and Portfolio Management Center as its nucleus.Better Project Visibility and Better Alignment to Deloitte’s strategy“Today we have visibility of the firm’s high risk, high impact portfolio of initiatives by business unit, sponsor, risk value, expenditure, investment type or category, just to name a few. We know what is coming down the pipeline to be assessed against our current approved portfolio. Plus our portfolio of internal initiatives is aligned to the firm’s strategy and actively monitored on a regular basis. In short, we know where want to go, where we are now and how we are going to get there.”HP SaaS = Faster time to value“HP Software as a Service for HP Project and Portfolio Management Center has enabled Deloitte to speed our time value and lower our total cost of ownership by leveraging a pre-deployed optimised implementation. By having HP continuously manage the solution around the clock, we minimise operational costs and risks. Plus, we have a team of experts available to us that provide ongoing expertise, so we optimise our use of the application.”Outcome“Deloitte has improved project outcomes, increased productivity, realised efficiencies, minimised risks and increased business agility to more effectively underpin the firm’s business growth and future development.” - Ferne King, director, Investment and Growth Forum, Executive, Deloitte
  • We believe HP’s approach and IT Performance Suite is unique in the market:Flexibility We let you pick the platform (as opposed to the vendor).  Our platforms are designed for the heterogeneous world that most of our customers face: You pick your OSYou pick your hypervisorYou pick your middleware/application server/development environmentYou pick your databases and applicationsYou pick the data feeds for your scorecard (For our IT Executive Scorecard, our data model is open, enabling you to create integrated performance views into not only the data from our software, but also those of other third parties – even competitors).AgilityWe help you protect and leverage the investments you’ve already made while taking advantage of the cloud in all its forms.Enterprises have made significant investments in their existing infrastructure and applications. So even while many are embracing public and private cloud for target initiatives, the reality is most have hybrid environments. We help you manage and secure end-to-end business processes regardless of where you choose to deploy.Lower CostsLower costs start with better visibility into the top IT KPIs so that you can make the tradeoffs and optimize the business of IT. The HP IT Performance Suite helps digitize and automate the cycle of discovery and action that leads to better visibility and decisions within IT and between IT and the business.
  • I’d like to get your feedback on today’s session, so we can help prioritize what might be the most useful next steps.We have a variety of ways we can help you. Let’s discuss what makes most sense from your perspective.Transformation Experience Workshop – ½ day, CIO and direct staffIT Performance Management Service – 2 week assessment service
  • You’ve probably already taken your assessment so this should look familiar. Based on our experience and studies conducted by HP Research, best in class IT organizations categorize their performance initiatives into four perspectives: IT adding value to the business, customer satisfaction, operational excellence and future orientation. The HP IT Performance Suite brings together the entire family of HP software products into a performance system around these key areas. This helps you, as an IT leader, understand the performance across your entire business and gain insights into making the best decisions to optimize and run your business. The assessment you completed provided you with a quick comparison against your peers along the four key performance areas. What we’ll do next is provide you with an example in each of the areas. Your actual assessment results will be customized based on your responses.
  • To help our customers and partners on their journey to Perform Better, we have launched a set of communities, enabling customers, partners and HP Experts to share best practices and get updates on what’s happening in their domains. -CIOs and IT Executives-Applications Leaders-IT Operations Leaders-Security Leaders-Information leadersWe encourage you to join a community that’s relevant to you so you can get our electronic newsletter and begin sharing best practices.
  • Approved for public use
  • 20 pre-built KPIs providing best practice performance insights for CIOs to understand their portfolios from a business investment perspectiveAutomatic performance data aggregation from Financial Planning and Analysis, Project and Portfolio Management, and Asset Management Transparent IT performance reporting for CIO and business stakeholders
  • Note: The entire set of KPIs are what are included in the IT Executive Scorecard.The KPIs circled in dark gold are the “out of the box” KPIs that are populated by the other software modules included in the CIO Edition Standard.
  • ITSM includes SMC and AM
  •                 * adding a KPI to a scorecard is just a few clicks – easy personalization                * creating a new KPI by using Excel-like formula on top of a the IT data model
  • We offer the HP Transformation Experience Workshop for IT Performance which is a half-day workshop thatIdentify the critical success factors for your IT Performance System – across people, process and technologyPrioritize and apply the right KPIs based on specific business prioritiesDevelop an actionable roadmap to ensure you maximize value from your HP IT Performance system.Based on HP leadership in Service Management which is a core foundation to successfully run IT like a businessNow improved with new KPIs for your IT Performance SystemWe offer a IT PerformanceManagement Service is a deeper assessment to help customers establish the end-state vision for IT Performance and KPIs. The 2 week service includes a 1-day workshop we create alignment amongst executive stakeholders and sponsors, the CIO and the Head of IT Finance, and generate a report that gives our recommendation for moving forward. This workshop is intended as a powerful presales tool to help us close both license and services business.Discovery and Roadmap Services apply rigorous analysis of the current state and more detailed implementation planning. These projects are very useful in to get large engagements set up for success, especially when multiple BUs are involved when there is a need to align and coordinate multiple stakeholders. This can include Value or Solution Discovery Workshops such as those offered by pre-sales and PS in domains such as ITSM, IT Financial Management or IT Asset Management. See the existing service catalog for details. The CSF Roadmap Service provides consulting to define approach based on value management, organizational change, technical/business architecture and operating models based on your entire IT Performance Suite
  • Solution Consulting Services: This category focuses on solution architecture, design, process consulting, management of change, software integration and implementation services. Our services design of Executive Scorecard personas or subject areas, Data model implementation and integration to HP and 3rd party software data sources such as uCMDB, QC, ITSM, PPM, AM. We also provide process consulting based on the HP Service Management Reference Model which includes 27+ pre-designed processes for accelerating process improvement and redesign. Software Implementation and EducationThe last category focuses on the solution implementation of the ITFM operational activities that leverage our strengths in HP Software product consulting leveraging our strengths in the solution domain of PPM, FPA and IT Asset Management. This includes both custom-scoped and packaged offers.
  • The journey to IT Performance can seem daunting and often requires transformation to be successful. HP Software Professional Services sees this challenge with many clients. We use a methodology and approach called the HP Common Solution Framework as the guidebook to help deliver IT performance across your organization. The Common Solution Framework (CSF) provides standard reference models and solution assets to expedite architecture of large-scale solutions that prescriptively map technology to overall business strategy. Prescriptively consult connecting strategy to technology - Ability to consult customers on the business of IT and realize service management transformation using a market leading prescriptive consultancy methodConsistentlyarchitect large-scale solutions using reference models - Ability to architect large-scale solutions using  industry proven, modular business reference models of ITPredictablydeliver solutions based on reusable building blocks - Ability to repeatedly and consistently deliver customer solutions using reusable building blocks Consult the customer how to run the business of IT using a standard methodology – rather than implement processes and toolsArchitect the proposed blueprint from an industry proven reference model – rather than a blank sheet of paperBuild the customer solution from standard solution building blocks – rather than implementing from the ground-upWhat the CSF provides:Define the right operating model to transform to a service brokerIdentify future state and roadmap based on business prioritiesManage organizational change to focus on human and organizational elementsDefine the prioritized program, projects, and schedule to execute successfullyImplement HP Software for an IT Performance system linked to your IT strategy
  • Hp It Performance Suite Customer Presentation

    1. 1. Perform Better <br />Speaker Name<br />Title<br />
    2. 2. HP SOFTWARE POINT OF VIEW<br />Every business leader—including IT—has or should have a performance system.<br />It can and should be digitized and automated.<br />It’s important that its coverage is comprehensive.<br />Andcascadedthroughout the organization.<br />It can continuously improve by featuring best practices from the broader professional community.<br />
    3. 3. A new world is emerging<br />Hybrid<br />Consumerization<br />Agility<br />
    4. 4. Hybrid delivery demands new ways to operate and optimize<br />Ensure the success, security and integrity of end-to-end business processes<br />Instrument thousands of assets across the IT domain<br />Correlate insights to optimize decisions and IT investments<br />
    5. 5. Pressure for IT investments to perform better<br />Average<br />Best in Class<br />30%<br />INNOVATION<br />50%<br />Agility<br />Flexibility<br />Lower costs<br />70%<br />50%<br />OPERATIONS<br />Source: Forrester Research, IT Balanced Scorecard Value Metrics Revisited, January 21, 2011<br />
    6. 6. 6<br />HP IT Performance Suite<br />Seamless, secure, context-aware experience for the connected IT executive<br />
    7. 7. CHIEF INFORMATION OFFICER <br />$5 Trillion annual IT spend<br />KPI-driven coverage of the entire IT landscape<br />HP IT Performance Suite<br />170 KPIs via HP research<br />150+ KPIs captured digitally today<br />50+ KPIs directly measured in Executive Scorecard<br />11%annual IT spend<br />19%annual IT spend<br />70%annual IT spend<br />APPLICATIONDEVELOPMENT<br />FINANCE, PLANNING <br />& ADMINISTRATION<br />OPERATIONS<br />Operations<br />71 KPIs<br />Finance<br />23 KPIs<br />Application Lifecycle<br />Management<br />57 KPIs<br />Information Management<br />33 KPIs<br />Project Management<br />Office <br />21 KPIs<br />Security<br />10 KPIs<br />
    8. 8. HP IT Executive Scorecard<br />8<br />Single pane of glass for IT performance with Industry’s broadest coverage of IT investment<br />Key Performance Indicators cascaded throughout the portfolio<br />Open data model and studio for KPI expansion and customization<br />
    10. 10. Strategy, Planning, and Governance<br />Security Intelligence and Risk Management<br />Application Lifecycle Management<br />Information Management<br />IT Operations Management<br />Extensibility, Orchestration, and Analytics<br />Services and Support<br />Perform Better.<br />HP IT Performance Suite Overview<br />
    11. 11. Perform Better.<br />HP IT Performance Suite<br />STRATEGY, PLANNING, AND GOVERNANCE<br />Executive Scorecard<br />IT FinancialManagement<br />Project and Portfolio Management<br />Application Portfolio Management<br />Workforce and Vendor Management<br />APPLICATION LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT<br />OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT<br />INFORMATION MANAGEMENT<br />Application Quality Management<br />Data Center Automation<br />IT Service Management<br />Application Governance<br />Application Availability and Performance<br />Data Protection<br />SystemManagement<br />Information Archiving<br />Requirements Management<br />Performance Validation<br />Client Automation<br />AssetManagement<br />Network Management<br />Development Management<br />Enterprise Records Management<br />ApplicationSecurityValidation<br />Configuration Management System<br />SECURITY INTELLIGENCE AND RISK MANAGEMENT<br />Software Security Assurance (SSA)<br />Security Information and Event Management<br />Network Security<br />Extensibility, Orchestration, and Analytics<br />SERVICES AND SUPPORT<br />AssessmentServices<br />ManagedServices<br />Support<br />Consulting<br />Education<br />
    12. 12. Perform Better.<br />HP IT Performance Suite<br />STRATEGY, PLANNING, AND GOVERNANCE<br />Executive Scorecard<br />IT FinancialManagement<br />Project and Portfolio Management<br />Application Portfolio Management<br />Workforce and Vendor Management<br />APPLICATION LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT<br />OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT<br />INFORMATION MANAGEMENT<br />Application Quality Management<br />Data Center Automation<br />IT Service Management<br />Application Governance<br />Application Availability and Performance<br />Data Protection<br />SystemManagement<br />Information Archiving<br />Requirements Management<br />Performance Validation<br />SaaS<br />SaaS<br />SaaS<br />SaaS<br />SaaS<br />SaaS<br />SaaS<br />SaaS<br />SaaS<br />SaaS<br />SaaS<br />Client Automation<br />AssetManagement<br />Network Management<br />Development Management<br />Enterprise Records Management<br />ApplicationSecurityValidation<br />Configuration Management System<br />SECURITY INTELLIGENCE AND RISK MANAGEMENT<br />Software Security Assurance (SSA)<br />Security Information and Event Management<br />Network Security<br />Extensibility, Orchestration, and Analytics<br />SERVICES AND SUPPORT<br />AssessmentServices<br />ManagedServices<br />Support<br />Consulting<br />Education<br />
    13. 13. Perform Better.<br />HP Software Services<br />THE HP IT PERFORMANCE SUITE <br />SERVICES AND SUPPORT<br />PROFESSIONAL SERVICES<br />STRATEGIC ADVISORY SERVICESTransformational Experience Workshop - IT Performance Suite<br />IT Performance Management Service <br />Discovery and Roadmap Services<br />SOLUTION CONSULTING SERVICES <br />For entire IT Performance SUITE CIO Standard Edition<br />IMPLEMENTATION SERVICES HP Software <br />Implementation Services<br />EDUCATION SERVICES<br />SUPPORT SERVICES <br />Including Premier Support<br />SOFTWARE-AS-A-SERVICE <br />
    14. 14. HP IT Performance Suite—CIO Edition Standard<br />PROJECT & PORTFOLIO<br />MANAGEMENT<br />EXECUTIVE<br />SCORECARD<br />ASSET<br />MANAGEMENT<br />FINANCIAL PLANNING<br />& ANALYSIS<br /><ul><li>20 pre-built KPIs—best practice performance insights
    15. 15. Automatic performance data aggregation
    16. 16. Transparent IT performance reporting</li></li></ul><li>Actual results from HP Software customers<br />Better performance means better outcomes<br />Improve service to customers<br />Realize cost efficiencies<br />3x improvement in first call resolution rates<br />9x faster retrieval of patient records<br />66% reduction in unplanned failure rates<br />900% faster recovery from business critical outages<br />$5M/yr saved by cutting mean time to resolution to seconds<br />$19M/yr saved through 50% lower software testing costs<br />$32M/yr saved in change management labor costs<br />
    17. 17. We help customers turn visibility into action<br />See<br />Understand<br />Act<br />
    18. 18. Performing better in manufacturing<br />Boeing’s IT performance soars<br />GOALS<br /><ul><li>Ensure availability and performance of Boeing Communication Systems (BCS), a Siebel call center application </li></ul>SOLUTION<br /><ul><li>HP IT Performance Suite – IT Operations Management
    19. 19. HP Services and Support</li></ul>RESULTS<br /><ul><li>Availability rose from “unacceptable” to 99.83%
    20. 20. 90% reduction in MTTR
    21. 21. 96.2% reduction in end user impact hours
    22. 22. 160 applications supported by only six full-time employees</li></ul>Click for full story<br />
    23. 23. Bon-Ton’s profit from broad IT transformation<br />Performing better in retail<br />GOALS<br /><ul><li>Proactively manage and protect stored email and data more effectively with the IAP and Data Protector</li></ul>SOLUTION<br /><ul><li>HP IT Performance Suite – Information Management</li></ul>RESULTS<br /><ul><li>Zero data loss and interruption from eight incidents of system outages
    24. 24. 99% backup and recovery success rates
    25. 25. Increased time and budget savings from e-discovery in hours vs. days
    26. 26. 210 basis point increase in gross margin in 2009 despite recession, due to increased efficiencies</li></ul>Click for full story<br />
    27. 27. Performing better in services<br />Samsung SDS automates data center operations<br />GOALS<br /><ul><li>Create high-quality, low-cost IT service
    28. 28. Eliminate operational inefficiencies, minimize human error
    29. 29. Increase response to future changes, maximize customer satisfaction</li></ul>SOLUTION<br /><ul><li>HP IT Performance Suite – IT Operations Management</li></ul>RESULTS<br /><ul><li>Enhanced IT service operation productivity and reduced operation costs
    30. 30. Increased server to admin ratio by 65%
    31. 31. Decreased installation patch times by 50%
    32. 32. Reduced overtime work hours by 20%
    33. 33. Enhance accuracy of resource audit </li></li></ul><li>Performing better in healthcare<br />Priority Health’s mission to protect member data<br />GOALS<br /><ul><li>Comply with HIPAA/HITECH requirements and internal security regulations
    34. 34. Provide visibility into the full-range of security events and integrate security data on a single console</li></ul>SOLUTION<br /><ul><li>HP IT Performance Suite – Security Information and Event Management</li></ul>RESULTS<br /><ul><li>Reduces false positives by filtering down 22 million security events per day
    35. 35. Improves security posture by reducing log searches from hours to a matter seconds</li></li></ul><li>Deloitte optimizes business outcomes of project portfolio<br />Performing better in professional services<br />GOALS<br /><ul><li>Gain real-time visibility and transparency of proposed investments across all areas of Deloitte Australia
    36. 36. Consistent management of approved projects; including project management, processes, issues, risks, capacity</li></ul>SOLUTION<br /><ul><li>HP IT Performance Suite – Strategy, Planning & Governance family via Software as a Service</li></ul>RESULTS<br /><ul><li>Provided a holistic, prioritised view of the firm’s portfolio of initiatives ensuring alignment to individual business units and the firm’s strategy
    37. 37. Enabled quicker achievement of value return by technology enabling what was previously a manual process
    38. 38. Able to spend more time on analysis of prioritiesagainst strategies</li></li></ul><li>Summary—Why work with HP?<br />FLEXIBILITY<br />You pick the platform as opposed to the vendor.  <br />AGILITY<br />Protect and leverage the investments you’ve already made while taking advantage of the cloud in all its forms.  <br />LOWER COSTS<br />Start with better visibility into the top IT KPIs so that you can make the tradeoffs and optimize the business of IT.<br />
    39. 39. Next steps<br />See a demo or presentation of the IT Executive Scorecard<br />Schedule a workshop<br />Transformation Experience Workshop for IT Performance <br />IT Performance Management Service<br />Join a community of experts<br />www.hp.com/go/discoverperformance/reg  <br />Take an online assessment<br />www.hp.com/go/CIOAssessment<br />www.hp.com/go/CloudAssess<br />Attend an upcoming event<br />
    40. 40. Get report<br />Online Cloud & CIO Assessment Tools<br />2<br />Take online assessment<br />1<br />Watch video—how to interpret results<br />3<br />Discuss results withHP rep (qualified lead)<br />4<br />
    41. 41. Expert communities<br />25<br />
    42. 42. Perform Better<br />26<br />HP Confidential<br />
    43. 43. PerformBetter<br />
    44. 44. Additional Modules<br />To be removed when deck is final<br />
    45. 45. HP Software Overview<br />Perform Better<br />
    46. 46. A software company unlike any other<br />Nearly 50,000customers<br />6th largest software companyin the world<br />90%repeat customers<br />100% focused <br />on helping IT perform better <br />Customers in 94%of the Fortune 100 <br />Over $10 billioninvested in software to<br />improve IT Performance<br />
    47. 47. Helping leading enterprises perform better<br />
    48. 48. IT Performance SuiteCIO Edition Standard<br />Perform Better<br />
    49. 49. HP IT Performance Suite—CIO Edition Standard<br />PROJECT & PORTFOLIO<br />MANAGEMENT<br />EXECUTIVE<br />SCORECARD<br />ASSET<br />MANAGEMENT<br />FINANCIAL PLANNING<br />& ANALYSIS<br /><ul><li> 20 pre-built KPIs—best practice performance insights
    50. 50. Automatic performance data aggregation
    51. 51. Transparent IT performance reporting</li></li></ul><li>Bundle includes over 20 out-of-the-box KPIs<br />The CIO Edition: Instant Value for Our Best Customers<br />STRATEGY, PLANNING, AND GOVERNANCE<br />Executive Scorecard<br />IT FinancialManagement<br />Application Portfolio Management<br />Workforce and Vendor Management<br />Project and Portfolio Management<br />APPLICATION LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT<br />OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT<br />INFORMATION MANAGEMENT<br />Application Quality Management<br />Data Center Automation<br />IT Service Management<br />Application Governance<br />Application Availability and Performance<br />Data Protection<br />SystemManagement<br />Information Archiving<br />Requirements Management<br />Performance Validation<br />Client Automation<br />AssetManagement<br />Network Management<br />Development Management<br />Enterprise Records Management<br />ApplicationSecurityValidation<br />Configuration Management System<br />SECURITY INTELLIGENCE AND RISK MANAGEMENT<br />Software Security Assurance (SSA)<br />Security Information and Event Management<br />Network Security<br />Extensibility, Orchestration, and Analytics<br />SERVICES AND SUPPORT<br />AssessmentServices<br />ManagedServices<br />Support<br />Consulting<br />Education<br />
    52. 52. FPA<br />AM<br />SM<br />Out of the box KPIsCIO Edition Standard<br />LEGEND<br />PPM<br />BSM<br />SLM (BSM & SM)<br />External<br />`<br />Reduce cost<br />Business service cost reduction<br />% projects cost reduction <br />% software licenses in use <br />% assets cost reduction <br />IT Value<br />Stewardship of IT investment<br />% unhealthy projects budget risk <br />% actual vs. planned costs <br />Avg. cost of IT delivery per customer <br />% IT POR vs. total revenue<br />Alignment with business strategy <br />% projects associated with business objectives <br />CAPEX vs. OPEX<br /> Innovation delivery <br />% service performance not met <br />MTTR <br />MTBF <br />Average service availability <br />Improve service delivery performance<br />Customers<br />Improve customer satisfaction <br />% of met SLOs for IT process activities <br />Incident outages <br />% of satisfied customers <br />% of met SLAs <br />Improve project execution<br />% of project tasks on time <br />% of projects on time <br />% of healthy projects<br />% projects with unresolved urgent issues<br />% of deviation of planned hours <br />Improve responsiveness <br />Time-to-market: new products / services <br /> Avg. project initiation time <br />% interactions in backlog <br />% incident aging <br />Avg. time to procure <br />% of FCR <br />% problems resolved within required time<br />Problem queue rate <br />Operational Excellence<br />Achieve process excellence <br />% reopened incidents <br />% escalated incidents <br />% urgent changes <br />% outages due to changes <br />% SLA expirations <br />% unauthorized implemented changes <br />% SLAs coverage <br />% assets in maintenance <br />Avg. age of hard-ware assets <br />% problems with RC <br />Improve staff satisfaction<br />Employee turnover <br />% satisfied employees <br />Future Orientation<br />Improve staff effectiveness<br />% of FTE <br />% employees exceeding leadership competency model <br />% project effort by external resources <br />% employee utilization rate <br />
    53. 53. HP IT Executive ScorecardDrill-Down Slides<br />Perform Better<br />
    54. 54. HP IT Executive Scorecard<br />Perform Better<br />Cascading scorecards<br />Amalgamated performance data<br />Easy to read KPIs<br /><ul><li>Best practice presets included
    55. 55. Automatically populate data for near real time insights
    56. 56. Out-of-the-box integrations</li></ul>Business Service Management<br />Project & Portfolio Management<br />IT Service Management<br />Financial Planning and Analysis<br />Reporting Data Services<br />UCMDB<br />
    57. 57. The HP IT Executive Scorecard—components<br />Executive Scorecard<br />Scorecards, KPIsMetrics<br />UI Mashup Dashboard Pages <br />KPI Explorer and <br />analytical processing<br />KPI Library<br />KPI Engine<br />Collaboration<br />Data Model<br />Data Warehouse<br />BO Webi<br />Xcelsius<br />Data Integration Consolidation, Stewardship<br />SAP BO Data Services<br />Incident<br />Service<br />SLA<br />Cost<br />Customer<br />Contract<br />Change<br />Project<br />Vendor<br />Asset<br />Deployment<br />Configuration<br />Security<br />Bus.Svc Mgmt.<br />Assets<br />CMDB<br />Project / Portfolio<br />ServiceMgmt<br />Finance<br />Qualitative<br />XLS<br />
    58. 58. Adding new KPIs---as easy as 1-2-3<br />Executive Scorecard Studio<br />
    59. 59. HP Professional Services<br />Perform Better<br />
    60. 60. Strategic advisory services <br />HP IT Performance Suite<br /><ul><li>Complete portfolio of advisory services for your IT Performance System:
    61. 61. Transformation Experience Workshop for the IT Performance Suite
    62. 62. IT Performance Management Service
    63. 63. Targeted discovery and roadmap services for specific IT domains
    64. 64. KPIs defined onbusiness priorities
    65. 65. Actionable roadmap developed to ensuremaximum value from the entire HP IT Performance Suite.
    66. 66. Consulting on IToperating models,processes, program management, organizational change and HP Software</li></li></ul><li>Solution Consulting Services: CIO Edition Standard<br />HP IT Performance Suite<br />STRATEGY, PLANNING, AND GOVERNANCE<br />Executive Scorecard CIO Edition Standard design and implementation services:<br />Implementation services for Executive Scorecard 9.0 and Standard CIO Edition HP Software products <br />Asset Manager, Project & Portfolio Management, Financial Planning & Analysis<br />Executive Scorecard 9.0 Data model implementation and integration to HP and 3rd party software data sources<br />Implementation of Executive Scorecard personas or subject areas<br />Related process consulting based on the HP Service Management Reference Model<br />Executive Scorecard<br />IT FinancialManagement<br />Application Portfolio Management<br />Workforce and Vendor Management<br />Project and Portfolio Management<br />APPLICATION LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT<br />OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT<br />INFORMATION MANAGEMENT<br />Application Quality Management<br />Data Center Automation<br />IT Service Management<br />Application Governance<br />Application Availability and Performance<br />Data Protection<br />SystemManagement<br />Information Archiving<br />Requirements Management<br />Performance Validation<br />Client Automation<br />AssetManagement<br />Network Management<br />Development Management<br />Enterprise Records Management<br />ApplicationSecurityValidation<br />Configuration Management System<br />SECURITY INTELLIGENCE AND RISK MANAGEMENT<br />Software Security Assurance (SSA)<br />Security Information and Event Management<br />Network Security<br />Extensibility, Orchestration, and Analytics<br />SERVICES AND SUPPORT<br />AssessmentServices<br />ManagedServices<br />Support<br />Consulting<br />Education<br />
    67. 67. Methodology & Architecture<br />Strategic Advisory<br />Solution Consulting Services<br />Software Implementation and Education<br /><ul><li>Implementation of Executive Scorecard personas or subject areas
    68. 68. Data model implementation and integration to HP and 3rd party software data sources
    69. 69. Process consulting based on the HP Service Management Reference Model</li></ul>Transformation Experience Workshop for IT Performance<br /><ul><li>Define an actionable roadmap for your HP IT Performance Suite including process, IT operating models, program management, organizational change, HP Software</li></ul>IT Performance Management Service<br /><ul><li>Create alignment and set direction using KPIs
    70. 70. Implement Standard CIO Edition HP Software products – Executive Scorecard, Asset Manager, PPM, FPA
    71. 71. Packaged implementation, migration and upgrade services
    72. 72. Education Services including virtual, instructor-led, on-demand, onsite, and custom training</li></ul>HP Service ManagementReference Model<br />Discovery & Planning<br />Need<br />HP Common Solution Framework<br />43<br />1 August 2011<br />Readiness<br />HP Professional Services Offerings<br />
    73. 73. HP Common Solution Framework<br />CSF  Professional Services’ approach to accelerate IT performance<br /><ul><li>Accelerate implementation with a consulting approach that prescriptively maps technology to business strategy
    74. 74. Reduce complexity with reference models and IP designed for large scale solutions
    75. 75. Predictably deliver value using reusable building blocks to mitigate risk and reduce cost</li></ul>Discover & Pursue<br />Manage & Optimize<br />Action & Govern<br />Assess & Align<br />Value Management<br />Organization Change<br />Business Architecture<br />Technical Architecture <br />Program Management and Governance<br />Helping Customers Perform Better<br />
    76. 76. PerformBetter<br />