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Information sheet | International MBA

  1. 1. 01 22 Information Session Opening Session november 7:15 p.m. march 2013 SwissotelAdmission process V. Document Process • A current resume of past professional experience.I. Student profile • Bachelors Degree or Professional Title Degree.This Program has been designed for candidates who have an outstanding • Current photo (passport size) with white background and without glasses.academic background and work experience. These individuals currently work in • Presentation letter from the current employer specifying position held and his ora variety of professions and are prepared to become fully immersed in an her duties.English-speaking environment to achieve an International Master’s Degree that • Completed admission form.offers ample opportunities for international exposure. Participants must have a • Fee payment for admission process.good level of proficiency in English. Once accepted, candidates must pay a non-reimbursable registration fee of S/.200.II. Requirements for Participants Account in Nuevos Soles in Banco de Crédito or Continental.• The minimum recommended TOEFL IBT score is 80 or an equivalent accreditation of intermediate level proficiency in English as measured by ESAN’s diagnostic test. (Note that some partner Universities require a score of 100) TOEFL Code VI. Admission Procedure • Meet the language requirements (TOEFL score or Placement test at ESAN). Number: 7681 • Personal Interview with the Admissions committee to discuss the candidate’s• Bachelors degree required at the time of application. managerial experience. If the minimum score is achieved for the interview, the• Three years of professional experience. Internships are not considered a valid candidate will move on to the next step. substitute for this requirement. • Reasoning Test: Participants who already have a GMAT of 600 or higher can• A current resume of past professional experience. waive this test. The test is a standardized numerical and verbal test in English.• Personal interview with the admissions committee.• Presentation letter from the current employer that specifies the position held by ESAN University will inform candidates about admissions results through a personal the applicant and his or her duties. letter. Admission will be reserved for interested candidates, who will be duly• Completed admission form with required documentation attached. notified of enrollment and payment deadlines. 1. Additionally, participants need to meet the requirements of the host university (admissions tests, financial statements, etc.). It is the participants responsibility to fulfill these requirements by specified deadlines. VII. Start of International MBA class 2. Please note that there are a limited number of spaces at each university. Opening session : March 01, 2013 Schedule : Full time commitment Sessions : From Monday to Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.III. Additional Requirements for Foreign Students• To obtain admission, students must meet all the requirements for equivalence or validity of degrees and/or diplomas. VIII. Transfers• Applicants must also present necessary financial information. If the candidate is admitted to the Program, ESAN University will accept external and internal transfers. The transfer process includes a thorough review of the candidate’s academic profile, professional experience and written exam. TheIV. Degrees issued by foreign universities Admission’s Committee will schedule a personal interview to review thisIf the applicant to Master Degree Programs at ESAN has a degree or other academic information in-depth and inquire about the candidate’s personal qualities.credentials from a foreign university that has agreements with ESAN, he or shemust ask the university of origin for copies of the diploma or degree conferred bythe university of origin as well as an official transcript.Applicants with degrees from universities who have no agreements with ESANmust request legalized or authenticated copies of their bachelor degree or itsequivalent. These copies must be legalized in the consulate of Peru in the countryof origin. This copy must be presented to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Limaprior to its submission to ESAN. The request for an authenticated version should beobtained through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country of original.Authenticated versions can be requested if the degree has been conferred in oneof the countries that has signed the Authentication Agreement:
  2. 2. IX. Program investment Option 1a* Soles First Payment 30,000.00 Second payment at the end of the term 31,531.00 Total Amount paid 61,531.00 Total Interest 1,531.00*For HHL, IESEG, ICHECInterest payment is included in the monthly payments. Interest rate 1% Option 1b : First and Second Term** Soles Option 2 : Third and fourth Term*** Soles First Payment 16,000.00 First Payment 16,000.00 Second payment at the end of the term 14,925.00 Second payment at the end of the 4th term 14,862.00 Total Amount paid 30,925.00 Total Amount paid 30,862.00 Total Interest 925.00 Total Interest 862.00**For FIU, Texas ***Participants from ESANs partner universities in theThe price includes just the tuition fee at ESAN. Tuition fee for the term Dual Degreeabroad will depend on the partner university.Note 1: The investment in this program does not include expenses associated with international travel: plane tickets, lodging, transportation, food or others that may arise in the destination country. Said investment onlycovers tuition. Applicants must assume all additional costs.Note 2: Companies that provide financing for their executives will receive an invoice for the total amount of the program. This invoice can be exchanged for installment payment agreements, which the candidate and thecompany’s legal representative must sign.In these cases, students must go to the financial services office to submit the installment agreements. The sales executive will request the documents from company sponsors.Note 3: To qualify for the direct financing that ESAN University offers, students will sign installment agreements. ESAN will forward these quota agreements to local financial institutions for debit or collection.All payments that are not made by the due date will be subject to compensatory interest and late fees at an EIR of 18.5%.Observations: If the deposit is made in the bank, the student must present the payment voucher at registration.Note 4: Payments for the total amount or the first quota must be made to the following accounts: Banco de Crédito del Perú - Soles 193-1764415-0-72 / Banco de Crédito del Perú - Dólares 193-1415182-1-77Observations: The Financial Services Office will indicate where installment payments must be made.Note 5: ESAN offers discounts to alumni. There are also corporate or group discounts for students who work at the same company. These discounts will be applied at the beginning of the program and are neitherretroactive nor cumulative. Please ask for information at registration. We have no discount agreements with Professional Organizations.X. Bank financingUp to 5 years, with preferential rate and grace period.(Must meet bank requirements. The process is personal).ESAN has signed agreements with the following financial institutions. Please contact the individuals listed below: Institución Persona de Contacto Teléfonos e-mail BBVA Banco Continental Miss. Diana García 414-2953 / 98505-5716 RPM *332953 Ms. Noelia Rodríguez 414-2596 / 99815-4719 / 815*4719 Banco de Crédito del Perú Mr. Dennis Rios 444-1717 anexo 46047 or 46048 9753-50967 / RPM *494197 Ms. Jhenny Paredes 99904-7360 RPM #220966 Banco Interamericano Ms. Milagros Ysla 613-3887 or 421*7861 de Finanzas Scotiabank Ms. María del Rocío Herrera 211-6000 anexo 4252 Interbank Ms. Karinna Aguilar 219-2153 anexo 626401 or 9890-52934 Ms. Melissa Zuñiga 9891-88210 Cooperativa de Ahorro Ms. Claudia Iberico 611-1645 y Crédito Abaco Mr. Luis Salazar 611-1647 Diners Club Perú S.A. Mr. Jorge Arturo Zevallos 221-2050 anexo 252 or área de créditos Instituto Peruano de Mr. Percy Romero 471-7395 anexo 102 Fomento Educativo Information Sale executive: Elizabeth Vallenas Phone: 317-7226 Ext. 4042 e-mail: Alonso de Molina 1652, Monterrico Chico, Surco.