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7 International agreements so you can compete any where in the world.

The only MBA in Peru delivered completely in English that allows you to do the first academic year in Lima and the second at a prestigious university in the USA, Germany, France or Belgium. This innovative structure will help you acquire a global vision and gain valuable international management experience.
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International MBA Brochure

  1. 1. ESAN Graduate School of Business was founded on July25th, 1963 through an agreement between the govern- govern-ments of Peru and the United States of America. Its orga- orga-nization and implementation were entrusted to GraduateSchool of Business of Stanford University, California.ESAN is a non-profit, private Peruvian institution thatis international in scope. It enjoys both academic andadministrative autonomy. ESAN offers Master’s Degreeprograms for executives and an array of academic andprofessional services. Moreover, within its decentralizedmanagement and based on its research, the institutionalso offers various programs to strengthen the capacitiesof local governments and small and micro enterprises.When choosing among postgraduate programs, pros- pros-pective students put a premium on quality. In this regard,ESAN has pushed ahead of its competition by becomingthe first institution in Peru to receive international accre- accre-ditation from AMBA, “Association of MBAs.” This distinc- distinc-tion is in recognition of its efforts to offer programs thatmeet high international standards.ESAN is also a member of the AACSB, the Associationto Advance Collegiate Schools of Business; the EFMD,European Foundation for Management Development; thePIM, Partnership for International Management; and is afounding member and the current executive head officeof CLADEA, the Latin American Council of ManagementSchools.ESAN has the largest number of agreements with top-ranked universities around the world. This ensures thatstudents will have ample opportunities for internationalexposure through business and study trips, exchangeprograms and visits from foreign professors.For the last 49 years ESAN, has been a leading businessschool in Peru. The strength of its programs and theexcellence of its faculty are the basis for ESAN’s vision tostrengthen its leadership position in the region and theworld.
  2. 2. 03 Benefits of this program04 Knowledge acquisition / International approach05 The program’s mission06 The program’s characteristics07 The program’s curriculum08 Core courses10 Management skills program12 Emphasis on international business14 Partner Universities Worldwide17 Double degree18 MIM – Master in Management Groupe ESC Clermont18 Master of Business Administration University of Texas at Austin19 Master of International Business Florida International University19 DESCM - Groupe Sup de Co Montpellier20 Master Program in Management IESEG School of Management-Lille/Paris, Lille Catholic University20 Master of Business Administration Handelshochschule Leipzig (HHL)21 Master en Gestion de la Enterprise ICHEC - Brussels Management School22 Renowned faculty26 Personal Statement
  3. 3. Our mission“To help students becomecompetitive and upstandingleaders and professionalswho possess excellentcritical thinking skills andan international vision of theworld. We strive to strengthenskills and values througheducation and research.”Benefits of this programIf you are a professional who is 2. You will enjoy the best of two You will have an advantageseeking an opportunity to study worlds and receive a dual de-de- during the admissions processoutside of Peru, this is the right gree conferred by ESAN and a at these universities becauseprogram: partner university. ESAN will sponsor your applica- applica- 3. When you choose a double tion (*).1. You will be immersed in an degree, being admitted to the international environment while International MBA means you (*) The final admission’s decision will be studying in English, building an are on your way to fulfilling taken by the partner university. international network, and de- de- the admission requirements at veloping friendships with people one of our partner universities. from around the world.
  4. 4. 4 5 International MBA ESAN established one of the firstKnowledge post-graduate business programsacquisition in the region 49 years ago.After successfully completing the program, graduates will be able to: Today our MBA is one of the most Apply and use basic concepts and tools related to: business strategy, marketing, finance, human resources and information technology to prestigious and demanding in the improve their performance in any business around the world. region.InternationalapproachThis unique program promotes internationaland intercultural understanding.International MBA graduates will be on the cuttingedge of international education and business. They will:This is where you start... yourjourney to a world with nofrontiers.The first step to obtain this International MBA starts in Peru. ESAN,one of the most prestigious academic institutions in Latin America, willprovide you with a top-notch academic experience.
  5. 5. The program’smissionOne of the main objectives of theprogram is to develop an internationalenvironment where exchange studentsand double degree candidates haveto opportunity to acquire essentialmanagement skills. Students will learnto apply their knowledge in multiplecontexts while interacting with multi-cultural students and building a networkoutside of Peru. Once they havecompleted the program, participants willbe prepared to succeed both locally andinternationally.
  6. 6. 6 7 International MBA The program’s characteristics INNOVATIVE CURRICULUM The International MBA curricular structure is dynamic and is constantly reviewed and adapted to meet the bu- siness world’s changing scenarios and requirements. ESAN’s International MBA Program curriculum is much more than the sum of its parts. ACADEMIC STRUCTURES THAT RESPOND TO REAL WORLD NEEDS ESAN’s International MBA is a cha- llenging program that is known for its grounding in real world scenarios. Its intensive courses mirror real life situa- tions and demand daily preparation and permanent group work. Our students discover the importance of teamwork in reaching productive goals and achieving excellence in their lives and organiza- tions. QUALITY OF STRATEGIC ALLIANCES The strength of ESAN’s International MBA is rooted in the quality of its edu- cation and professional alliances. These ties create an environment rich in cross cultural interaction and permanent debate. In this scenario, both student and facul- ty interaction are equally important. To fortify the quality of its alliances, ESAN has agreements with top-notch institutions around the world. ALUMNI UPDATE ESAN’s graduates are on the cutting edge of advances in management. ESAN’s International MBA offers oppor- tunities for continuing education as well as access to conferences and seminars. This program is unique in the region and its participants are always a step ahead.
  7. 7. The program’scurriculumThe International MBA’s curriculum isdynamic. It is constantly reviewed andadapted to the needs and requirements of THIRD TERM Cred. Ses. Hrs.The world of business. Managerial Decision Making 1.5 10 15 Business & Government 1.5 10 15 Strategic Management 3 20 30 Business Simulation Game 1.5 10 15 Evaluating Investment Projects 1.5 10 15 Business Environment 1.5 10 15 FIRST TERM Cred. Ses. Hrs. Ethics and Social Responsibility 1.5 10 15 Managerial Competencies 1.5 10 15 Critical Thinking 1.5 10 15 Global Management 1.5 10 15 Managerial and Cost Accounting 3.6 24 36 Elective course 3 1.5 10 15 Quantitative Analysis for Management 3 20 30 Leadership and Organizational Behavior 3 20 30 TOTAL 16.5 110 165 Managerial Economics 3.6 24 36 FOURTH TERM Cred. Ses. Hrs. TOTAL 14.7 98 147 Thesis Methodology Seminar 1.5 10 15 SECOND TERM Cred. Ses. Hrs. (A) Business plan 1.5 10 15 (B) Applied Research 1.5 10 15 Operations and Supply chain management 3 20 30 4 Courses equivalent to specialization 15 100 15 Marketing Management 3 20 30 established by the Program Managerial Finance 3.6 24 36 International Trip 2 20 Human Resource Management 3 20 30 Thesis 8 54 Management of Information Systems 3 20 30 TOTAL 26.5 184 30 Elective course 1 1.5 10 15 Elective course 2 1.5 10 15 TOTAL 18.6 124 186 PROGRAM TOTAL TOTA 76.3 516 528
  8. 8. 8 9 International MBACorecoursesOur mandatory MANAGEMENT AREA Managerial and Cost Accounting The course introduces the fundamentals of MARKETING AND INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS AREAcourses or core Leadership and Organizational Behavior financial accounting. It focuses on the adequate use of cost accounting Marketing Managementcourses have Analysis and comprehension of the human factor through studies of group information in budget processes as a Participants will become familiar with marketing principles, tools and generic tool for economic management andbeen designed and individual behavior. Participants will business control. At the end of the strategies for different market sectors. course participants will understand thewith benchmarks fundamentals of costs accounting and Global Management will be able to apply methods for budget The course will help students understandfrom the best This course will focus on developing the development and control during decision the effects of international development; practical skills that managers need in thisbusiness schools area. making process. business; theories and institutions of commerce and investment; schemes toin the world. Human Resources Management Managerial Economics compare environments; strategy; structureThe objective This course will present the foundations and challenges of the managing a modern relationship between concepts and and global implementation; as well as international operations management. relevant principles of economic theory andis to provide staff and focus on other key concepts, techniques and processes in this dynamic business management. This knowledge OPERATIONS AND INFORMATIONstudents with area. to-day events in business scenarios. The TECHNOLOGY AREASsolid academic Strategic Management Quantitative Analysis for management The course will introduce basic concepts The course will break parochial paradigmsand practical to redefine strategic options. After management. and methods relative to statistics completing this course, the participant for business.experience. Business & Government This course will give students an overview Students will develop analytical and quantitative skills to solve managementStudents will regional or global plane. of political and economic determinants in the region and around the world. Students problems; apply concepts and techniqueshave the tools to ACCOUNTING, ECONOMY AND FI- NANCE AREA will learn how these factors affect the to transform data into information for decision making; and interpret reports activities and development ofmake excellent Managerial Finance companies, government institutions and about different aspects of Participants will be given the tools to develop and evaluate investment projects Evaluating Investment Projectsdecisions in and make decisions to increase the This course aim to provide students company’s value in the Peruvian financialdifferent functional market. with concepts and tools to develop and to evaluate an investment project andareas of an suggest alternatives for financing.organization.
  9. 9. Management of InformationThis course gives students a basicgrounding in information systems andinternet and focuses on the impact boththe strategic nature of IT and the value itgenerates. The course will also focus onthe elements that must be consideredwhen making decisions about technology.Operations and Supply ChainManagementThe course offers the fundamentals,theories, and instruments for adequatesupply chain management. The supplychain specialist must process constantrequests from different areas of anmaking financial projections; effectivelymanaging human resources; andgenerating low-cost efficiencies.
  10. 10. 10 11 International MBA Management skills program The Management Skills Program Critical Thinking This course will help students rediscover Ethics and Social Responsibility focuses on helping students develop their capacity for critical, questioning thought. They will learn why people resist framework of analysis used to determi- essential management skills. Students unlearning old patterns and will learn to its shareholders. It evaluates cases of review and abandon paradigms; learn businesses that are in the process of are evaluated on the first day of from difficulties; tolerate uncertainty; and implementing CSR programs. resit the temptation to over-structure. class to identify their skill level at THESIS METHODOLOGY Business Environment the beginning of the program. The Thesis Methodology for Business Planning results of this initial diagnostic will which companies operate in national and - This course will teach students about be compared with those obtained nomy; it looks at how companies adapt to new global tends to ensure viability. the main tools used to evaluate poten- tial business ideas. Students will learn throughout the MBA program. Making Management Decisions methods for business planning; assess the feasibility of promising ideas; and A series of workshops will be held This course will help students gain a review aspects of processes to implement - business plans. during this period as a complement to aspects involved in decision making and Thesis Methodology for the curriculum. how this process may differ from organi- Applied Research The course aims to provide a methodological framework to help Business Simulation Game students write their thesis. It reviews The course will develop management methods for qualitative and quantitative skills by focusing on decision making research and their application. WORKSHOPS financial constraints. It will also focus on Socialization and Group Formation communications and reporting. Students This workshop will focus on how work will learn how their decisions affect the groups are structured. It will be held prior business environment and influence the to the first day of class and marks the beginning of the first stage of the MBA program. Managerial Skills The objective is to evaluate students’ management skills at the beginning of the program. Developing Managerial Skills After the initial evaluation, a series of workshops will be held to develop and strenghten skills.
  11. 11. 12 13 International MBA Emphasis on international Business These courses aim to develop and enhance our students’ knowledge of International Business and will be taught during the third and fourth period of the program. Students will develop their capacity to analyze global contexts to take advantage of opportunities on the international scene. These courses will examine international operations from a procedural and IT perspective.
  12. 12. INTERNATIONAL APPROACH EXCHANGE PROGRAMS ESAN’s MBA programs host studentsINTERNATIONAL WEEK from around the globe. Since the yearThe International Week consists of five 2000, ESAN has received more than 120 international students. The MBA programESAN’s campus will host graduate also offers students the opportunity tostudents from different cities in Peru andaround the world. Participants will have more than 70 top universities around thethe opportunity to learn about the latest globe.developments in management fromprominent international professors. What does the exchange program entail? The possibility of attending one of theprofessors from prestigious universities select foreign universities (in the third or fourth term of the program) that are part ESAN’s institutional agreements. All courses taken abroad are validated in Peru. Application Requirements should be in the top third of the class). Language proficiency, according to the destination country. Participants require a document that indicates that they have achieved at least an intermediate level of proficiency. Investment No additional payments are required beyond local tuition. - ses abroad (travel tickets, insurance, lodging, etc).
  13. 13. 14 15 International MBA Partner Universities Worldwide Africa » North America » - » » Latin America ness School, South Africa *. Spain. » Escola de Administracão de Empresas » » - Asia and Middle East Belgium. » Asian Institute of Management, Philip- Philip- » » » Escuela de Administracion de Negocios pines*. » de Educacion Superior, Paraguay. » China Europe International Business » » » Instituto de Estudios Superiores de School (CEIBS)*. » - » » Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de » » » and Applied Economics, Belgium*. » Monterrey Institute of Technology and China*. » » » Indian Institute of Management Ahme- Ahme- » » School of Business Administration and dabad*. » » Indian Institute of Management Ban- Ban- » Stockholm School of Economics, Swe- Swe- » » galore*. den*. Escuela de Administración, Chile*. » » The Norwegian School of Economics and *. » Pakistan. » - Administración de Empresas, Colombia. » » der School of Business, Canada*. » Business Administration, Japan. School for Business Administration, » Business, Argentina*. » - Economics, Law and Social Sciences, yang Business School, Singapore*. States *. Oceania » - » » » ness School*. Business School, England*. Richard Ivey School of Business, Zealand. » School of Economics and Management » Canada*. » Italy*. » - Business School, Australia*. » - » » - sity, China*. » » » Australia*. - » » » tration, Israel*. New Zealand*. » » - » Business School, Thailand*. (*) PIM Member » » » Europe » - Business, Canada*. » blic*. » » Poland*. » - » - mark*. » » Wirtschaftsuniversitat Wien, Austria*. » Escuela de Administracion de Empre- Empre- sas, Spain.
  14. 14. 16 17 International MBA
  15. 15. DoubledegreeESAN’s International MBA offers studentsthe opportunity to obtain a world-class PARTNERS program structured?dual degree. Participants study the first The participant will complete half of thetwo terms of the program at ESAN’s cam- Ecole Superieure de Commerce de Clermont MBA program at ESAN and the other halfpus and complete the last two terms at MIM – Master in Management at the double degree partner of the 7 prestigious partner universi- Florida International University confers an MBA degree and the partneroffered by ESAN and one of its 7 partner MIB - Master of International Business university grants an MBA, Master ofuniversities worldwide. Management or Master of International Business depending on the structure of Groupe Sup de Co MontpellierAt the end of the Program, participants its program. DESCMwill obtain an MBA degree from ESANand a second degree from the internatio- Application Requirementsnal university. Handelshochschule Leipzig The participant has to finish the first MBA - Master of Business Administration half of the International MBA programThrough this program, ESAN joins forceswith several prestigious foreign univer- ICHEC - Brussels Management School / Belgium other half at the partner university.sities to provide students with a unique Master en Gestion de la Enterprise be part of the top third of the class).Master’s degree from both institutions. Language proficiency, minimum inter- IESEG School of Management, Lille Catholic University mediate level. MSc - Master Program in ManagementThe following partner universities partici-pate in our double degree: university. University of Texas at Austin MBA - Master of Business Administration Investment Tuition for the dual degree program varies from university to university. Participants will cover their traveling and - ce, lodging, etc).
  16. 16. 18 19 International MBA MIM – Master of Management Groupe ESC Clermont students to be competent, open-minded, leading business schools and its main and responsible managers, to take risks, to innovate, and to work in a borderless - Ministry of Education, Research Master of Business Administration University of Texas at Austin - - ned its place as a leading business school bility and integrity, communication and co- by providing learning that connects the llaboration, and a worldview of business and society. world-class faculty that engages and inspires; and competitive insight gleaned from leading-edge research. of Business faculty teaches all courses, preparing leaders to meet the demanding challenges of today’s business world. Austin propels career advancement and access to the McCombs MBA alumni network—a dynamic group of more than 16,000 business leaders worldwide. The pillars to educate tomorrow’s leaders:
  17. 17. International MBAMaster of International BusinessFlorida InternationalUniversity CHAPMAN GRADUATE SCHOOLfocused on the key skills, behaviors and -techniques required for students to ted among the top 15 business schools insucceed in the international marketplace. two categories —global management and operations— surveyed in The Princetonthe knowledge and abilities that are speci-fic to doing business in The Americas. which reflect the evaluations of 19,000The global character of the MIB program MBA students, appeared in the April 2010is inherent in its curriculum and in thediverse nationalities of the students en-rolled in it. Because of the diversity of thestudent body, students continually share rankings, titled “Best Business Schoolsand learn from their multinational pers- School at the 24th spot in the “Best Business Schools Specialty Rankings:faculty, the program features lectures and International” category.seminars by multinational, foreign, and www.fiu.eduDESCMGroupe Sup de Co MontpellierThe Montpellier Business School ESC -in Commerce, Management and Adminis-tration education. since 2004 to award Master’s degrees.The Montpellier Business School is the Montpellier ESC’s purpose is to trainin the Languedoc-Roussillon region and work immediately as as managers, busi- - ness founders and business acquirers.Sup de Co Montpellier is to train students www.supdeco-montpellier.comto become socially responsible mana-gers while endowing them with a strongentrepreneurial spirit and the ability adapt -ther local, national or international.The higher education establishment of the
  18. 18. 20 21 International MBA Master Program in Management IESEG School of Management-Lille/Paris, Lille Catholic University Established in Lille in 1964 and member international dimension; and its highly - - sociation to Advance Collegiate Schools - - Management, Audit-Control, International national and international corporate world Management. while educating actors of change in a professional environment that is constant- ly changing and improving. Master of Business Administration Handelshochschule Leipzig (HHL) Rankings: international business publications as one In the university ranking published by the of the leading business schools in Europe. successful model and reputation for 2010 Ranking). accredited by AACSB (2004, 2009) and 2010-2011 guide The Sustainable MBA: is especially attractive for talented and with its mission to promote effective and ambitious participants who are seeking - managerial positions in multinational culum that focuses on social impact. corporations. It is designed to sharpen students’ interpersonal and analytical skills in addition to honing their general management skills.
  19. 19. International MBAMaster in Gestionof the EnterpriseICHEC – BrusselsManagement SchoolLocated in downtown Brussels, which Thanks to internships, seminars and co-operative education, students becomeSchool of Management stands out for its familiar with the world of business.vocation to international business edu- -cation. This strategic advantages offers sors who are also well known practitio-students numerous opportunities. - the world of business.gement as one of its main academicPillars and encourages students to ac- -guages, and ways of learning. The schoolparticipates in a rich and dense networkof foreign institutions that are joined toge-ther through cooperation agreements. -tific preparation with a truly operationaleducation.
  20. 20. RenownedfacultyESAN FACULTY MBA Alberto Zapater Cateriano Jorge Baraybar Cardini Eddie Morris Abarca INTERNATIONAL FACULTYMBA Estuardo Lu Chang-Say
  21. 21. 22 23 International MBAALBERTO ALEXANDER SERVAT SERGIO BRAVO ORELLANA SERGIO CUERVO GUZMÁN GONZALO GUERRA-GARCÍA PICASSO -Administration from Northern Michigan Information Manager at British American Angeles California. Tobacco (Peru Ecuador) where works onof Lima with a degree in Business Admi-nistration. ALDO BRESANI TORRES DIEGO CUETO SACO and Strategic Sales Analysis.ALEX ALBÚJAR CRUZ - JORGE GUILLÉN UYEN neering and MSc in Systems Engineering, ESAN. Researcher, specialist in Corporate - - Bachelor of Naval – Maritime Sciences Emerging Markets. from the Peruvian Naval Academy. Economics. Bachelor of Economics fromProinversion. ALFREDO DAMMERT LIRA KURT BURNEO FARFÁNCARLOS AGUIRRE GAMARRA - - Austin. Master’s degree in Chemical KETY JÁUREGUI MACHUCAan undergraduate degree in Economics. Austin. Bachelor of Industrial Engineering, Masters in Information Systems, ITESM, - -tion Program in Economic Regulation of Reserva del Peru BCR, and ChairmanTelecommunications and Bank Manage- CECILIA ESTEVES DEJOment. Nacion, Peru. Engineering Lima, Peru.LYDIA ARBAIZA FERMINI LUIS FELIPE CALDERÓN MONCLOA ESAN. Master of Economics at Pontificia ENRIQUE LOUFFAT OLIVARES - - MA in Management Learning and MSc in Information Management, Lancaster CÉSAR FUENTES CRUZPeru. Bachelor of Industrial Engineering Peru. Bachelor of Psychology from Natio- - -JORGE BARAYBAR CARDINI ESTUARDO LU CHANG-SAY OCTAVIO CHIRINOS VALDIVIA Marketing and Internet Consulting com- Institute of Technology, MIT. Bachelor of JUAN JOSÉ GARRIDO KOECHLIN New Categories Manager at Alicorp SA. Católica of Peru. MIGUEL ÁNGEL MARTÍN MATOALBERTO BEJARANO HEREDIA RENÉ CORNEJO DÍAZ Sciences with emphasis in Risk Mana- - PATRICIA GONZALES PERALTA - MBA – ESAN. Bachelor of Administration Business Management from Carlos III nical and Electrical Engineering from theEngineering Peru.
  22. 22. RenownedfacultyNANCY MATOS DE VALLEJOS MARÍA ROSA MORÁN MACEDO DAVID RITCHIE BALLENAS JORGE TALAVERA TRAVERSO - -ESAN. Industrial Engineer from Pontificia Resources Management at Ecole de Ma- Ma- ESAN, Peru. Bachelor of Mechanical BSc in Business Administration, Babson and Electrical Engineering at the National College, Massachusetts.GENARO MATUTE MEJÍA Peru. President of ESAN. JOSÉ ANTONIO ROBLES FLORES EDDIE MORRIS ABARCA JUAN TIMANÁ DE LA FLOR Postgraduate studies in Administra- Administra-Canada. MBA, ESAN. Electric and Me- Me- - concentration in Statistics from Pennsyl- Pennsyl- Systems Engineering from the National chelor of Systems Engineering and Com- Com- - ALEJANDRO TOLEDO MANRIQUEALFREDO MENDIOLA CABRERA - LUIS PIAZZON GALLO SANTIAGO ROCA TAVELLA - - - ce with a concentration in Economics the MARÍA ROSA MORÁN MACEDOsis in Systems Engineering from National - sity of Engineering, Peru. JOSÉ SALINAS ORTIZ Resources Management at Ecole de Ma- Ma-TOMÁS MINAURO LATORRE EDWIN QUINTANILLA ACOSTASpain. MSc in Business Administration, Spain. MBA, ESAN, Peru. Bachelor of Science and Mathematics, Washing- Washing- of Peru. Electrical Engineering from the Nationalfrom ESAN. Bachelor of Science with a Mathematical Economics, London School NARGHIS TORRES PÉREZ - of Economics and Political Science,sidad Agraria, Peru. ANA REÁTEGUI VELA England. Board, referee at the Chamber of Com- Com-WAGNER MONTANO MÁRQUEZ MARTÍN SANTANA ORMEÑO merce of Lima and founder and partner at -Law degree from San Marcos State - ARMANDO VALDÉS PALACIO dad of Lima, Peru. Canada. Bachelor of Industrial Enginee- Enginee-OSWALDO MORALES TRISTÁN OTTO REGALADO PEZÚA Postgraduate studies in Planning and - -School of Asia Pacific Studies, Waseda JAIME SERIDA NISHIMURA graduate studies in Accounting at La Salle -Economics and Public Service Regulation Aires, Argentina. - ESAN. Bachelor of Industrial Engineering -Peru. Lima, Peru. Postgraduate Program.
  23. 23. 24 25 International MBAGERMÁN VELÁSQUEZ SALAZAR INTERNATIONAL FACULTY VIRGINIA LASIO CHRISTOPHER ROBERTSON -Consultant and lecturer on Purchasing IBERE ARCO E FLEXAPolicies, contracts and procurement.PERCY VIGIL VIDAL associate professor and MBA Coordi- International Consultant. nator from the full time Business School -ral manager and marketing manager at JOHN BRANCH AJAY MANRAIimportant retail companies in Peru. - TRACY TUTENJOSÉ LUIS WAKABAYASHI MUROYA Brunswick, Canada; and Master in Programs at Lerner School of Business Associate Marketing professor at East - advertising and social media marketing.Marketing Masters Program at ESAN. ETIENNE CRACCO HORACIO MELÉNDEZ OTMAR E. VARELAPETER YAMAKAWA TSUJA - Business Administration and Accounting Masters in International Management - Louvain - Belgium. Project Consultant for na. Strategy for the Americas Program, Sloan School of Management, MIT.Electronic Engineering from the National AJAY VINZÉ JOSEP Mª GALÍ I IZARD -ALBERTO ZAPATER CATERIANO JAVIER REYNOSO Information Systems Professor at W. P. - - URBI GARAY LLUCH DAVID WERNICK - chusetts, Amherst. MA in International the Services Management Program. Business Association for Latin American Studies.
  24. 24. PersonalStatement A year ago, I decided to come to Peru to complete the ESAN University - Ieseg School of Management double degree program. During my stay in Lima I had the opportunity to take different kinds of courses, both general and specific. After my experience at ESAN I completed my thesis on Social Responsibility. One of the reasons I decided to come to ESAN was the chance to study in a professional context. In fact, I met participants who worked at many different types of organizations and had ample practical experience in the business world. This was highly enriching. Other important aspects of my decision to study at ESAN included its reputation for academic excellence, use of case methodology and team work. I also had the opportunity to participate in the two International Weeks, which allowed me attend classes with experienced professors from around the globe. Peru is a beautiful country and Lima’s multicultural landscape is particularly enchanting. Its location on the coast is ideal and provides a vantage point for travel to beautiful places in Latin America. Finally, I would highly recommend the double degree program to all students around the world. This was an extraordinary year for me as a student and a person. I met really nice and generous people. Now I know I have true friends in Peru. This experience changed my life and I will never forget it. ESAN - IÉSEG
  25. 25. 26 27 International MBAI wanted to study in Europe and had a particular interest inGermany because it is one of the largest economies in theregion. Not surprisingly, Germany has a great educationsystem. HHL is one of the leading business schools inEurope and the oldest in Germany. Its MBA Programoffers interesting and high quality courses and providesopportunities to interact in a multi-cultural environmentwith students from India, the USA, Nicaragua, Venezuela,Mexico, China, South Korea, Spain, Romania, Pakistan,Afghanistan and of course Germany. I was exposed todifferent opinions and new ideas.In terms of opportunities to experience the job marketin Germany and the rest of Europe, HHL has a strongnetwork with local and international firms. On a weeklybasis, current students and alumni are given acomprehensive list of job positions and internships thatare available at very well-known international firms suchas JP Morgan, Audi, BMW, Deutsche Bank, P&G, VW,Puma, Adidas to name a few. Although most of these firmsrequire candidates to be fully fluent in German, there areseveral opportunities for English speakers.Living in Germany was a fascinating experience. Iinteracted with local people and was immersed in Germanculture. The MBA program at HHL offers several studybreaks to allow students to travel around Germany andEurope. Something that surprised me about this countryis the number of people who use bicycles. On the streets,bikes are as important as cars and pedestrians.You will have a unique MBA experience if you chooseESAN’s International MBA in conjunction with the MBAprogram at HHL. You will enjoy it!LUIS MANUEL VILLARREALESAN - HHL
  26. 26. Why Peru? Peru is located in western South America between Ecuador and Chile. It is the third-largest country in South America Lima The country’s capital is located at sea level on the central coast of Peru. Its The Peruvian cuisine is known for its originality and holds a Guinness record for offering the largest variety of typical food and is ranked among the world’s 20 population is estimated at about 9 million. dishes. Currently there are more than largest nations in terms of geographic Currently, 20 airlines offer more than 40 40,000 restaurants across the country, extension. Its population is estimated flights a day from Lima to major cities in many of which have received accolades at approximately 29 million. The main Latin America, North America, Europe from internationally renowned food critics. language is Spanish. and Asia. In January 2006, during the Fourth Inter- national Summit of Gastronomy Madrid Peru is multiethnic with a broad mix of Lima offers multiple attractions: Fusion, held in Spain, Lima was declared cultural traditions that are amply expres- leading hotels, world-class restaurants, the “Gastronomic Capital of the sed in its art, cuisine, literature and mu- acclaimed museums, shopping centers, Americas”. sic. The country is full of natural wonders hot spots for adventure tourism and ex- and is home to some of the globe’s most traordinary archaeological monuments. In There will be multiple opportunities for the varied animal and plant species. Peru is 1991, UNESCO named Lima’s Historical most demanding palates to experience ranked second in terms of the number Center a World Cultural Heritage site for the variety and quality of Peruvian cuisine, of species of birds; third with regard its colonial architecture. which is a unique blend of foods from to mammals and amphibians; fourth in numerous European, African, Asian and biological diversity; and fifth in plants and Students will have the opportunity to Andean cultures. reptiles. It is also home to hundreds of ar- experience Peru’s diversity by visiting Peru and New York share the same time chaeological sites like Machu Picchu, the exciting destinations, including pre-Co- zone (-5 hr GMT). country’s primary tourist attraction, and lombian cities such Pachacamac, (15 other popular ruins such as Chan Chan, miles south of Lima) and superb colonial Lima enjoys pleasant weather all year Sipan, Kuelap, Nazca lines, Ollantaytam- mansions and churches. Fans of ar- long. Even in August, the winter season, bo, Caral and Sacsayhuaman. chaeological remains will be impressed the average temperature ranges from Peru’s economy has experienced expo- by remnants of various ancient civiliza- 58°F to 65°F. It almost never rains on the nential and sustained growth over the tions, including the Incan Empire, Chavin, coast. In the summer (December-April), last decade due to strong exports, fiscal Moche and Nazca, which can be traced humidity decreases and temperatures surpluses and dynamic internal demand. back to 3,000 years B.C. fluctuate between 75°F and 84°F. In the sierra, where Cuzco is located, there is a dry season from May to Octo- ber and plenty of sunny days. The rainy season is from December to March.
  27. 27. T / (01) 317-7226. Alonso de Molina 1652, Monterrico Chico, @esanperu esanposgrado