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Ficha Be One Eng1

  1. 1. What’s BeOne? Cloud Telephony Portfolio Trends 2011 Trust BeOne La Telefonía IP ListaSmart IP Tel
  2. 2. What’s BeOne? THE SMART IP TELEPHONY BeOne is a young, dynamic, and entrepreneur company, an operator with functional services, to manage the communications of your company, which imply added value to your business activity and a saving in your fixed costs. Our commitment is to get easier and smart communications. We don’t want to be mere suppliers, we want to be true partners of our clients, getting involved with their needs and building strong and lasting relationships that help us growing up together. Therefore we offer  a wide  range  of solutions,  network  services and applications  that will provide your company everything you need to enjoy effective, secure and high quality communications. We are a proximity operator that offers telecommunications’ solutions based on high quality IP Telephony. IP Telephony More savings More services
  3. 3. What’s BeOne? OUR VALUES PROXIMITY CONFIDENCE INNOVATION We are team with a strong Our job is to guarantee the We believe that technology focus on the customer and maximum efficiency and can help in day to day with a broad knowledge of quality of our customers’ communications. So we the technological support. communications. give priority to innovation, We are sensitive to and The BeOne Maxim is Quality. counting on a team whose fully identify ourselves to target is to develop new your needs. Our wish is to features which meet our maximize the profitability, customers’ needs of today efficiency, and the quality of and evolve with those of your communications. tomorrow.
  4. 4. What’s BeOne? BEONE IN THE MEDIA
  5. 5. What’s BeOne? BEONE IN THE MEDIA
  6. 6. Cloud Telephony CLOUD TELEPHONY Your  company  has  everything  you1 need to have an advanced, efficient & effective TELEPHONY ON THE CLOUD communications system.  You  enjoy  the It is  the most effective way  to  offer service, but  it is hosted  at  our  network communications services that use to be provided (the  Cloud) and  it’s  operated  and by the own organization’s infrastructure. maintained by us The services (platforms, soft- “IT  on demand”  pay only   for    what  you ware)  are  supplied  from  an2 really  need, without infrastructure  external network, which investments. And if your business increases, is located  in  the  Internet just extend the services following your needs. “Cloud“. Cloud  Telephony  is  not  only  data3 transmission.  It’s  voice, unified Savings  &  flexibility  are  unquestionable advan- communications and more applications that provide voice and data together. tages of  on-demand  IT services,  but there are many more…
  7. 7. Cloud Telephony CLOUD TELEPHONY - ADVANTAGES1 Flexibility Infrastructure tailored to your needs.2 Availability When you need us, there we are.3 Control With  your Customers’ Area “My  BeOne” you have real control of your telecoms. You can manage the whole calls from your control panel. Sustainability Infraestructures at the cloud contribute to4 energy saving and environment conservation. Savings Pay only for what you use, do not make investments,5 have your money available for what you really need.
  8. 8. Portfolio OUR PRODUCT RANGEDiscover a new world full of possibilities SOLUTIONSWe offer you simple and comfortable solutions,easy to manage, minimmum installationtimmings, clear migrations. The all-in-one solution for your company’s communications.BeOne Telecom offers you a whole worldof solutions, services and applications thatfit your needs, objectives and environment.Innovative answers contributing to your Take advantage of IP Telephony ratesbusiness development. without changing your PBXEasy communications, intelligent solutions Tailor made projects
  9. 9. Portfolio OUR PRODUCT RANGESERVICES APPS Your telephony on the cloud with our intelli- gent numbers 902 030 030, cheap and safe international calling service Accesses for businesses from 1Mbps to 1 Gbps
  10. 10. Portfolio OUR TECHNOLOGY Improve the costs Agile, robust and Customer experienceConnectivity with accesses secure platform Point-to-point managementfrom 1 Mbps to 1 Gbps Quality of Service (QoS) for Additional services optionsVoice and data convergence voice and data Online customer area forIt handles today and future Secure and with best-effort failures and reportsbusiness applications delivery VPNs. SLAs availables for One single communications customers infraestructure brings everything together on one platform Scalability Global coverage (115 countries) Redundancy options
  11. 11. Portfolio OUR TECHNOLOGY Managed services Customer support Customer experienceBeOne gives you point-to- Failure manage Customer service adittionalpoint managed services Change maintain options, support andWe install, configure, handle service managing Access manteinanceand manage items on client Customer area: reports,sites Out of office activation solution managing, incident ticketing...
  12. 12. PortfolioOUR TECHNOLOGY
  13. 13. Portfolio OUR TECHNOLOGYData centersHeadquartersSmall offices
  14. 14. Trends 2011 2011 TRENDS AND DATATRAFFIC, INTERNET, DEVICES VELOCIDAD Y REDES +34% 2.000 6 Mbps + 50% data speed increasing IP world million downloading’s last traffic Internet surfers speed average 3 years 4.000 IPv6 200 M€ million, “Plan  Avanza” investment  for million wireless IP protocol the  deployment of  next generation devices improvements networks and  bandwidth increase in Spain
  15. 15. Trends 2011 2011 TRENDS AND DATAMOBILITY CLOUD SERVICES AND APPS 1.000 + 108% million mobile increased traffic 70% of Internet + 190% apps revenue’s workers next mobile users increase have APP 3 years 4th Spain 4th place + 43% cloud services CIOs plan to increase cloud services  investment around 43% during at quality mobile the next 3 years. bandwidth
  16. 16. Trust BeOne WHY TRUST BEONE? We make it simple We give you a high quality solutions We believe in clarity and simplicity. so our Our Customer Service solves all requests, solutions are easy, innovative and close at hand. suggestions and incident in a friendly and personal manner so as to ensure your communications’ management is simple and comfortable. We offer advanced communications solutions We love so much our job We put at your disposal our know-how and experience in the management of We like and enjoy developing innovative solutions communications. We respond for the assessment and we feel comfortable working in a world consultancy, implementation and management of constant evolution. Our goal: to contribute of IP Telephony based solutions. towards the development of our customers’ businesses.
  17. 17. La telefonía IP Lista www.beone.esBeOne Telecom S.A., Carretera de Rubí 40-50, Edificio Fórum 4º2ª, 08173 Sant Cugat del Vallés, Barcelona, Tel. +34 902 68 60 70