School & team expectations 2014 2015


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School & team expectations 2014 2015

  1. 1. School & Team Expectations Mrs. Sample Berkmar Middle School
  2. 2. Breakfast (HR) • You are expected to pick up and eat breakfast in the mornings prior to coming into homeroom. • Food is not allowed to leave the cafeteria unless you had a late bus. • You must first get breakfast- no dropping off your book bag or materials- and then come to class after you have eaten. There is NO a returning to the cafeteria once you come into homeroom.
  3. 3. Morning Arrival (HR) • When you enter the room you are expected to look at the board and identify what materials you need for the day. • After identifying materials needed, you MUST go to your locker first! You WILL NOT have another opportunity to go to your locker. • No… running to get stuff you forgot or homework in a textbook. • There is no talking in the mornings- you must work on assignments, study for a class, or read silently. (sometimes you may have assignments to complete by me!)
  4. 4. Schedule 8:50-9:20 Arrival, Homeroom, & Lockers 9:20-9:22 Morning Announcements 9:22-9:52 Extended Learning Time & RR Break 9:54-10:53 Academic #1 10:55-12:18 Academic #2 & Lunch (RR Break) 12:22-1:07 Connection A 1:09-1:54 Connection B 1:57-2:56 Academic #3 & RR Break 2:58-3:57 Academic #4 3:57-4:00 Locker Break/ Homeroom 4:00-4:10 Bus Dismissal
  5. 5. TARDIES/ABSENCES (HR) • If you enter the class after 9:20 you are LATE! • To enter class, you must have a slip signed by the front office. This is whether you have an excused or unexcused tardy. • EXCEPTION: If your bus is late it will be announced. You then do not need a pass. This is the ONLY EXCEPTION! • Absences– if you are absent for what ever reason, you must bring in a note signed by a parent the following day. You have two days to remember to bring in a note. It is YOUR responsibility to remember and bring in a note.
  6. 6. HELP DAY • Every Wednesday at 8:15 is help day. All teachers are available on this day from 8:15 until 8:50. Students can visit any teacher during this time. • This time is to be used for make up work, make up tests/quizzes/projects, help and tutoring, or for homework or class questions. • This time is not for…..  Playing  Hanging Out  Socializing • If any of the above are observed you will be asked to leave. • If you need more help- speak to your teacher about an additional time/day.
  7. 7. LOCKERS • You will have two opportunities to use your locker- in the morning and afternoon. • It is YOUR responsibility to learn how to open your locker. You will be given a combination and it is your job to keep it safe. • Locker breaks are in the morning and in the afternoon. • You will NOT be allowed to go to your locker during any class times. • Any locker usage outside the designated times will result in consequences.
  8. 8. HALL BEHAVIOR • All students are to walk in a straight line. There is no turning to your friends to talk. No talking to other students from other classes. You have the afternoons and mornings for socialization. • Students are to stay in a straight line and face forward at all times. • Remember- you represent yourself, your peers, and your team. You are to be respectful and behave appropriately in the halls. • You do not stop for water or the restroom without permission from your teacher. • You do not touch, write upon, or rip any thing posted on the walls– be respectful.
  9. 9. SCHOOL-WIDE DISCIPLINE PLAN • Assertive Discipline Plan- Any time you are given a warning or consequence for your actions you are to Sign the book: Mrs. Sample’s Book of choices (THIS WILL BE INTRODUCED WHEN I RETURN). • Rules: Follow directions the first time asked by any GCPS employee. Come to class on time and prepared to learn Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself. Raise your hand and wait to be recognized before speaking Follow all GCPS rules and expectations at all times.
  10. 10. SCHOOL-WIDE DISCIPLINE PLAN • I will not use class time or interrupt the learning of others to talk to you about behavior. If necessary, you can ask at an appropriate time to talk with me privately. First Time- Warning Second Time- Time- Out or Silent Lunch Third Time- Teacher Detention + Phone Call Home Fourth Time- Referral to Administrator + Phone Call Home
  11. 11. FOOD, WATER, GUM • There is no food in any class. No chips, no muffins- NO FOOD. Food is not supposed to leave the lunchroom. If this is observed, you will receive consequences. • Water bottles are more than welcome in class, however no soda, no sports drinks, nothing that is colored which is a school policy. (Propel is okay) • GUM IS NOT ALLOWED IN THE SCHOOL- I don’t care what other teachers allow you to do.  You will be required to spit it out in a if you are caught with it!
  12. 12. DRESS CODE • * ALL requirements can be found on the GCPS website • Boys:  No Underwear showing- if I ask you to pull up your shirt, I should not see underwear.  Please either tuck shoe strings into your shoes or tie them- I don’t want you tripping. • Girls:  No short shorts, skirts, or dresses- 8 inches above the knee (finger tip)– and no pulling it down!  No stomach showing  No bra straps showing or underwear  No strapless shirts  Tank Tops must be at least 2-3 inches wide  Ripped jeans/shorts are in style. You may only wear them if the rips are not too high and you have on leggings.
  13. 13. PROMOTION CRITERIA • The promotion criteria is much different this year from last year or any other county. • YOU MUST PASS 5 out of 6 classes. However you are NOT allowed to fail math or language arts. • Semesters- You are now on semesters. You will receive 2 report cards a year (January and May). Each semester starts over, which means grades will not roll over after winter break. • Progress reports are sent home every 3 or 4 ½ weeks. You can always check your grades on the student portal/ parent portal.
  14. 14. Restroom Breaks • You have assigned restroom breaks with Academic #1 & Academic #3. • You also will have a chance to use the restroom before or after lunch. • This is the time you take to get water and use the restroom. • This time is not used for playing, putting on make up, correcting your appearance. • You will wait in the hall silently and in a straight line. There is no socializing while we wait on your peers to finish. * If you don’t have to go to the restroom- TRY!
  15. 15. Book Bags • You are allowed to carry around book bags in your classes. • Book bags are expected to stay in your possession. • They are to be placed under your desk or on the back of your chair. You WILL NOT leave them in the middle of the floor. • You will not be allowed back in class to get any materials you forgot once you leave class. • Do NOT leave anything in the desks; unlike elementary school, you will not stay in a class all day. The desks are not yours- they are on loan to you for the time you are in the classroom.
  16. 16. Personal Devices • You are allowed personal devices as long as a waiver has been signed by your parent/ guardian. • Each teacher has different rules about devices- however, one rule that we all have- USE IT WISELY! • Do not leave it, do not let others use it, do not let it out of your possession. We will not stop classes because it is missing or some one you loaned it to has passed it off to someone else.
  17. 17. Social Studies Class • You will need to have a 5-subject spiral notebook with folder dividers no later than Monday. • Every day you will need to have your agenda, pencil/pens, and glue sticks. It is your responsibility to make sure you have your materials needed for class every day. • Unlike Elementary school, it is not the teachers’ job to provide you with school supplies. Please make sure you are prepared for class everyday.