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Ph lightning sotm2011


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State of the Philippine Map presented to the 2011 International State of the Map Denver, CO.

State of the Philippine Map presented to the 2011 International State of the Map Denver, CO.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. State of the Philippine Map SOTM 2008 SOTM 2010
  • 2. FilipinoLocated along the PacificRing of Fire and a tropicalclimate which makes proneto earthquakes andtyphoons.An archipelago with 7,107islands(?).Capital city is Manila.About 94 million peoplewith multiple ethnicitiesand cultures.Crowdsource mapping ispopular. wikimapia google mapmaker
  • 3. PH data statsData as of 20110815XML file size : 489 MB 197,617 ways 2,161,875 nodes 718 relations~83,393 kilometers of highway=*1,132 contributors (including 2 import accounts) 80% of data by 18 mappers next 10% by 25 mappers last 10% the other 1,070 mappers new users editing every 2 days ~1,000 km of new highway=* are added every month (since Bing imagery).
  • 4. How do we map?
  • 5. How do we map?walkingpapers DIY NAVTEQ van map sketching
  • 6. What do we map? Our neighborhoods, our towns, other peoples towns, whole cities, whole islands
  • 7. Outreach OSM-PH local chapter website, FB page, blogs organize mapping parties, skillshares and talks and eat cakes too
  • 8. Data imports Many possible data were evaluated and rejected. Community guidelines  Planned imports should be announced to the talk-ph list.  Imports should NEVER delete or get in the way with local mappers contributionsNode density of imported  Public link should be provided toPOI in Makati anyone willing to evaluate the quality.  Community-consensus should be made before imports.  Another announcement will be made when consensus was achieved.  Another announcement after data import.  Document the process and progress in the wiki.Naga city import
  • 9. Supporting the mappers Handouts, flyers, 5-min videosGPStoGo program
  • 10. Supporting the mappersSome QA Tools Saw-tooth coastline repair Custom garmin maps
  • 11. Supporting the mappersImagery imports Imagery donations DIY aerial imagery (Spot and DigitalGlobe)
  • 12. Using the a simple interface for creating html map embeds
  • 13. Using the data
  • 14. Using the data Providing useful applications based on OSM is our super secret recruitment scheme to convert users to mappers
  • 15. Emerging issues Too few mappers may lead to “volunteer fatigue”. More tools for easier ways to contribute. Weird variants of “tagging for the renderer”. Community privacy issues.  Indigenous peoples resources Managing vandalism and copyrights.  A more local control and discussion on possible copyrighted data in OSM
  • 16. Future plans/activities Collaborate with local developers, local businesses and government agencies to use the data beyond the map tiles. Partnerships with schools. More gpstogo units. More imagery. Merging of common interest with other crowdsource groups Our very own conference. Sponsors are welcome. :)
  • 17. Thank you toYahoo! Maps (2006-2011)
  • 18. References